Tesfaye Gebreab Fake Tears !!! By Tedla Asfaw

Tesfaye & JawarIs it not Jawar Mohammed, Tesfaye Gebrab’s best friend who is caught on tape saying “Ethiopia out of Oromia” ? The Zulu King and Jawar Mohammed are saying the same, “Foreigners go home”. The difference, there is a country called South Africa but There is no Republic of Oromia a member of United Nations.

 Since 2008 we Ethiopians have mobilized against land grab  in South Western part of Ethiopia by foreign and homegrown landlords. When farmers land aroundAddisAbaba is snatched for flower farming by landlords foreign as well as homegrown displacing farmers we protested. WhenKoka lake is polluted we denounced it and educate the public by standing for the welfare of the farmers. When ethnic cleansing led byShiferawShigute displaced manyAmhara farmers fromGuraFerda we protested and exposed the criminal activity. Be it the Zulu king, the South African thugs and people like Jawar Mohammed, TesfayeGebrab andShiferawShigute all are driven by Ideology of Hate. For Zulu, Africans are targeted as foreigners to be killed and terrorized and forJawar Mohammed, TesfayeGebrab andShifereawshigute, Amharas in their own country are foreign enemies to be kicked out. There is no difference at all. In fact being  kicked out from your own country is much worst than being chased from foreign countries like Saudi, Yemen, South Africa etc.

 We need to condemn the Ideology of Hate in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa and hold accountable the leaders behind it. TesfayeGebrab and Jawar Mohammed writings and speeches are anti Africa and Anti Ethiopia !!! Tesfaye Gebreab crocodile tear can not fool anyone but himself.


  1. It’s the same thing!!!! Jawar want what Zulu king want!!!! It will happen again in Oromia killing Amhara that is what jawar wants.

  2. What an ugly writing?!! you would not even allow people to sympatyize with you.It is this type of writing that divides people more than any writing talking about rights of Oromos. By the way who are you to give right who should sympathize and not with teh innocent people who died in this ugly massacre? By the way who told you those who are killed are all Amharas? And does it matter?

  3. Thanks mr Tedla It is really sad not to see any criminal charges against people like TESFAYE GEBRE EBAB, JAWAR MOHAMMED, ABAY SIBHAT, SAMORA YONIS, and other TPLF and OLF officials who bent to exterminate AMHARAS from the face of the planet,
    There is ample audio, video, and text material as well as hate books to be presented to the UN GENOCIDE PREVENTION COMMISSION created to prevent future genocide yet our Politicians and scholars failed to present charges agains these evil people,
    If Ethiopians able to press charges on these people to the UN GENOCIDE PREVENTION COMMISSION we can prevent the future slaughter of millions of AMHRAS

  4. Tedla Asfaw,
    You are wrong on many aspects of your post. First of all, you have no evidence that the victims in Libya are only Amharas. Secondly Jawar and Tesfaye Gebreab are not in a government position to cause migration of Amharas. Thirdly, your hate propaganda that you have been advancing in the name of human rights in the last two decades have not produced any positive impact on the perception of people in Ethiopian politics. Your Oromo hate propaganda along the line of the recent remarks of the Tigrean officials against Oromos is a silent petty maneuver to hoodwink the Tigrean government. It will have no lasting effect on Oromos.

  5. We only learn form past & make our way for the best. We all need to understand the real demography of today considering also its all assets. Positive & part of the solution than itching for dark tomorrow. I don’t mean upholding all mess of past. But, having commitment to add on overdue deliverable to our people & set the country to overcome the global challenge. we are overloaded by past wrong & the nature , which’s consequences is seen as of today with heavy price we are paying of bad leadership, immigration…call it. Good luck all ethiopians

  6. What does Tesfaye Gebre Ebab say about the Eritrean woman carried out of the Mediterranean Sea like a sack of potatoes? Jegnaw TPLF and Tigray people have ensured the Eritrean bastards never enjoy the independence they brag about day-in and day-out. RIP to the Eritrean independence.

  7. It is not not the same old day to Tesfay Gebreab. Everthing is disclosed. He has been working for Shabia (so called Eritrea) by indirectly identifying himself with the oromo people. Contrary to his hidden agenda of inflicting socio-political damage to Ethiopia, he tried to nullify the identity of Negasso Gidada and other Oromo people who betray to accept his evil deeds. I am mixed in blood (Amhara + Oromo) but I am an Ethiopian. What Jewar (who is basically sentimental and emotional, basically does not understand is that the number of mixed Ethiopian outshine in number than the snob creatures who tried hard to divide Ethiopia by the name of race. Jawar is implying that Amhara is benefited from Ethiopia. He is dead ignorant that most of the Amhara population is poorer in any respect with its Oromo counterpart.Some people do say that he is ‘educated…’, this is nonsense. Academic maturity sometimes does not tell us the identity, aspiration, thought of educators. Specially Jewar, he need to live 20 years more to talk about politics to be farsighted, matured and responsible political leader. His ideas lack full comprehension, his attitude is negative, his psychology is disordered, his aspirations are day time shadows…

  8. Mr Tedla how much woyane pay you to play their dirty game?????
    why you brig these now???
    hate doesn’t bring you any solution.

  9. ato tedla:ur hate ideology is from tplf.nowdays we(oromo + amhara + tigray + et al = ethiopian)don’t tired.we’re in unity spiritually.even in act.yr alone can hate tesf & jawar.they’re tplf,or zulluu.wash ur dirty mind.

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