Semayawi attacked, beaten up and ransacked. By Abebe Gellaw

By Abebe Gellaw

blue_party_ethiopia101370869814 (1)blue In the evening of Saturday August 31, Semayawi Party headquarters around Ginfle, Addis Ababa, was buzzing like a bee hive as nearly one hundred party activists and organizers were busy making posters, writing slogans, stacking flags and other paraphernalia needed for a colorful rally. They were making the final push for a peaceful demonstration they had planned to hold the next morning with their supporters.
These peaceful and law-abiding citizens were doing what true political activists were supposed to do. They wanted to demand justice and freedom. They wanted to petition their rulers to respects the rights of citizens who are being routinely abused, tortured and killed in broad daylight. They only wanted to ask the thuggish TPLF regime to free all prisoners of conscience jailed on trumped-up terrorism and treason charges. They wanted to demand the TPLF to respect its own constitution. They were not preparing to commit acts of terrorism or bank robbery.
Suddenly there was a blackout. Electricity to Semayawi’s headquarters was cut off. Apparently hundreds of heavily armed ‘federal police’ officers had already besieged the office like terrorists.
Yidenekachew Kebede, the party’s legal affairs head and coordinator of the rally was heading to his office. ESAT reached him in good time on his cell phone. He was describing the situation in detail. He was very upset that such a criminality happens with impunity. He was outraged that the TPLF is treating Ethiopians worse than prisoners of war in their own country.
The young lawyer was outraged that the constitution, which the TPLF never respected, was being violated by armed thugs and criminals again. It was another evidence of lawlessness and tyranny that the TPLF has imposed on the people of Ethiopia. Those who were eager to demand freedom and justice for their people became victims of criminality. While he was telling ESAT that his colleagues and friends were under siege, a federal police officer snatched his phone and the line was cut off. Apparently he was detained.
TPLF federal squad broke into the office and ransacked and beat Semayawi’s leaders and members. The party’s chairman Eng. Yilkal Getnet was also arrested and taken to a police station around Gedam Sefer. The thugs reportedly targeted everyone and even savagely attacked and kicked women. They detained all of Semayawi’s operatives found on the party’s premises for hours, kicked and tortured them. Scores of people were even made to roll over mud and dung in a bid to humiliate and degrade them. They were stat at and insulted by TPLF’s thugs.
According to Eng. Yilkal, he was released after a few hours. Other members who were also said to have been roughed up, beaten up and tortured were also freed. But the headquarters has reportedly been trashed. Documents, equipment, and all the materials prepared for the rally were taken away by the federal squad.
Ethiopians in the Diaspora has been expressing outrage on Facebook and Paltalk rooms. What has been the focus of angry discussion is how long the state-sponsored terrorism can go on. The decision to launch an illegal attack against a political party operating legally is another affront to law and order. TPLF’s thuggery and lawlessness has posed serious challenges to every law-abiding citizen. People are abused and tortured without any ground.
Semayawi is a relatively budding political party that should have been accorded protection. But TPLF’s paranoid has reached a critical and dangerous point. The more cornered it is, the more dangerous it is becoming. The attack against Semawi only reveals the level of fear gripping the TPLF and its cronies.
In a press release it issued, Semayawi has vowed to press for justice and rule of law. It emphasized that nothing will distract it from making demands and voicing the concerns of the people of Ethiopia.
In the meantime, Muslim Ethiopians are also being hunted down across the country. TPLF organized a rally in the metropolis on the day and at the venue where Semayawi had planned to stage a protest demonstration. The worst part is that TPLF is trying to create religious conflict among Christians and Muslims. The two religions have co-existed harmoniously for over a millennium. The futile efforts only reveal the fact that TPLF is desperate to survive.
No matter what the TPLF does, the struggle for equality, dignity, justice and freedom continues….


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    • The 3 billion dollar question is, where did Melse bleed? For what purpose did he shed his blood? Since he seems to be your messiah to redeem the likes of you? or to bring democracy or freedom in Ethiopia? Would you show us where he bleed? There was more freedom before he went to the bushes than now. Meles has a follower like you who run around in western cities to commit assassination on our dear brothers and sisters. You are brainwashed by your late champion. I am sure you are one of the tplf clowns who believe there is democracy in that country, right? The truth is there is plutocracy, corruptocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, tyranny, or diabilocracy ( ye seitan mengist).

  3. “Violence or the treat of violence, especially bombing, kidnaping, and assassination, carried out for political purposes”. We do expect this from tplf. This dark group is not about solving Ethiopian’s people problems. Since the dawn of its conception, it sold its hard core followers souls to do evil. It is always interested in malice, vengeance, envy, hate, and revenge. The above statement is the definition of terrorism. If truth matters, the definition perfectly describes this dark group called tplf. Kudos for semayawi party, though. It is revealing the true nature of this evil, low life group. I am envious of semayawi party leaders and it’s followers life. They are living a high and purposeful life. If there should be another life somewhere in the universe ( I believe there is one ), these brother of ours deserve one.

  4. imagine the 8 month old infant fighting with 30 years old bully.
    the measure taken was expected in the country ruled by rule of gungle.
    always there should be an equal opposite force and tactic to confront the enemy.
    before going to fight weigh your power, or else find other means to weaken your enemy.
    Do not be fulled and mislead others by taking non existing things for guarantee.

  5. imagine the 8 month old infant fighting with 30 years old bully.
    the measure taken was expected in the country ruled by rule of gungle.
    always there should be an equal opposite force and tactic to confront the enemy.
    before going to fight weigh your power, or else find other means to weaken your enemy.
    Do not be FOOLED and mislead others by taking non existing things for guarantee.

  6. Abebe, Thanks, At least you nailed it by calling the TPLF government.
    There is no EPRDF, it is TPLF from the top to bottom, from the Army Generals to the cleaners.
    I have given up on the so called “Peaceful struggle” long time ago.
    As you can not play football or any other games with dogs or other animals, you can not conduct peaceful struggle with TPLF criminal gang groups.
    TPLFs are not human being that you can deal with as a normal person.

    • Aboy solomon! kemelaha?
      What do you mean when you say “I wouldn’t waste my time”? You already did! Otherwise, how could you say “garbage”? Do you mean that it is garbage by default cos the author is …your nightmare!
      You ppl are really confused after you lost your CPM (central processing mind) zenawi, only the useless hardware ….

    I am afraid we can not defeat woyane through lies and propaganda from 7000 thousands miles away, rather we should come out with something logical and rational that will appeal to the mass, if not we should prepare ourselves to be to be rules by WOYANE’S decades and decades to come.
    This time so author should come up with logical reasoning that appeal not only to the minority Amharas, but most importantly to the vast majority of Ethiopians, included Oromos-Tigre-Sidama-Afar-Eritreans-Semen amara (Gojam and Gonder)-Gambela etc….

  8. For Getaw Weyanne ethnic aparhied system cadre for you comment “20+ YEARS, SO MANY SUCH ARTICLES BUT NO RESULT/ZERO” you know from inside articles like this voices for the voiceless majority Ethiopian as show productive results such as nocking down for good the racist midget Meles the arcthecture of the WEYANNE/TPLF ethnic apartheid system. Your thief racist leader even he couldn’t stand the brave voice so don’t try to be smart on us and this kind of articles are now bringing the minority Tigre government to its knees and we will be the instrument to bring the needed change.

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