Semayawi Party Chairman Speech at Gonder (Video)


  1. I agree with the speaker, true kings of Ethiopia were King Tewdros and King Yohanse.
    The shameful Amhara king Menilike had sold Eritrea to Italian, Dejibuti to Italian, Somalia to Brits.

  2. After witnessing this non sense speech blabber, I had to admire EPRDF for for the Democracy and for allowing freedom of speech.
    Regarding SEMAYAWE party, so far 100% of its top leadership post totally dominated by single minority tribe (Amhara tribe), that is why SEMAYAWE will not succeed since it based on mono Amhara tribalism.

  3. Is this web page turning into the Amhara propaganda web page? We may be forced to leave it in droves if it keeps on propagating a one-side propaganda. Listen. Semayawi party is just one among many that represents a segment of Ethiopia.

  4. @Mr/Mrs Washinton,
    Personally I prefer “Ginbot 7” over “Semayawe” party, atleast Ginbot 7 is not narrowly structured and surrounded by bunch of braindead hidden amara tribalists such as pro Almariam and what have you.
    The only problem I have with Ginbot 7 is when Mr. Berhanue Negga had accepted and pocketed hundereds of thousands of dollars from Ethiopia’s deadly enemy (Egypt) in the year of 2013.

  5. ye Gonder Jegna
    One of the crucial probleme ethiopia will face is its histories.The church history and court history of the highlanders and a total different version history of the southerners.
    How can a normal person can write Minilik sold Somalia to british? Where can yoy find that Djibouti was sold to FRANCE other than ethiopian highlander? Where is the proof?

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