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Tesfaye Gebreab Fake Tears !!! By Tedla Asfaw

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Tesfaye & JawarIs it not Jawar Mohammed, Tesfaye Gebrab’s best friend who is caught on tape saying “Ethiopia out of Oromia” ? The Zulu King and Jawar Mohammed are saying the same, “Foreigners go home”. The difference, there is a country called South Africa but There is no Republic of Oromia a member of United Nations.

 Since 2008 we Ethiopians have mobilized against land grab  in South Western part of Ethiopia by foreign and homegrown landlords. When farmers land aroundAddisAbaba is snatched for flower farming by landlords foreign as well as homegrown displacing farmers we protested. WhenKoka lake is polluted we denounced it and educate the public by standing for the welfare of the farmers. When ethnic cleansing led byShiferawShigute displaced manyAmhara farmers fromGuraFerda we protested and exposed the criminal activity. Be it the Zulu king, the South African thugs and people like Jawar Mohammed, TesfayeGebrab andShiferawShigute all are driven by Ideology of Hate. For Zulu, Africans are targeted as foreigners to be killed and terrorized and forJawar Mohammed, TesfayeGebrab andShifereawshigute, Amharas in their own country are foreign enemies to be kicked out. There is no difference at all. In fact being  kicked out from your own country is much worst than being chased from foreign countries like Saudi, Yemen, South Africa etc.

 We need to condemn the Ideology of Hate in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa and hold accountable the leaders behind it. TesfayeGebrab and Jawar Mohammed writings and speeches are anti Africa and Anti Ethiopia !!! Tesfaye Gebreab crocodile tear can not fool anyone but himself.