The Abduction of Endargachew Tsige, and the Nature and Reality of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Opposition

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis
July 6, 2014
1. Introduction


Endargachew Tsige was kidnapped on June 23rd, 2014 at the Sana’a International airport  while on transit to Eritrea by Ethiopian security agents with the active connivance and collaboration of Yemeni intelligence services. After denying his abduction for more than two weeks , on July 9th,, the TPLF gangs were seen to be parading their victim on Ethiopian Television. The freshly tortured and humiliated Endargachew Tsige is seen being displayed on Ethiopian television and desperately telling his torturer; “I am at ease with myself. For me it is a blessing in disguise. I am in no rush. I just want to rest. I am really exhausted. I have no resentment, no anger and no despair. I am totally in control and stable.”
In the end, we see Endargachew shaking hands with his torturer and showing a sardonic smile, while the face of his coward interrogator/torturer remained hidden from  public view. The TPLF gangs ruling Ethiopia today, are well known for savagely and routinely torturing their victims to extract information/confessions, and as a means of humiliating, and inflicting maximum pain on their victims. Torturing political prisoners apart from being cruel and inhuman, is also illegal in all its manifestations under international law. However, the TPLF political gangs can get away with their crude violations of international law and norms because, as allies in the war against terrorism, they are politically and diplomatically shielded by the dictator friendly American and British governments.
2. The purpose
The  purpose of this article is to raise awareness of the kidnapping of Endargachew Tsige, and the nature and reality of the Ethiopian and Eritrean opposition groups. The article raises, among other things, some basic questions of common interest for both Eritreans and Ethiopians engaged in the struggle for justice, democracy and human right. It also discusses how Eritrean democrats should respond to his abduction. It is written from the perspective of an independent Eritrean democrat, engaged in the protracted struggle for democracy, justice and human rights in Eritrea against the rotten dictatorial PFDJ regime.
3. Who is Endargachew Tsige; and who entrapped him in Saana?              
Endargachew Tsige is a well known Ethiopian opposition leader and Secretary General of Ginbot 7. Before he joined the opposition, Andargachew was a former member of the ruling party –the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and had briefly held the position of  Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa. To be sure, Ginbot 7 is an opposition Ethiopian political party, officially launched in 2008 in the aftermath of Ethiopia’s fraudulent May 2005 national elections. The founders of Ginbot-7 are Berhanu Nega and Endargachew Tsige and other like minded Ethiopians. Its declared political objectives are to overthrow the semi-fascist TPLF regime in Ethiopia and create a democratic government in its place.
In 2011, three years after its birth, Ginbot 7, along with the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), who are fighting for the Ogaden people’s right to self-determination, and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), who are also struggling for the right to self-determination for the Oromo people, were declared terrorists by the semi-fascist Tigrian rulers of Ethiopia . It should be remembered here that, in the aftermath of the May 2005 rigged election, more 200 unarmed protesters were murdered in cold blood in broad-day-light by the TPLF security forces. It should also be remembered that in 2009 and 2012, Mr Andergachew Tsige was among those opposition leaders sentenced to death in absentia for allegedly planning to overthrow the tyrannical Woyane regime.
4. The Big Question
The big question is-how did the intelligence agents of Ethiopia and Yemen know in advance the travel itinerary of Endargachew Tsige? In other words, who could have informed them about his travel plans in advance? In my opinion, it could only be either his close comrades, the airline or the travel agency which made the travel arrangements for him,  British intelligence, or an Eritrean double agent operating from his base in Eritrea, with whom Endargachew might have had an active contact who  betrayed him in the end. In any case, these are some of the most important questions which require exploring and scrutinizing by all concerned to determine how his enemies knew about his planned travel via Yemen to Eritrea and kidnapped him.
5. Some Questions Requiring Answers
So far, I have stated the basic facts related to the profile and kidnapping of Endargachew. Let me now raise some relevant questions related to what should be the stand of Eritreans on his abduction. The first question which requires an appropriate answer is thus: can the Eritrean opposition groups have a common stand on his abduction? And what does it mean to Eritrean and Ethiopian democrats when opposition groups claiming to be struggling for democracy and the respect of human rights, go and ally themselves with tyrant leaders? I will answer now the questions I have posed here as objectively and honestly as I can.
To begin with, the answer to the question can the Eritrean opposition groups have a common stand on the abduction of Endargachew is a definite no! Why? Because Eritreans today are sharply divided between those on the one hand ,who support and entertain the Eritrean dictator and his oppressive government, , and those on the other that oppose the Eritrean regime supported by the TPLF oppressive government of Ethiopia,. But this is not all. For Eritreans are also sharply divided between the opposition groups based in Ethiopia and those operating in the diaspora. For the Eritrean groups based in Ethiopia consider and propagate that the TPLF led government of Ethiopia is democratic and are the strategic friend of Eritrea and its people. Much to their discredit, these groups do not even have the political will to demand their TPLF paymasters vacate the illegally occupied Eritrean territories and  stop its crude interference in Eritrean internal affairs. There are therefore qualitative differences between the opposition groups nurtured and supported by the TPLF government of Ethiopia, and those independent Eritrean groups and individuals uncompromisingly opposed both to the semi-fascist PFDJ regime and the expansionist and anti-democratic TPLF led government of Ethiopia. Thus, unlike the puppet Eritrean groups based in Ethiopia, these independent Eritrean political groups and individuals portray the TPLF led government of Ethiopia as the strategic enemy of the Eritrean and Ethiopian people and consistently struggles and call for the overthrow of both the PFDJ led government of Eritrea and the TPLF led government of Ethiopia. In other words, these Eritrean opposition groups believe genuine peace, stability and the collective economic emancipation of the oppressed people of both countries will be realized only if we succeed in overthrowing the two oppressive governments in both Eritrea and Ethiopia through the joint struggle of Eritrean and Ethiopian democrats.
Having explained the existing division and qualitative differences within the Eritrean opposition groups based in Ethiopia and those operating in the diaspora, let me now pose the question: how do the independent Eritrean democrats opposed both to the PFDJ and TPLF regime view the abduction of Endargachew Tsige?
Before I answer the question , there are several other questions which beg for an appropriate answer. These are the following revealing questions: Are  Endargachew Tsige and his party a friend of the Eritrean people or a committed friend of the Eritrean dictator? Could a leader of a party allied with a demonic dictator, such as Issayas Afeworki, be trusted to be a friend of the Eritrean people? What is more, could he also be trusted to establish an accountable and democratic state based on the rule of law in Ethiopia itself? I will now attempt to answer my own questions by way of an example.
Some years back, I participated in a seminar conducted by Endargachew Tsige for Ethiopians living in London. The seminar was attended by Ethiopians opposed to TPLF rule of Ethiopia and by some invited PFDJ cadres. During the question and answer session, I asked Endargachew the following questions. How do you explain that your party – the party which has the declared political objectives to topple the oppressive Woyane regime and institute a democratic and accountable government on its ruins in Ethiopia- is allying itself with the tyrannical Eritrean regime tormenting the Eritrean people? Don’t you understand that Eritrean democrats are also struggling to overthrow the demonic PFDJ regime- just like Ethiopian democrats opposed to the TPLF government are busy doing – in order to construct a democratic regime based on the rule of law in Eritrea?
The following is the reply Endargachew gave to my question. “We are in Eritrea not by choice as such, but because Ethiopian freedom fighters cannot effectively fight and successfully defeat the Woyanne dictatorship without a base in Eritrea, and the cooperation of the PFDJ led government of Eritrea. For this concrete reason, we are in Eritrea to conduct effective operations against the TPLF dictatorship.”
Having heard his response, then I tend to believe that Ginbot 7 and its political leadership were operating from Eritrea for reasons dictated by the prevailing historical circumstances and the geopolitics of the region. However, in 2013 in an interview with the diaspora based Ethiopian Satellite television, I heard Engargachew praising lavishly and unambiguously, and lionizing the Eritrean dictator, defending the PFDJ government and its policies. He indeed spoke unapologetically and at great length as if he was a senior PFDJ cadre in charge of propaganda, and not as an Ethiopian who is in Eritrea dictated by unyielding historical necessity.
Similarly, as if it was meant to be an insult to the intelligence of Eritrean democrats opposed to the PFDJ regime, Elias Kifle, the editor of Ethiopian Review and an ally of Ginbot 7, and a regular visitor to the Eritrean Dictator, has gone to the extent of  selecting the Eritrean dictator, Issayas Afeworki, as the Man-of-the-Year in 2008. It is therefore crystal clear that Ginbot 7 and its political leadership are working hand in glove with the cruel and semi-fascist dictatorial PFDJ regime and its dictatorial leader Issayas Afeworki- the man who has transformed Eritrea into a giant prison. Ginbot-7 and its political leadership are therefore the friends and allies of the Eritrean Dictator.
There are therefore obvious similarities between the different Ethiopian opposition groups operating from their bases in Eritrea and the Eritrean opposition groups based in Ethiopia. In other words, the different Ethiopian opposition groups are operating from their base in Eritrea under the firm control of PFDJ officials, just like the various servile Eritrean opposition groups based in Addis Ababa operate  under the firm control of the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia. The Eritrean opposition political groups in particular are groups who do not and cannot even dare to say a word of protest when more than 200 innocent Ethiopian demonstrators were gunned down in front of their eyes in Addis Ababa. On the contrary, these Eritrean puppet groups who wine and dine with the Ethiopian government officials are defending and praising the Woyane regime unashamedly as the best government Ethiopia has ever had ,and portray the vicious regime as the strategic friend of Eritrea and its people.
As matters are today, the Ethiopian opposition groups based in Eritrea have put their lot and trust on the Eritrean Dictator; just as the different Eritrean opposition groups based in Ethiopia have put their faith and hope in the treacherous TPLF junta. However, in my opinion, and seen from angles of realpolitik, it is a tragic mistake to put trust and ally with Dictators. I think to entertain or expect to get genuine help from the despotic Eritrean leader, as Ginbot 7 and the leaders of other Ethiopian political groups based in Eritrea do, is a serious and a foolish political blunder and a pipe dream.
As far as I am concerned, the Ethiopian opposition groups based in Eritrea know just as much as informed Eritreans do that Issayas Afeworki is a leader who has an open contempt for democracy and people’s power. They know perfectly well that Issayas Afeworki has systematically robbed and denied Eritreans their birth right to be free and enjoy the fruit of their labor. Thus, as far as Eritrean democrats are concerned by allying themselves with the present repressive and most hated PFDJ government of Eritrea, the Ethiopian political groups based in Eritrea are jeopardizing and forfeiting any future relationship with a democratic Eritrean government that will emerge in the aftermath of the overthrow of the tyrannical PFDJ regime.
I therefore believe that it is high time now that the political leadership of Ginbot 7 and other Ethiopian political groups opposed to  TPLF rule in Ethiopia, critically and urgently reassess their overall strategy, especially so their ill-advised political alliance with the repressive PFDJ led Eritrean regime. Indeed, in my humble opinion, the abduction of Endargachew Tsige by the terrorist TPLF regime is a wake-up call to all the Ethiopian political groups based in Eritrea and their supporters, to mend their ways before they become politically irrelevant in Ethiopian politics, or are devoured by their Eritrean political hosts. The same goes to the Eritrean political groups based in Ethiopia and allied with the treacherous TPLF government of Ethiopia.
6. The Reality of the Eritrean and Ethiopian Opposition
As is the case, both the Eritrean and Ethiopian opposition groups loudly claim that they are democrats and they are struggling to bring democratic change in their respective countries. Paradoxically, however, the leaders of the Eritrean opposition groups based in Ethiopia are politically allied with the murderous  TPLF government of Ethiopia, while the Ethiopian opposition political groups based in Eritrea have  also allied themselves with the despotic PFDJ government of Eritrea. In other words, much to the dismay of  independent Eritrean democrats, the Ethiopian political groups opposed to the Woyane regime are unashamedly and openly fraternizing and collaborating with the most repressive and predatory PFDJ regimes in Eritrea, while the Eritrean opposition groups based in Ethiopia are also actively collaborating with, and operating under the control and direction of the Woyane rulers of Ethiopia.
Although the Eritrean and Ethiopian opposition political groups may not have yet realized, the hard truth  that their chosen path is the path of self-destruction. For no political group, be it Eritrean or Ethiopian, allied with a dictatorship and repressive government, could ever conduct an effective and meaningful struggle for democratic change in its respective area. Indeed, such submissive political groups- groups that fraternize and uncritically collaborates with a murderous dictatorial government end up being used as a tool of the foreign policy objectives of the beleaguered rival dictatorial governments. Besides, historical experience shows that only groups that are organized within their own territory on the basis of the philosophy of self-reliance, and with a direct and organic link with the oppressed people can and do conduct effective and meaningful struggle for a democratic and societal change, and are eventually crowned with victory.
7. Conclusion:  What Should Be The Stand of Democrats?
After all is said and done, the question which still requires an  appropriate answer is this: what should be the correct stand of democrats on the abduction of Endargachew? First and foremost, it is very important that democrats clearly understand that his terrorist style abduction by the rogue TPLF government of Ethiopia is not a political question as such. It is rather a question of sheer and crude breach of international law and violation of human rights [u repeat yourself!]. Seen therefore from a noble human rights perspective and the sanctity of international law, and considering the fact Andargachew Tsige is a dedicated, active and engaged participant in the struggle to topple the terrorist TPLF regime, and bearing also in mind that his abductors are also the strategic dead enemies of Eritrea and its people, the independent Eritrean democrats must stand firmly on the side of justice, and on the side of all the Ethiopian diaspora based freedom activists demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Endargachew Tsege.
Crucially,, Andergachew Tsige is a British citizen, and a family man with a permanent residence in London. Hence, his abduction demands urgent attention.  Likewise, the most effective intervention on his behalf could come from, and be initiated by the British government. Because the British government is the major donor, and political backer of the tyrannical Woyane regime in Ethiopia, it has  massive leverage and influence to secure his immediate release from his TPLF abductors. It seems, however, the British government is keeping a diplomatic silence on Andargachew’s abduction . What could be the reason for this  guarded silence Could it  be because Andargachew Tsige is opposed to a regime allied with the British and American governments in the war on terrorism? Would the British government have reacted in the  disinterested way it has done if Andargachew was a white British man kidnapped in Yemen while on transit to another country? I don’t believe so. For the record shows whenever British citizens are arrested overseas, even on drug charges, the British government had intervened on their behalf and demanded immediate access to its citizens and their immediate release. The action of the British government in the case of the four British nationals who entered the sovereign Eritrean territory illegally and who were arrested in 2011 armed with sophisticated spying equipment and a cache of sniper weapons fitted with silencers, telescopes, and distance-monitoring equipment is a good example in this instance. In any case, the British government has a duty and an obligation to both demand a stay of execution (if required) and to firmly insist  that he be immediately released.
It should be clearly understood that the abduction of Endargachew while on transit to Eritrea is against international law and a terrorist act to be condemned by all law-abiding governments and democrats. Henceforth, the Eritreans in the diaspora, especially so the independent Eritrean democrats opposed to the murderous TPLF and PFDJ regimes, must condemn the criminal act, and join the worldwide demonstrations being organized by Ethiopians to protest the abduction of Endargachew Tsige and demand  his immediate release.
Finally, I like to remind my fellow Eritreans in general, and the politically conscious Eritrean democrats in particular, to bear in mind that in the era of globalization, democrats and human rights activists must operate and extend their activities beyond the narrow horizons of nationalism and backward sentiments. They need to show active solidarity to people in distress in the Horn of Africa in general, and with the oppressed Ethiopian people in particular. Indeed, the independent minded Eritrean democrats should never lose sight of the fact that, seen from strategic, economic and political perspectives, Eritrea and Ethiopia are like the Siamese twins. Thus, active solidarity and cooperation between the oppressed people of these two countries should be energetically promoted and strengthened.
On their part, the Ethiopian democrats must be courageous enough to kill big nation chauvinism and expansionist sentiments in all its manifestations, understand unambiguously and unconditionally accept that Eritrean independence is irreversible and that the colonial boundaries between Eritrea and Ethiopia are non-negotiable and unalterable and thus educate their own people accordingly.
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  1. I now believe there is a conspiracy to anger Ginbot 7’s master Isaias Afewerki by misspelling his name as “Issayas Afeworki” or in different way as noted by others so called “bloggers.” He now will sell more “Adigtat” (donkeys) from Ginbot 07 (Birhanu, here I come). I blame you for that bloggers!! Please learn how to spell the names right when you talk about people. Specially your master’s name. Isaias takes this very personal.

  2. Ato Andargachew Tsige knows that he is convicted and wanted by the Ethiopian government for the terrorist activities, but why did MR.Andargachew dare to travel to Yemen which he will be captured by Yemen gov and transferred to Ethiopia ? To me, it seems he was blackmailed by his own ginbot7 insider.

  3. This article has mixed messages. It denounces the extradition and arrest of Andargachew. We appreciate this support.
    On the other hand it does not want Ethiopian opposition to ally with Eritrea under Isayas and does want us to put our fighters in heaven and fight from there. This is absurd!!
    It is not for Ethiopian rebels to talk about democracy for Eritreans. It is not even about democracy in Ethiopia.Our objective is to remove TPLF. It is about removing apartheid from Ethiopia. I agree that it is not important to have a sentiment of big nation and have a talk of annexing Eritrea. G7 never talk about this irrelevant topic. They did not enter Eritrea with a mandate to bring back Eritrea. It is about removing TPLF and bringing back our liberty and create friendly relationship with Eritrea. It is far better to befriend Eritrea than befriend Djibouti. Eritreans at least have their government that oppress them equally. It is up to them to change oppression if it is really that what bothers them. For us, a government that oppress us equally is better than TPLF.

  4. Ethiopian opposition too late to exploit the opportunity in South Sudan. The entire Afria shoould be called up on, for any help against thye apparthied in Ethiopia. Andargachew Tsigie’s abduction has revealled the conspiracy against Ethiopia beyond doubt. Call up on all Africans!!!
    Ethiopia has been everything for the liberation of Africa. Now it is our turn to rally support against the clonolial agents in Ethiopia which is busy selling the country. The abduction of Andargachew Tsigie should be used to call the attention of all Africans to the bandas that are holding our country hostage.
    Finally I salute the Eritrean elite who contributed this article.

  5. By the way Weizero Tsege’s name is not correctly spelled as well. You put it as “Engargachew” or “Endargachew”. But this doesn’t matter as he will not see it. Even if he came across with it, he won’t get it. He is busy cleaning his room and washing his cloth, combing his hair and yes, singing like “I wanna be your bitch Weyanne”

  6. Mistrust and power struggle within Ginbot7 is the main culprit.
    Unsuspecting Mr. Andargachew Tsege was successfully blackmailed by his own Ginbot7 cirtcles, by passing critical contact and travel information to the Ethiopian government.

  7. You seem to suggest a struggle for freedom is just. It is never just. We do say it is a just cause to satisfy our political palate. The 30 year so called Independence war conducted by Eritreans was supported by regimes that oppressed their own people. Countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya and Egypt come to mind among the many Arab countries that were supporting the Eritrean struggle for their own objective. The Eritrean regime supports and hosts Ethiopian opposition group for its own objective. It has no desire to see a true and democratic Ethiopia. It is also my opinion, be it Eritrean or Ethiopian opposition group, they can’t achieve their goals and objectives operating being supported by the opposing governments. It is a waste of time.
    On the other hand, the abduction of Andargachew should send a clear signal to all opposition groups (regardless of their affiliation)that they are no more safe. His abduction is highly coordinated. Remember, we have a double agent by the name of Tesfaye Gebereab who was close to Mr. Tsige. Could he be the person who betrayed him? Ginbot – 7 must do a retrace of his contacts and whereabouts till the day he was captured and passed on to the TPLF agents at Sana Airport. Anyone can be snatch by EPLF or TPLF agents anywhere in the world. We need to fight this so people can think and operate freely on their own merits. However, for those opposition groups who chose to be aided by the TPLF and EPLF, I say “woe to those who call evil good”. One day you will be the victim of the very hand that is feeding you. Be aware of the EPLF and TPLF!

  8. We respect and admire Ato Andargachew dedication and ultimate sacrfice in the cause of Ethioppia. He has set an example of courage that should be followed by all who stand for democracy and freedom.
    It must also be expected that once an armed struggle is declared act the enemy will react accordingly. The reat is empty rethoric.
    As to the irreversibility of Eritrean (a colonial name)it depends on the whish of the people. History is full of surprise.

  9. The TPLF has to be condemned for it’s repressive measures against anyone, including Andargachew. But this is by no means endorssing andargachew or his organization who is collaborating with other tyrant Isayas, who murders his own people and who works day in and day out to destroy Ethiopia. Andargachew is equally anti Ethiopian criminal in his own right. He is jailed by the system he helped to grow as an official of TPLF. He participated in various killings of Ethiopians while he was in power. Andargachew was the key person in dismanteling Kinijit. He together with his comrade in crime berhanu nega strengthend the defunct OLF to perpetrate the woyane regime by other name. The current commodification of andargachew by the G7 robbers is the usaul shameless blunder.

  10. The whole population, states, nations, communities, families and individuals were abducted since 1991. Currently young girls and boys under 21 have been abducted from their university dormitories. They had been sent to harsh prison camps in The Afar Desert where the temperature rises above 41 degree Centigrade. This is simply a TPLF version of Nazi Gas Chamber during the WW II. Dehydration kills and it is not a fancy science but an efficient means of killing high land university students who will never adopt to desert heat.Citizens at any city in the country have not been save. The abductions of the prominent leader of a movement is an indication of what have been happening to our citizens for the last 21 years in a country where there has never been rule of law. The international communities had encouraged the TPLF groups to take over the political power in the Empire, yet they have not conceived these brutal consequences of their support. It is time to correct their mistakes and give back freedom and liberty to all citizens of the Ethiopian Empire. Mr. Tsigie is an aspiring individual who dreams to bring freedom to the people. He has been nabbed in order to curtail and destroy his freedom. They may destroy him personally but his dreams will continue. And justice will be served to all who are suffering under they tyranny of MLLT party of Tigray. The group has completely metamorphosed to a black Nazi government. The people of the whole world should not watch such a cruel government committing crime against humanity in Ethiopia. It is a total shock to see their development to become such horrible rulers. The people of the world should do something before it is too late. People of the Empire rise up and save your men and women and your dear children.

  11. The gloomiest part is Mr. Tsige went to prison without doing anything against weyane except bragging. And Dr Birhanu continued with empty words again. Empty talk can’t take you anywhere.

  12. You must be jocking!, you are not the one to tell
    Us what to do and where to start. Tell your Bosses
    that things have been changed forever and being woyane
    Will become a curse.

  13. The abduction of any individual while on transit to and from any place is illegal to say the least. If I remember correctly, Andargachew did not kill, torture or abuse any Ethiopian. His only crimes seems to his opposition to the current Ethiopian government. In the end, I think the EPRDF government will have him sign some mia culpa document, make him promise not to be ever get involved in poletics again and release him. As to the viability of the diaspora opposition groups of both countries, it is just a joke and the two governments know it as well.
    You can not manage a political struggle detached and far away from one’s constituents!There are no mechanisms of disciplining one’s members. Morale is low and secrets are hard to keep. You can’t command an army of opposition groups with “democratic” principles. A struggle for rights and liberies is very dear, requiring great sacrifice. The diaspora, simply is not fit for that kind of a struggle.

  14. An opportunistic article a man already on death row tryin g to make an impact on Ethiopian politics;
    Drs. Tsegazabg take your trash article it serves no one not even you because you are the biggest hypocryt!!!!period.
    Ethiopians watch a person like this, he appears to be in a sheeps skin but truly he is worset than jackyl or hayna!!!

  15. Zehabesh thank you.for your usual sugar coated weyane guys have been writing article agains ginbot 7 on the name of Eskender nega one of our great hero and here ago again the unknown doctor probabely from mekele university is sharing his great idea.i think we will see more of such in article from great Zehabesh .kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  16. Weyane bloggers are indeed out in their hundred but we know you so well! That said, lets us have some reality check.
    .G7 is too strong and serious contender to Weyane murderers to pass their leader. This is a futile attempt to weaken the party. YOU ARE WRONG. Every member of G7 is a committed and principled individual who joined because he/she was fed up by the racist Weyane regime and wants to bring change. G7 is STRONGER MORE THAN EVER.
    . The Abduction Andargachew Tsige from Sanna Airport had created millions of Adargachew Tsige instantly hence G7!
    . For the writer, it would be ideal to work for a democratic Ethiopia and Eritrea jointly however we are way behind from such project for now your undemocratic Eritrea is a good enough base for the oppostion. This is nothing new. Weyane was conducting its war on Ethiopia from Sudan. Don’t dismiss our struggle because G7 found a base in Isayas Eritrea. Your freedom fighters are in Ethiopia too.
    . Finally to Weyane and its cronies, what ever you do, your time is up, your own crime is going to choke you before you even ate what you stole. We are not scared of you. You can kill, imprision and torture us but we are not going to let you take our right to a democractic election through which you know you will be kicked out!

  17. I am realy suspecting the British gov’t backing the kiddnaping of the true Ethiopian freedom fighter. He has devoted his life to the well being of the Ethiopians. He was once the co-mayor if AA under the woyane regime. One can easily imagine if the white British has been kidnapped in Ethiopia. Therefore, i am 100% sure that the route info. of ato Andargachew has been given to the woyane regim by the Britains & even USA. They are enjoying the killings of the Ethiopians and they don’t care of the Ethiopians as much as their interest is not touched.

  18. I have difficulty agreeing with someone who comes with a name that immortalize the biggest blunder our Eritrean brothers ever committed – the 30 year struggle for the sake of Egypt, but this time I have to agree with wedi nakfa. The writer is a known hipocrate hiding in sheep skin, hiding his true jackal traits.
    Leba liasmesil ke bible yiteqesal!

  19. pls, your home work .
    we Ethiopians rarely write on things like you did.
    what you wrote is another side how you see are a hypocrite. you are full of ….

  20. Gudde Fella zendro !!!
    Issias’s aheya (Andargachew) is in confessing mode, and he is taking down everybody with him, all those individuals who involved in Ginbot7’s terrorist camp, names and address exposed, and more will be coming soon.
    “Ene kemotku serdu ayebkel alech aheya (Andragachew)”

    • MONEY is the source of all evil.
      Since the arrival of Egypt’s $700,000.00 dollars to Ginbot7, ginbot7 is not the same anymore, there is too much infighting each other and blackmailing within its members, I am 100% sure that is what happened to this foolish Ato Andargachew too.

  21. Few past governments and the current one have been curses of a country which have been governing its people with iron fists for many hundred years. The tragic aspect of our history is that our intellectuals who dared to air their opinions and aspired for better governments had been assassinated or killed by any dictator in the country. The members of the current government in Addis Ababa have been swearing to change the whole system and create a just state for the people and for a welfare of the whole citizens. The saddest thing is that at any epoch in the country; our learned ones had never survived the stinging iron hand of reactionary governments. If you look at pages of our history just within the last 80 years it is a dismaying horrific past. King Haile Sellassie killed many young aspiring intellectuals who wanted a change and justice; Mengistu Haile Mariam killed in a wholesale most of our generation and wiped out learned men and women. Since 1991, the tags on power have been assassinating and committing crimes against our citizens in daylight while the whole world has been watching and taking notices. For example members of opposition parties were sent to prisons; university students were locked up without hearings and died and perished without any public knowledge. Numbers of Oromo university students and members of various Oromo opposition groups have been languishing in jails. The disappeared and the kidnapped are numerous and prominent journalists have been gone and separated from their duties of telling the truth to the public. so over many years, the country and people of the empire lost our elites and educators. A country that lost most of its tiny educated members and aspiring leaders is doomed to fail. It may not create a just state for all if such gloomy injustice continuous against
    the educated sector of our society. I am going to ask a question; where shall we go from here if we keep losing our educated and learned men and women? How can we create a better justice and just state that respects individual rights and freedom? When does tyranny of centuries end? Why such situation developed in the Empire? How can we remove the poisoning attitudes against injustice forever? What did we learn from 80 years of tyranny and can we transcend emotionalism and come up with better solutions? Otherwise if I concluded from the past, we may end up having the same bullshit for another 100 or 200 more years. Then we may all forget the people killed and leave them on pages of history. I am dismayed at my generations who really fought injustices and turned out to be dictators; I am not naming names they are all are humans and citizens of the empire. One thing I know; they failed and we all failed to create a just society. MR. Tsige is a victim and by implication the whole population of the empire are victims of a dictatorial states ruling the country. This must stop and we must start a new era, an era of justice and freedom for all citizens of the Empire.Do we remember Getachew Maru? Do we remember Girmachew Lemma? Do we remember Aboma Mitiku? Do we remember Solomon Wada of Walayita? what about Marta Mebratu? Do we remember General Tadesse Biru?I hope we don’t forget all the nameless heroes and heroines who gave up the dear lives for justice and freedom.

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