Sudan officials meet with AU experts over Nile dam issue

KHARTOUM, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) — Sudanese officials and African Union (AU) experts team on Saturday held a meeting over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), said Sudan’s Irrigation and Water Resources Ministry.

“Sudan’s negotiating team over the GERD, headed by Sudan’s Irrigation and Water Resources Minister Yasir Abbas, held a bilateral meeting on Saturday afternoon with the AU team of experts,” said the ministry in a statement.

“The meeting came in response to Sudan’s call for giving the AU experts a greater role to facilitate the talks among Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia to contribute to preparation of a second document for the proposed memorandum of agreement that was received by the three countries in the previous six-party meeting,” it noted.

It said the meeting thoroughly discussed the importance of setting up a clear reference framework for the role of the AU experts, adding that Sudan has stressed the necessity that the AU plays a more effective leadership role than its role in the previous rounds of talks. Enditem


  1. Sudan is claiming to be thirsty for drinking water as a direct result of the first round filling of the GERD dam. Sudan is announcing it’s government will not waste time on endless negotiations while not reaching agreement , according to the Sudaneese diplomats, Ethiopia must not go ahead with the launching of the second round of the GERD dam filling as scheduled for the month of July 2021 because doing so threatens the Rossires reservoir dam of Sudan.

    The heir-apparent of the emperor of Sudan broke his silence about GERD for the first time recently by stating “Ethiopia needs to stop doing the right things the wrong way by repeating the same way of filling GERD, using water irrigated the wrong way as it was done in the first round of the GERD dam filling process because it is a serious threat to the livelihoods of the people of Sudan”.

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    የትኛውም አይነት ስም ሊሰጠኝ ይችላል ግን This is how I feel. said Masresha Kumsa

    In the name of corruption and killings committed demonstration against TPLF or EPRDF, how come unelected illegal political party wage war against the entire Ethinic Tegarus ????? ….ETc ???It is very puzzling ,and at a time saddening action. How many of Oromos and Amharas were working and stealing together , if we beleive that TPLF was corrupted ??? This is just a political act driven by hate, tribalism, and ethnic cleansing . Killing 750 people in one day is aprt of PP military operation?? We cannot see any church leader who protest against this massacre , mahibrekidusa, bahitawaiyan, bishops ?? All are behaving as the leader of profitable organization. I would like to remind you the fact that mahibre kidusan is a political organization dominated by Amhara who want restore an Amahra led royal family. They were campaigning to elect Abune Yosef from Oromia region.They always claim that they will work to make a change in ethiopian politics. You could ask any one working with them. the current church leaders are involved in the warcrime : defending , sponsoring the war against Tegarus, Oromos, Gumus, KImant and other ethnic memebers.

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