Terror against Ethiopian Refugees in Libya !!

Dear Ambassador of Libya to United States,

Voice of America Amharic aired on Oct. 2 the suffering of Ethiopians in the Sahara jail under the control of your government. Women, children and elderly are beaten up some were left to die. Torture is performed on open desert.
habesha in libya
These refugees are not a threat to your government. What is the reason for their suffering ? This morning BBC aired the death on sea of refuges in hundreds from Somalia and Eritrea/Ethiopia who were smuggled from Libya.
We understand your country is overwhelmed by refugees and many of your people see them as enemy. Libya should respect the international treaty for refugees it signed and take care of all refuges under its control.

Ethiopians in New York area are prepared to stage a rally at United Nation to highlight the suffering of our people in Libya’s jails. The Ethiopian Diaspora in DC is following the suffering of our people closely and will held your government accountable for the crime committed against defenseless Ethiopians in your soil.
Tedla Asfaw
Human Rights Activist
New York City


  1. I think we Ethiopian who live US & else where can help them, but we are so busy just talking we forgot our brother & sisters ,why we saying our goverment did this that let me say it again WE DON”T HAVE GOVERMENT , that is the resion this people living the country & put there lives in danger. Come on Ethiopians let is help them history will ask as later, i am tired of crying how many years our people have to suffer. I blame myself & diaspora.

  2. Nailed it brother, we should care, we should shout because we can, we should ask because we can, we should challenge because we can. But we do not care about others suffering as long as we are comfortable, comfortable is not even the right word, as long as we are able to feed, sheltered and close ourselves, not more than that. Today the world can see those people who is dead in the sea, how many brother and sisters are suffering in everyday life to survive in Arab, Greek, Rome, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Kenya, even Somalia, Uganda, South Africa, the list is non stop, how many of them are those people? Many, we may never reach to figure it out how many Ethiopians in these situation, because we don’t care.
    We can blame anyone, but do we play our part to stop these suffering, as Christian, Muslim, human being????

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