THANK YOU GOD (By Selam Adugna)

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Selam Adugna
debereselam-medhanialemYOU are the God, the Lord, the ultimate Power, and The Father  who sees and witnesses the truth practiced by YOUR children. YOU are the Ultimate Judge who provides the right and unbiased judgment. YOU never take side in favor of one child against the other one. YOU never look at the tribe, the gender, the profession, the size, the wealth, or lack of wealth, the age, the status of education, or the knowledge of the bible by individual or not. YOU just look to the truthfulness, humbleness, humility, kindness, thoughtfulness of human beings, and the amount of love that a person has to his/her brothers, sisters on this earth. What YOU want from us, YOUR weak children who are obsessed with power and financial benefits, is to have providence in our life. God, My Lord, My Almighty Father, please forgive and set me free from my sins. Please, Lord, give me the power to attain the purity of character that can make me free of guilt so that I can love my brothers and sisters as I love myself. I know that whatever YOU allow, God, can come true. Please God bring Peace, Harmony, and Love to all YOUR children on this Earth.
Dear God, the reason I am writing YOU this letter is to thank YOU for YOUR help to bring final resolution to our place of worship of Debre Selam Medehanealem Orthodox Ethiopian Church of Minneapolis in Minnesota to keep it as it has been for the last twenty two some years as Independent and Neutral of any affiliation. As YOU know, the last few months have been the most trying and challenging for the integrity as well as existence of our church. The worshipers of this Holy Church had been faced with the greatest dilemma of disintegration and division for the reasons that they were not well educated and explained of except blind trust on the clergy out of sheer belief that the clergy is all right. But the clergy has not been all right. The clergy played on the innocence of the worshipers.
Dear God, let me give YOU little bit of history of our Debre Selam Medehanalem. It is just reminder. I am not saying that YOU do not know the History. YOU have been with our beloved church in good times and bad times since its inception. YOU blessed the founders of our Church when they got together to discuss their plans about establishing our Church. YOU guided them and led them to create it. YOU facilitated its existence. Getting back to its history, when our church was established, it was founded on being independent of any affiliation to any organization of churches or political parties. Because of this statue of its by-laws, it could prosper and grow to its current state. The harmony and camaraderie of its congregation were exemplary,  without being affected by tribal or political dirty influences. Whoever became a member of the church was first ETHIOPIAN without any tribal allegiance. Suddenly what the congregation kept as the guidelines for the existence of our church was questioned and challenged by a small group of individuals. Rather than working on the amendments of the by-laws of the church, politically, professionally, and financially motivated priests and individuals wanted to circumvent the cardinal statue, INDEPENDENT and NEUTRAL status of the church, and affiliate the church to the SYNODS. God,  the Synods broke the rule when it appointed a Bishop while the previous Bishop is still in his position as the leader of the Ethiopian Orthodox Religion. When religion becomes an instrument of political game and the priests become the facilitators of this ugly dirty game, the congregation gets confused and loses its faith and trust in the people who are supposed to guide them into divinity. The priests were hired and signed on to the duty of Orthodox religious service at Our Beloved Debre Selam Medehanalem Church of Minneapolis after being informed the INDEPENDENT and NEUTRAL position of the church regarding to the affiliation to the SYNODOS. They recognized the position of the church and served well the congregation for years without raising an iota of opposition to the Independence and Neutrality of OUR DEBRE SELAM MEDEHANALEM of Minneapolis in Minnesota.  By being obedient to the by-laws of the church, they worked with good financial compensation which benefited them very well. This factual truth cannot be denied by the priests and the congregation. Their minds believed and their hearts accepted the truth for the years they served the church as employees. YOU see, LORD, people change their positions or views on issues frequently. I do not mind the personal choice. Everyone is entitled to her/his belief as far as that personal belief does not bring any chaos to the tranquility of the others, individually or communally. And it is also possible to try to convince others to go with the flow of their opinions, views, ideas, outlooks, and beliefs. When this attempt of convincing or trial of influence for acceptance of their position is done in a truthful way and without any political or financial implications, but purely with fervent manner basing the argument on religious teachings and discussions, the listeners of the suggestions can pay a positive attention. If the proponents of the affiliation had not used  the tactic of outfoxing the supporters of Independence and Neutrality of the church, their issue would have had a good chance of being listened to. But when those anointed priests and their culpable conspirators use deceits and biblical illiteracy of the vast majority to their advantage to influence people to accept their unexplained lies, they break the cardinal promise of Truthfulness. What has been forgotten in all this chaos is that YOU, GOD,  were observing and preparing YOUR solution to pull out YOUR HOME, Debre Selam Medehanalem Orthodox Ethiopian Church from the jaws of sacrilegious individuals. Instead of bringing the two factions, some of religious personnel worked for the disintegration of the church.   Is that acceptable from those who say that they represent YOU on this earth? God, I am not asking YOU to respond to me, but to let out my mutter of frustration. How on earth do people try to overtake  a church from its innocent congregation which devotedly and diligently organized to grow its stature in the community it exists in? It is hard to believe what OUR Church went through. YOU silently showed YOUR power to dissect the Truth and establish Peace in Our Church keeping intact its original Mission. It is YOUR House of Worship, and YOU did once for all unparalleled clearing and grubbing of YOUR House from puckish, fickle, sectarian, scornful, and sacrilegious pseudo believers. We, the defendants of the church and the followers of the truth, the walkers on the road of humility, promise to YOU, God, that we will keep YOUR House of Worship as pure and sacrosanct as YOU expect it to be. We will keep our sacred promise on that. I Thank YOU for blessing us with Our Church. I never question YOUR divine power, and YOUR ability to interfere to resolve any problem.
Dear God, when YOU created us, the human beings, YOU provided us emotions that are really detrimental when the owners misfire them. These short fused individuals choose the emotions of negativity as attack dogs without realizing that their negative emotions become self incrementing evidence for their own downfall. God, why can people not channel the negative emotions into incinerators to convert into positive energy (emotion) so that they can become self respecting, accommodating, collaborating, truthful, provident, kind, loving, friendly, sharing, full of providence, instead of self loathing, and full of negativity? The core problem among the peoples of this earth is the unwillingness or lack of ability to control one’s negative emotions. God, what can be done about that? Our church of Debre Selam Medehanalem was the victim of this unheralded negativity that infected the mind and soul of our defector priests who walked out on the congregation on the Good Friday. It was unscrupulous, unprofessional, irresponsible, and irreligious betrayal of the sacred promise towards the congregation of Our Church by priests who had bestowed the religious honor to sermon the words of God to the parish of Medehanalem. The highly regarded priests walking out of the Church that housed and sheltered them and abandoning the congregation that respected, embraced, protected, financially benefited them, and believed in them at the Crucial moment of Easter cannot be justified and excused by any means. If I equate their action to the action of a soldier, those senseless, selfish, coward priests could have been court marshaled in the military. If I had the power, I would have devoid them of their priesthood. They absolutely abandoned their divine obligation. Their action on Good Friday and Easter Day was detestable and despicable. They do not deserve a drop of respect. God, I am angry with those priests because they represent YOU, and they should have an accommodating attitude. They should have heart, but they do not. We, the laymen,  are better than those lightheaded morons. I thought that priests are purer and have mettlesome faith. I believed that priests are not prejudiced or sectarian. What a disappointment!! They proved to be the worst practitioners of divide and prey  on the congregation. They are the best practitioners of parsimony.  What treacherous people the priests are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God, I know that I have been harsh on the behavior of priests. It is not a detraction, but expression of their behavior. I know, God, that YOU do not criticize or ostracize anyone, and YOU do not appreciate our fighting here on the earth. YOU are fair and equal. YOU do not take side. But God, there is something I need from YOU. I am not going to ask YOU big thing. YOU have been fair and generous with me. YOU have given me the life billions of my human siblings will be jealous of. YOU have sheltered me with YOUR wings from illness, physical and mental. YOU have protected  my family and friends from any harm. YOU have provided me with self-sufficiency to be able to run my life without looking to the generosity of others. YOU have given me the mind that can easily shift gear to the positivity whenever negativity raises its ugly head to infect my sanity.  YOU showered me with YOUR blessings for so many years. YOU have honored me with the ability to love and accept people for who they are, except when they become disrespectful, disrespectable and disreputable. YOU made me to be kind to others in their time of need as I was once. What I need from YOU is that please give my brothers and sisters on this miserable earth the ability to see others as they want to be seen, felt, cared, loved, accepted, respected, thought of, admired, and appreciated. Please God open our hearts and minds for peaceful coexistence. Everything is possible for YOU, the Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, the Source of Knowledge and Enlightenment, the Healer of all malaises, the Spring of Happiness.
Dear God, lies and cheatings could not overcome the assault of the Truth. Liars and cheaters could not carry the loads of their lies and cheatings, and collapsed into dusts like earthquake collapses a standing building into dust particles. Our Debre Selam Medehanalem   Ethiopian Orthodox Church was the testimony for the self destruction of lies and cheatings.   Our Debre Selam Medehanalem is the living proof when people hold the truth as the foundation of their existence, how hard the pain is, how long, the battle goes, how ruthless the enemy can be, the victory will come where the truth anchors itself. Our Church that has been established as Independent and Neutral fended off the attack on its survival and existence with YOUR blessing, God. Thank YOU for that and all other things YOU do for us and for our brothers and sisters who separated from us by following those divisive and disruptive priests. God, those priests are using YOUR name for their own personal benefits, not for the benefit of the society. That is what I feel. Do I say I am right on this? At this moment, yes, until they prove me wrong. They have not given me the opportunity to think otherwise.
Dear God, please bless my brothers and sisters who left Debre Selam Medehanalem for the reasons that they are not responsible for or aware of except their blind trust on the demagogy of the priests who are like  wolves under sheep’s clothing.  God, please open the hearts and souls of our sisters and brothers  to see and realize that Debre Selam Medehanalem Ethiopian Orthodox Church of Minneapolis will always accept, love, and serve them with open arms. God, please bath them with YOUR blessings to have all the best things life provides – their health, their love, their success, their happiness, and their place of worship.
Dear God, I could have gone on and on commenting on some individuals who colluded with those treacherous priests to divide our church for their political and financial benefits. Particularly those individuals who came from different churches for the purpose of dividing our church, I say to them, what treachery YOU committed to the principle and value of our Christianity. It is not a Christian work to go to a church that YOU do not belong to cause disturbance and chaos. Shameful act, and Shame on YOU. To those who attempted but miserably failed to turn over our church to the politically charged Synods, I say that being political operative of the anti-Ethiopian regime is like putting a noose around YOUR neck, and it is antichristian and anti-Ethiopian. Stand up for the Truth and Freedom because YOU immigrated to this country in search of political and economical freedom. Do not desecrate the value of Freedom by being ponies of the disgusting regime. Do not sell YOUR souls for few thousand dollars. At the end of YOUR life, YOU take nothing with YOU except YOUR clean name, dignity and self-respect. YOU leave everything till the last penny here on Earth. Is it worthy for twenty to twenty five years of life to sell YOUR soul, dignity, and self-respect for few thousands dollars? I do not think so. But who am I to tell YOU what to do. I pray for YOU that God can anoint YOU with wisdom to differentiate the good from the evil.
Dear God, Thank YOU again for YOUR blessings to all of us, and bring the peace and tranquility to all the Orthodox Ethiopian Churches in United States of America which are in turmoil as YOU did to Our Debre Selam Medehanalem Ethiopian Orthodox Church of Minneapolis.