The agenda to destroy ET continued, Let us say “No” Now

Ras Dejen

The article by Mr Tecola W. Hagos ‘Ethiopia and the soereignity over the Blue Nile published on www. triggered my consciousness to drop this.
TPLF is ever against Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Europeans and America (for her globalisation agenda) picked this cancer group, brought to power and sustained it there. It is a group busy with doing root destructions and making agreements against the existence of Ethiopia. Mr. Tecola is right, we don’t know what that evil has signed on behalf this great nation. We only see our lands being sold for aliens, our parnts being moved out from their livelihood, the busnesses and the economy given to archaic enemies and aliens.
Now, Hailemariam is offering ownership of Nile to Egypt and Sudan. It is simple, co-owning the dam is co-owning the water resource. It is giving out sovereignity. If our basic resources, the land/the water, etc and the economy is owned by foreigners and enemies, where is Ethiopia? It won’t exist. That is I think the calculation (by the powers)/implemented by TPLF towards the demise of this great nation/PEOPLE.




  1. We must stop crying people. Time for action seriously. This is too much to take. We must put aside our differences and stand together. I personally I am 100% convinced TPLF is the evil of all evils in Ethiopian history. No game or no tolerance. I will fight TPLF now with teeth. Now Diaspora poliics now make sense. I am asking myself do the diaspora know better than me about woyane? The y are saying Leba? truly TPLF leba. this is not a joke. We can not tolerate this. Use this to unite people. I will mobilize people in my area and you do the same. Stop oromo, amhara or gurage or tigrie. They are playing game with our country by using ethnic games. These are Lucifers to our people. I have no reservation. I burnt inside.

  2. What action?? Don’t expect action form a bunch of coffee sipping lazy Facebook heroes who never loaded a Gun in their lives or finished reading a whole book for that matter. Who is going to topple TPLF??? Nobody is ready. They are all Lazy full of talk, no action. They go train in Eritrea and not a single bullet fired just photo shopped pictures…They need to demonstrate…That’s all ppl ask. Demonstrate..Betegbar yitay!!

    • Hi Mariam,
      Actually fighting is useless , expensive in terms of lives, time , money. All you need is an ideology that mobilize all the people from north to south and from east to west, without any need going to Eritrea, Egypt. Just one good idea can be the most dangerous weapon. But none of them have idea apart from writing books and asking Human rights and asking Issayas Afeworki and Egypt. They can not even sit and see each face to face. That is why TPLF is emboldened and dared to sell everything. Going to Eritrea or anybody is no difference with what TPLF did long ago. It is just recycling the same thing and getting the same thing and expecting different? You said Egypt’s ownership will affect ? I do not agree with you. Menelick sold Egypt for few years, then more few years, now it is gone. Now Arab having land in Gambela do you think they will leave? There is no way. Egypt is now fully in Ethiopia in Tigrai, Bahrdar, Gambela. Before they were struggling to get into Ethiopia, but now they are in Ethiopia without any war. Practically woyane has sold Ethiopia 100%. There is no Ethiopia after now. How are the poor Ethiopians going to fight to remove the Arabs later? Let me tell you, woyane is an evil organisation . It is hard to believe this came out of our country. I find it hard. We humans are so selfish and we just corrupt to our bones. Who would think Woyane become the sale of Ethiopia the country. I think the people of Tigrai has to wake up and say enough is enough. We had enough of them to be honest. This is too much for the Ethiopian people. Woyane is a curse of Ethiopia. I am finding so hard to believe woyane ended up the sales man of Ethiopia. Shame on them, hodamoch, lksksoch. I hate them now to be honest. I used to think they can be repaired. I used to think pass mistakes might have been done out of ignorance. But it seems their main agenda is to sell the people for cash. Shame on them. I hope God will destroy them before they destroy the country completely. Never mind, they may think they will go away with what they do, but there is pay back time for everything. History does not know criminals and traitors go without being punished. If they have had brain they must have learnt from Gadaffi. Today’s king is tomorrow dead. The invicibility of today will be gone. The people of tigrai needs to do something about this. Because it will be the people of Tigrai who will be blamed and bear the brunt of the national treason and crime is being committed now and then. It is time to say no enough is enough. They do not have right to sell the land of people by removing them. They did this and they sold the entire gambela for 37 countries? This is a national crime. They landlocked the country on purpose. Now they wanted to sell the water? Shame on them. Seflish, barbaric and inhuman and cruel. I do not understand what type of human being they are to be honest. As I say there will be time to pay back for it. We will see where this will take them. They say arrogance and ignorance comes before demise. May be they are preparing themselves for demise; evil. How can an Ethiopian invite another country to Co-own. By the way one of the cadres said at Aiga website, they will sell the water like the land. This is it. They are selling. They are the most heinous crime Ethiopia ever had. Even the illiterate Menelick, Thodros, Yohannes, … did not do such ignoble thing. Down to TPLF.

  3. The writer said “Europeens and Americans bring to power TPLF.No No and aigain NO.It is the people like you who want to ignore the reality of the country and the struglle of the LFs of Oromo,Tigre,afars,Ogaden ,beshangul,gambella sidama .who briought TPLF to power.And accept the Ethnic federal system to find solutions for national question.While you are dreaming to bring back minilik and hailesilasse ethiopia.You have to recognise we have not the same history,the same culture,.I appreciate when Meles said what is AXUM for an Oromo.What is Adaw for a somali?kEEP YOUR HISTORY AND LET THE nations and nationalities write their own history.

    • Wether Koya is an Oromo, Woyane or anything else is irrelevant. You can quote Meles, that unsightly and deranged Tigrean of inferior breed a hundred times. He said it to an idit like you. A thinking Ethiopian does not have to be Oromo, Gurage or Tigre or an Amara, Somali, Wolaita etc to take pride in the gallant history of our ancestors such as Geressu Duki, Habte Ghiorgis Denegde, Alula Abba Negga, Belai Zelleke, Fitawrari Omar Samatar, Ngus Tona etc.
      For petty minds like who caanot discern the seeds from the chaff Menelik is an embodiment of evil. You would have remained a slave one one white country or another had it not been for the visionary and intelligent monarch who surrounded himself with the best minds irrespective of their ethnic origin. As I said, a stupid, soul like yours is incapable of that level of understanding. You can go to hell, to your ultimate salvery for that is what you desrve.

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