Sudan opposition leader ‘held’ after meeting Ethiopian PM

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed arriving in Khartoum

Dozens of people have died after Sudan’s military cracked down on a protest camp earlier in the week.

An opposition politician has been detained in Sudan after meeting Ethiopia’s prime minister, his party has said.

Mohammad Esmat was part of a delegation holding talks with Abiy Ahmed, who flew in from Addis Ababa on Friday.

No further details were given about his arrest.

His visit follows the deaths of dozens of people when troops stormed a protest camp on Monday following long demonstrations against military rule.

Mr Ababa held discussions with both the Transitional Military Council (TMC), and the opposition Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces (DFCF) alliance.

As he tried to mediate, Mr Ahmed urged both sides to exercise “bravery” in resolving their standoff.

He arrived in Sudan the day after the African Union – based in Ethiopia – suspended Sudan, backing the opposition’s demand for civilian rule.

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  1. PM Abiy did tell Sudan Politicians to start to follow the Ethnic Federalism Political System ( Zenawism) , the Sudanese opposition is put in rehabilitation so the opposition learns about Zenawism/ ethnic Federalism political system . .Amazingly Abiy praised Woyane Tegarus sacrifice and Sudan people’s contribution on the fight against Derg, he also noted that Abiy himself was part of the fighting against DERG for few years until 1991.

    PM Abiy said he is against tegarus now because according to him most of TPLF tegarus became Amaranized somewhere between 1991 and 2010’s.

    Abiy said only Meles Zenawi was really following the principle of TPLF until the end, while other TPLF officials became Amaranized.

    PM Abiy admitted Ethnic Federalism political system (Zenawism) saved all of Ethiopia from the centuries long cycle of poverty starvation , red terrorism , civil unrests , religious domination and never ending civil wars, as it can save Sudan now. Also PM Abiy’s admitted that Zenawism (ethnic Federalism political system) is the Constitutional right of all Ethiopians that made equality and prosperity a reality to all, which was gotten by the golden brave Woyane tegarus EPRDF fighters lives being sacrificed.
    That is why I say to the young Ethiopians you need to protect the Constitution and ZENAWISM/ ETHNIC FEDERALISM POLITICAL SYSTEM with your lives, SINCE WITHOUT IT WE ETHIOPIANS ARE BOUND TO FALL FOR the power hungry SHABIYA DERG NEPHTEGNA cruelity again, with it noone can lay a finger on us Ethiopians for centuries to come, but without it we Ethiopians are slaves to timKhit Amara .

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