Scottish Vote And Oromia Case in Ethiopia

By Admasu Belay
In recent days, we have been hearing a lot about the Scottish referendum to secede from the UK. Particularly, some of our Oromo politician friends in the diaspora have made it the hot topic of the month. Knowing how ridiculous it is to compare “Oromia” to Scotland, many Ethiopians ignore the matter. But sometimes it is better to address it. We need to set some basic facts straight. The idea of “Oromia” state recently created by TPLF/OPDO is completely different from the scottish state. Below are five of the reasons.
First of all, the “Kingdom of Scotland” existed many centuries ago as an independent state. In contrast, there never existed before a “Kingdom of Oromo.” In fact, there never existed a kingdom of Amara or even a country called Amara, Afar, Oromo, Gurage etc. None of these ever existed in history. TPLF was the first to manufacture this ideo of “Oromia state.” Even 400 years ago, the Oromo speaking people lived side by side with other Ethiopians. Some Oromos lived in isolated Gibe settlements but most northern Oromos were citizens of the former multi-ethnic Abyssinia state since the 1600s & 1700s. So even before Menelik expanded his rule, there was never one united Oromo country.
Secondly, economically and socially scotland is completely different from the TPLF made Oromia state. Thanks to the past emperors giving priority to Shewa province, the center or Oromia (now Shoa zone) is also the economic center of the whole country. Most of the Ethiopian state’s infrastructure and federal institutions are located in central Oromia. In contrast, Scotland is not the economic center of the UK.
Thirdly, Oromia and Scotland are very different geographically. Due to scotland’s long independent state history, it has clear boundaries and borders. Another benefit is the UK being an island, the secession of scotland does not create much border dispute with any third party states. In contrast, “Oromia state” would have borders with half dozen other states. And most of Oromia’s territories and borders are disputed with the ogadeni/somalis, sidamas and many neighboring states. Some wild Oromo politicians even claim that north Kenya, Gambella and south Tigray are part of Oromia. Nobody really knows the real boundaries.
Fourth difference is the historical land of “Oromia” itself. Who are the original inhabitants of Oromia? The old sidama communities, the Gurage sultanates of shoa, original Damot people of western welega and others would see Oromos as invaders who immigrated there in the 1500s and 1600s. So the question would arise, how can Oromo settlers claim the land previously owned by other people?
unity-300x219The fifth and the last difference between the scottish claim and Oromo claim is regarding Addis Ababa vs scotland’s capital city Edinburgh. Just like most of central Oromia, its capital city Addis Ababa is also the capital city of Ethiopia. In contrast, the Scottish capital city Edinburgh is not the political center of the UK. Edinburgh can request separation from London, but how can London separate from London? Thats what it would appear if Oromia attempts to secede. So even the mere thought of Oromia secession is ridiculous. It defies common sense. Just like the wise Oromo politician Bulcha Demeksa once said, branches can fall off the tree first, but the stem can not fall off the branches nor can the stem fall off the tree. Oromia is the stem of Ethiopia. This is another reason why many people say the whole Oromo secession ideology is an insult to the intelligence of Oromo people. It was created to distract Oromos. Our politicians should stop weakening Oromo people with these nonsense and unrealistic dreams of secession.
It is high time for all Oromos to direct their energy and unite their forces together with other Ethiopians and fight for democracy together. The minority and tribal TPLF dictatorship will not be defeated if we are always divided.
Every moment that passes with Oromos wasting their time on socialist and backward tribal ideologies is another day and another year wasted. How many more years will Oromos waste? Many generations have been wasted already. Look at Ghana and other African countries that have many more ethnicities than Ethiopia but they succeeded because they put individual liberty and democracy ahead over tribe. There is no reason why we Ethiopians can not do the same. Let us transfer peace and democracy to the next generation.


  1. Perfect !!! The problem is the so called libation front politician use cheap and short cut method(ethnic politics) to get on to power. This politicians or have this type of ideology are not only the enemy of unity also the enemy of humanity.
    First of all each individual human right and dignity has to be respected regardless where their came from, the language they use, culture, look, age, sex etc. This is a common goal.
    Then we need to see the big picture- as long us people live and work in peace they build relationship and c operations- this is building society, where we all belong in to. So
    Long live one nation , one vote, equality and democracy under law for all.

    • @doodu
      Your comment is not a comment, but a trash on a top of a trash. The article itself is trash and has no evidence. the writer @Admasu, tried to ‘write’ what he is dreaming in his daylight dream because of his Oromophobia. You admired his dream of fear.

  2. Both sides have in their heart what they think is best for Scotland. What we should admire is the process. The British people were confident enough to see this process through. How many other countries can do that? Certainly not Ethiopia. I think everybody who participated in the process is a winner.

  3. jus for your information there were sidama kingdom we use to have our one country antil minilk inved the south and make us part of Ethiopia in 1887. the same thing oromo use have it own government which called the gada system

  4. A dull and an ignorant article. Still trying to narrate the legitimate rights of people of oromos based on a nonsense assumptions. Well, I concur with geographical limitations of session agendas. However, the author’s historical narration of Oromos inhabitation is far from truth. People like the author of this articles are embarrassing citizens who are very shallow and emotional. It looks this person is a typical dictator. These are the types of opinions who undermine the rights of Oromo people. Please mr Admassu, I advise you to dig dipper into the root causes rather posting such narrow opinions. Why are you first of all generalizing all Oromos? You are righting out of fear but the truth can not be a solution. Most people like you are failing us all Ethiopians in general and oromos in particular. Do you have any evidence that oromos are secessionists? We all are failed becasue of people like you who have shallow perspectives of our nations

  5. @zehabesha,
    You loudly shout about freedom of expression and the role of medias to entertain different views on different point of discussions. But you censored and left out my comment on this article. I knew that your perception and view of the outcome of the Scottish vote is different from ours. We, the Oromos, and you, the Amharas, have totally different view on the process and the outcome of the Scotland vote.
    It is shame on you when you preach something and act differently. There is only one difference between you and your media on one side and the Wayane and its media outlet on the other side. Wayane is on power and uses its media outlets by hook or crook to stay on power. You/Amhara is trying to get us back to the system which is as bitter as that of Wayane and you are using your media to achieve this evil (Irkus) dream. Fortunately what you are dreaming for was died with Haile Selassie and buried for good not to come back.
    If you believe in freedom of expression and accept views from different angles on any point of discussion, you are kindly asked to post my comment on the article.

  6. Scotish votes to stay in their Union proves one thing.
    They’ve no grievances but benefits by staying united.
    Has Zero resemblances nor significances to the rest of
    the world. Let’s not over stretch it to blanket it over totally
    unrelated, absolutely different worlds-world upart in every
    dimensions imaginable.

  7. Good comparison, facts, evidences and analysis. This a type of facts and analysis we all must share, understand, debate to draw conclusions. We must be able to separate facts from emotion, hidden wishes and intents for the good of our people and stability. It is good to argue with good intent based on facts and evidences. The writer presented the historical facts and the evidences therefore he should not be accused for presenting it. In fact we should thank him.
    Even with so much unparallel history with Ethiopia, Scotland people preferred to stay united with Britain because they want to live peacefully and each Scott knows the real history and don’t want anyone to preach them the fictions story. Scotland and Britain had very ugly and relationship and history unlike Amharas and Oromos but at the end of the century they moved forwardes and decided to live together for the better future.
    There has been so much ill intended and unreal stories created about Amharas and Oromos by our “own” people for selfish reasons. But there has never been that ugly relationship between Amharas and Oromos. In fact the other way around. However to the dismay of the ill intenders the true historical and genuine relationship of Amharas and Oromos and the lives of these two groups today prevails once again to patch up and renew the relationships. Therefore we have to move forwards.

  8. As a somali I want Amhara to secede from rest of Ethiopia that would be more practical and feasible geographically. Lets face it everyone is happy with federalism except Amhara tribe who think they have more rights than everyone else. seriously let us vote on excluding Ahmahra Tribe and I would lay down my weapon and give tigray people a chance if they are serious about power sharing and devolution. Just think about it, who is the most trouble maker in that and the most selfish country if not Amhara? PLease don’t censor my comment!

  9. To The Habesha
    As some people mentioned above, I was wondering whatever happened to my previous and neutral mild comments. Are you for real guys? You guys are pretending to be pro-freedom, diversity and expression, etc. Website, but in reality you are doing the opposite. Worse still, you live in the West where those values are learned and promoted and fairly respected. You are promoting your own Amhara supremacist agendas by censuring other Ethiopians’ opinions. You act like Woyane regime, if not worse. Good luck for naivety and naked age-old tribal bias! Small wonder you call yourself the habesha . Good thing that 70 % of Ethiopian are not habesha zer. Adieus!

  10. Oops.dear website history professors and and intelectuals are you all taking think you satisfy your hunger through ebidet.if 70 %is not habesha ;remeber even if tplf is minority they msnge to telle you all ehst is right did not make oromiya.meles did it .

  11. Dear Admasu,
    You are damn lame thinker a.k.a pin head. First of all Oromo people are not invaders. You(Amhara) people wrote and saying like that. You are crabs crawling everywhere, disseminating like a virus. Yak…
    Why don’t you take care yourself. Just give up. We all know you are a beggar and I can help you to stay in my crib for a while. Wait a minute unless you have diff agenda “this is my home and I own it”.

  12. A united country has only been and will only be the sensible way forward. On the world stage, Ethiopia as a state has more weight than these so called newly created ethnic states. Look at Ertera. Everyday, more Erterawian are fleeing to Ethiopia. They are made to feel as refugees in there own country to the tune of 100,000 and growing. Former hard core separatist are now talking about reunification secretly. Most admit to be Ethiopians but are forced to claim Erterawi by the mafia group in Asmara. They can call themselves Erterawi and leave among there fellow Ethiopians but can not call themselves Ethiopiawi and leave among the mafia group in Asmara or anywhere in the world. The mafia group will put out a hit on them or family members. It is evident separatist ethnic incorporation in not the solution. Good governance and the rule of law is the only solution.
    Africa and the world want to see one country called Ethiopia. Expectation of Ethiopia and Ethiopians is high to rise to the level it once did among the greatest of nations.

  13. If there was no Oromo kingdom from where Gada system came??? You Abyssinians you are going to be disappeared from my home land by your own evil behavior!

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