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She finally succeeded in making him succumb to the jackals’ “rays”!

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 She finally succeeded in making him succumb to the jackals’ “rays”!
Ethiopian Anonymous
Though unsystematically aggressive and unnecessarily provocative he was, I used to admire him most. Moreover, I was not happy in his dictatorial tendency and Melesic approach towards attaining an everlasting power, like Kamuzu Banda of Malawi. As a human, of course, it goes without saying that he might have loopholes. But as a whole, I can say, he was less harmful dictator when compared to that of ours whose fate was alike. Allegedly, not only he and the thugocratic leader of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, were victims of the systematic liquidation euphemistically known as ‘cancer’, but also innumerable secret deaths occurred since the time the whore came to usurp the scepter of global leadership, in a dreadful self-appointed manner, under the nightmare of being the Queen of this world, even beyond.  Truth be told, he was too bold to be tolerated by the whore, an outstandingly infamous whore who is absolutely impatient if anybody stands by the political and economic interests of her ruthlessly devilish husbands. The whore, who has seduced many other harlots to willy-nilly join her harem and subdued the entire world  to be her slave, in all its sense of slavery, has now become jubilant over her systematic killing of one of her formidable enemies. He was courageous to not exchange the interests of his people with the baits and threats of the Luciferian corporatocrats who have been the husbands of the polyandrous whore.  This whore, who has dismantled many a great nations in this planetary setup, is by now at the peak of earthen civilizations. She has miraculously attained this level of ‘envying’ technological advancement through the cheap labor and raw materials looted from the poor nations. Her children of the Lucifer are by now acting like a snake in danger, because they know that their time of demise is in a clear sight. The word democracy has been one of the terms over-manipulated and abused by these children of the devil to intoxicate the fool. IMF and World Bank are the most brutal financial wings of the whore to be supported later on by the jackals known as the so called NATO and other intelligence and security organs. All these tools and apparatuses are there only to appease the few and kill the majority, killing in its full-fledged sense. The whore is drifting the whole world to an abyss from where no one will gain its former grace after the deluge. Greed and selfish motive entwined with racial superiority complex, which scholars deny its existence and instead say it is the breed of inferiority complex, made the whore extraordinarily gluttonous and to quench her satanic material hunger and blood thirst, behold, we are forced to get into a new era of planetary reconfiguration to get rid of these bottomless pits, ticks and bugs that never be satisfied even if they control all the ET wealth and power. What an obsession in power! What an obsession in accumulating wealth! I hope and strongly believe that they are possessed by certain demonic power whose feed is human flesh and blood.
The whore represents all types of evil on Mother Earth. Her off screen Illuminati know what they are doing and what is happening in this world because of their sinister plans; a plan to impoverish the so called 99% of world’s population and eradicate the 80% of it in their nightmare to establish a New World Order, they are edging to that scenario. So far everything is advancing as planned. But no body knows about tomorrow; though we believe that the morrows of evils are dark and admittedly retribution will definitely take place as long as Mother Nature, or whatever we call it, God or what have you, always maintains the equilibrium. For example, the whore was non-existent some five centuries back, and who knows if she hibernates as of this age for the next five centuries? The seesaw is merciless; it dethrones one and seats another. No one is dead sure what will happen except the natural fact that everything changes through time.
This world won’t pass in a way most of us think it will. Change has been in place through out the past epochs and generations. The change we are expecting now is a change that wipes out evil or negative energy from the surface of the earth for the positive energy to resurface and as a result peace and tranquility to prevail. That to happen, greed and greediness, aggression and aggressiveness, crime and criminality, sin and sinfulness, … should give way to the antonyms of these terminologies. Hope for the better, and we will surely have it!
To wind my short sensational piece, which some may label it as utopian and far-fetched, let me repeat it once again that the whore has succeeded in making him succumb to the jackals of the laboratories, without using even a drone or  even a single paratrooper – among the multitude of drones that rain bombs in hungry villages of Pakistan and Afghanistan and on the miskin people of the rest of the third world, instead of bread and potable water – alas to the leadership of this shameless prostitute! She will be struck by the Almighty, for the tears of billions of people on this planet have reached the level of zero tolerance; we shall witness the wrath of Him coming soon and destroy the worldly heap of plundered wealth. No matter what is kept in the arsenals of the whore or its allies, no force will save her from downfall! The brainless blind obedient of the ferocious masters of the corporatocracies who are voraciously looting the poor will be rewarded likewise when the whore gets its due reckoning.
Though we kill each other, though the powerful kills the weak, though the developed ensnares the underdeveloped, though this or that intelligence or military organ exterminates this or that person or institutional entity, though this country ravages that country, all of which are vain, and as vain as trapping a wind, as the biblical sage correctly put it, no one in this world is immortal; you give something today to somebody, for sure you will receive it tomorrow, be it in kind or in any other form; be it death or life. Kill today and sooner or later you will be killed anytime in the future. If you are a killer, your life is always in terrifying nightmare. So love your friend so that you would be loved and lead serene life; kill your real or imagined adversary or so called enemy so that you lead a restlessly fugitive life; fugitive in all its senses, mentally as well as physically. Try to live within your horizons, if you become the slave of your wishes, you may end up in being the most wanted criminal the Guinness Book of Records might be in search of to jot it down and pass it to generations. Why should we kill each other while the world has an abundance of resources if used properly? Why should the Big Brothers and the so called Uncle Sam devastate the world seemingly in a bid to eradicate life on Earth only in less than 100 years if conditions go the way they are now? Why all this foolishness? Why do we allow crimes to pile over the skies and as a consequence call upon our doom? Where has our level-headedness gone?  …
Let’s sing this time proven axiom: “Do unto others as you want then to do unto you.”
The BBC News Continues here below
hugo chavez
A former paratrooper, Hugo Chavez burst onto Venezuela’s national stage in 1992 when he led a failed military coup.
After two years in prison he returned to politics and was swept to power in a 1998 election.
A self-proclaimed socialist and revolutionary, he won enduring support among the poor and repeated election victories by using Venezuela’s oil wealth to pursue socialist policies.
But his opponents accused him of mishandling the economy and taking the country towards dictatorship.
Internationally, he was a staunch critic of US “imperialism” and accused Washington of backing a failed coup against him in 2002.
In Tuesday’s televised address, a tearful Mr Maduro said the president had passed away “after battling a tough illness for nearly two years”.
The death of Hugo Chavez, the vanguard of what he called “21st Century Socialism”, sends ripples not just through the Venezuelan people, but across Latin America and beyond.
In particular, the impact of his loss will be felt most keenly in Cuba, Bolivia and Ecuador, his closest allies in the region.
The updates on his health in recent days had seemingly been aimed at preparing the Venezuelan people for the worst, with each bulletin more serious than the last.
Now Mr Chavez will take on iconic status as his revolution looks for a route forward without him, the man it was designed by and constructed around.
But his millions of followers in Venezuela will take some comfort from the fact that it wasn’t the failed coup in 2002, nor the repeated efforts at the ballot box, but rather ill health – or for many of his devotees, the hand of God – that took Mr Chavez away from them.
“We have received the toughest and tragic information that… Comandante President Hugo Chavez died today at 16:25 (20:55 GMT),” he added.
Mr Maduro called on the nation to close ranks after its leader’s demise.
“Let there be no weakness, no violence. Let there be no hate. In our hearts there should only be one sentiment: Love.”
He promised to maintain Mr Chavez’s “revolutionary, anti-imperialist and socialist legacy”. (emphasis added)
Police and troops would be deployed nationwide “to guarantee the peace”, he added.
The vice-president also spoke of a plot against Venezuela, saying he had no doubt that Mr Chavez’s cancer, first diagnosed in 2011, had been induced by foul play by Venezuela’s enemies – the US promptly rejected the accusations as “absurd”. (emphasis added)
He said a scientific commission could one day investigate whether Mr Chavez’s illness was brought about by what he called an enemy attack.
Two US diplomats had been expelled from the country for spying on Venezuela’s military, he added.
A statement by the military issued after Mr Chavez’s death said it would protect the sovereignty, integrity and security of the country. It would remain loyal to the vice-president and to parliament, it added, urging people to remain calm.
Mr Jaua said a procession would carry Mr Chavez’s body to the MilitaryAcademy in Caracas on Wednesday, where it will lie in state until Friday to allow his supporters to pay their respects.
He added that the official funeral attended by foreign heads of state would take place at 10:00 local time (14:30 GMT) on Friday, and called on Mr Chavez’s supporters to wear clothes in the three colours of the Venezuelan flag in his honour.
Thousands of Chavez supporters took to the streets of Caracas, chanting: “We are all Chavez!” and “Chavez lives!”
One of them, Francis Izquierdo, told Agence France-Presse: “He was a man who taught us to love our fatherland. The comandante is physically gone but he remains in our hearts and we must continue building the fatherland.”