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Tedros Adhanom Has Been  the High-Ranking Official of TPLF Since TPLF Started Amara Genocide!

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By Belayneh Abate

It is perplexing to see some opportunistic Ethiopian “intellectuals” who supported the incompetent Tedros Adhanom’s installment as the director of the world health organization now  accusing him of crimes. You opportunist intellectuals please grow up root or develop firm spines: Please  do not sway here and there like the experimental pendulum of Galileo.

adhanom .Tedros Adhanom has been the high ranking official of the terrorist Tigre People Liberation Front (TPLF) since TPLF started genocide on Amharas and other ethnic groups. It is a travesty of history for the world to install an incompetent individual who has been a high ranking official of a criminal organization as director of the world health organization (WHO).

Since there was no time this world has been just and fair, he sat at the higher chair of WHO despite  being a leader of  a terrorist organization that committed three decades of  genocide. He is not even shy of being high ranking official of this cursed organization and he once said, “to work with Melese Zenawi was a blessing”. Meles Zenawi was the architect of this terrorist organization and a ringleader of public bank robbing.

As he repeatedly boasts, Tedros has been a high-ranking member of the TPLF and the Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Front ( EPRDF)  for decades.  TPLF is the core of EPRDF, and EPRDF is the entry receptor for TPLF as ACE-2 is an entry receptor for the novel coronal virus.  As  the novel corona virus enters through ACE-2 receptor to attack the lung cells, TPLF used the Amara National  Democratic Movement (a branch of EPRDF)  to enter and wipe out Amaras, and the Oromo People Democratic Organization (another branch of EPRDF) to incarcerate Oromos until the Ethiopian prisons learn how to speak Oromigna.  TPLF entered through similar receptors in Gambella to massacre Agnwaks and take away their lands.

These heinous crimes were witnessed by Ethiopians all over the country, and reported repeatedly by Ethiopian Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Oakland Institute and Genocide Watch. [2-14]

As part of the three-decade ethnic cleansings of Amaras, EPRDF implemented a unique birth control program in Amara regions while Tedros was the minister of health.  As a result of this unique birth control program, the birth rate of Amaras disproportionately declined compared to the birth rates of other ethnic groups of the country. Many young Amara girls became germanely infertile, and many Amara men were forcefully sterilized in the official and unofficial prisons. About 3 million Amaras vanished from the 2007 census. [8,9,13]

When EPRDF committed these barbaric crimes, Tedros Adhanom was a ranking member of the EPRDF, minister of health and foreign affairs. He climbed to these key positions of EPRDF playing the ethnic cards designed by his late friend Zenawi. Zenawi was the founder of EPRDF, and Tedros once said to work with Zenawi was to be blessed.

Despite all these despicable crimes his party committed, Tedros was nominated to lead the WHO after he used his government’s power to close the door on the well-qualified Ethiopians who could have run for this position. To win the nomination, he played the race card as usual to galvanize the support of the brutal African dictators. With the support of these African dictators and his current accusers, he took the position as the head of the WHO.

Since leading the WHO with brain and transparency is not the same as ruling Ethiopian with muscle and irksome lies, his leadership miserably failed, and part of the world was shouting loud for his resignation. To resist the crowd requesting his resignation, Tedros picked up the race card again, and the looter-African dictators stood behind him as expected.

African dictators are infamous for defending African criminals involved in full blown ethnic cleansings and genocides. In 2009, they defended the Sudanese dictator, Al-Bashir, from facing the international criminal court. For African dictators, Al-Bashir was more valuable than the millions of people massacred under his rule. [14]

African dictators were not alone in supporting the former EPRDF foreign mister. Embarrassingly, many of his former Ethiopian critics supported him sitting on the coffins of tens of thousands of Ethiopians the EPRDF massacred. These hypocrites and opportunists changed their position as if the innocent Ethiopians EPRDF slaughtered have resurrected and enjoying life.

The call for Adhanom’s resignation from WHO because of his incompetence  had nothing to do with his race. In fact, his race has helped this unqualified man to mount the WHO’s highchair. Even if someone believes race is a factor, he shall never stand behind a man who is associated with a terrorist group accused of massacre, torture, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

The high-ranking members of EPRDF who are now accusing of standing with a terrorist organization supported him as well. It was exhibiting the highest form of hypocrisy for a ranking member of EPRDF to claim that his actions are condemned because of his race. The foundation of EPRDF is racism, and its mission is to quarantine the Ethiopian people in ethnic barns called Killilis permanently. The worst form of racism is standing behind a criminal merely because that criminal is from one’s race, or neighborhood. Many racist people stood behind Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Zenawi and other heinous criminals because they belong to their races and advance their ethnic interests and hegemonies at the expense of others.  [16-

Tedros Adhanom was baptized with racism and it may not be a surprise if he uses the international office to advance his racism ambitions. Because racism is in his DNA, Tedros stands with his criminal keens  who massacred millions because they were borne Amaras or other races. The invisible forces haunting Tedros Adhanom are the souls of thousands of Ethiopians TPLF and  EPRDF massacred. The souls of these martyrs will haunt the high-ranking officials of TPLF and EPRDF for ever and ever, including after life.


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