Scottish vote and Oromia case in Ethiopia

In recent days, we have been hearing a lot about the Scottish referendum to secede from the UK. Particularly, some of our Oromo politician friends in the diaspora have made it the hot topic of the month. Knowing how ridiculous it is to compare “Oromia” to Scotland, many Ethiopians ignore the matter. But sometimes it is better to address it. We need to set some basic facts straight. The idea of “Oromia” state recently created by TPLF/OPDO is completely different from the scottish state. Below are five of the reasons.
First, the “Kingdom of Scotland” existed many centuries ago as an independent state. In contrast, there never existed before a “Kingdom of Oromo.” In fact, there never existed a kingdom of Amara or even a country called Amara, Afar, Oromo, Gurage etc. None of these ever existed in history. TPLF was the first to manufacture this ideo of “Oromia state.” Even 400 years ago, the Oromo speaking people lived side by side with other Ethiopians. Some Oromos lived in isolated Gibe settlements but most northern Oromos were citizens of the former multi-ethnic Abyssinia state since the 1600s & 1700s. So even before Menelik expanded his rule, there was never one united Oromo country.
Second, economically and socially scotland is completely different from the TPLF made Oromia state. Thanks to the past emperors giving priority to Shewa province, the center or Oromia (now Shoa zone) is also the economic center of the whole country. Most of the Ethiopian state’s infrastructure and federal institutions are located in central Oromia. In contrast, Scotland is not the economic center of the UK.
Third, Oromia and Scotland are very different geographically. Due to scotland’s long independent state history, it has clear boundaries and borders. Another benefit is the UK being an island, the secession of scotland does not create much border dispute with any third party states. In contrast, “Oromia state” would have borders with half dozen other states. And most of Oromia’s territories and borders are disputed with the ogadeni/somalis, sidamas and many neighboring states. Some wild Oromo politicians even claim that north Kenya, Gambella and south Tigray are part of Oromia. Nobody really knows the real boundaries.
Fourth difference is the historical land of “Oromia” itself. Who are the original inhabitants of Oromia? The old sidama communities, the Gurage sultanates of shoa, original Damot people of western welega and others would see Oromos as invaders who immigrated there in the 1500s and 1600s. So the question would arise, how can Oromo settlers claim the land previously owned by other people?
The fifth and the last difference between the Scottish claim and Oromo claim is regarding Addis Ababa vs Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh. Just like most of central Oromia, its capital city Addis Ababa is also the capital city of Ethiopia. In contrast, the Scottish capital city Edinburgh is not the political center of the UK. Edinburgh can request separation from London, but how can London separate from London? Thats what it would appear if Oromia attempts to secede. So even the mere thought of Oromia secession is ridiculous. It defies common sense. Just like the wise Oromo politician Bulcha Demeksa once said, branches can fall off the tree first, but the stem can not fall off the branches nor can the stem fall off the tree. Oromia is the stem of Ethiopia. This is another reason why many people say the whole Oromo secession ideology is an insult to the intelligence of Oromo people. It was created to distract Oromos. Our politicians should stop weakening Oromo people with these nonsense and unrealistic dreams of secession.
It is high time for all Oromos to direct their energy and unite their forces together with other Ethiopians and fight for democracy together. The minority and tribal TPLF dictatorship will not be defeated if we are always divided.
Every moment that passes with Oromos wasting their time on socialist and backward tribal ideologies is another day and another year wasted. How many more years will Oromos waste? Many generations have been wasted already. Look at Ghana and other African countries that have many more ethnicities than Ethiopia but they succeeded because they put individual liberty and democracy ahead over tribe. There is no reason why we Ethiopians can not do the same. Let us transfer peace and democracy to the next generation.


  1. The solution for africa is the gun. look at the what the gun toting shabia and woyane did. we are at least two centuries behind to be at the level of democracy and respect for individual rights that the UK is. ethnic based narrow nationalism is african disease. if you critise them they label you as ‘neftegna’.
    the gun toting woyane captured Ethiopia by the gun and only with the gun they can be removed. they have to be given their own medicine. Democracy is alien word to woyane. people cannot even live together in peace under woyane let alone to discuss about human rights, justice, freedom and democracy. you guys live in fantasy land.

  2. @Zehabesha.
    I know you are going to let my comment published. I am well aware of your censorship which would me worse than the Wayane censorship you were on power and in Africa.
    my comment on this article is simple and a piece of advice. is the burning issue under your seat is the referendum of Oromo people? What is a reason that make you restless and peace-less regarding oromo, Oromia or in general issues related to Oromo nation? Please first let you try to get ride of the power that is paying you back what you and your people have done against the others. It is not you or your naftanga dabteras like “Professor” Getachew and his types. The Oromo matter is simply decided by the will of Oromo people including those who sold out their souls for leftovers from their Amhara and Tigre masters. As member of the nation they can say their part. But what matter a lot is decision of the majority.
    Let you effectively use your time to liberate yourself first from the yoke of your new masters of 23 years. Don’t suffer from your state of Oromophia.

  3. Foreign Politics had been and is been implement in Ethiopia officially after the dispose of Emperor Hailesselasi. Ethiopia as been considered a powerful and influential nation in the region particularly and in Africa generally, is a focus of foreigners for centuries. The economic development of Ethiopia is a direct treat for the developed nation. There for, to keep Ethiopia under the poverty level is designed by foreigners and directly implement by foreign appointed government in Addis Ababa.
    This government is appointed to serve the interest and protect the national security of foreigners in the expanse of Ethiopians integrity and national security. The government will do every thing in its power to divided and conquer as long as the money keep flowing into his/her pockets from all parts of foreign powers.
    That is why Ethiopians have to unite and rise up to remove the government from power and replace it with a Government of The People by The People for The People.

  4. Scotland had a chance to say YES or NO. Oromia should be given the chance too. The right to self determination is GOd given but one has to fight for it in this Evil Empire caled “Ethiopia”.
    The main point here is that still there are 45% of scotish who voted for independence and from this the VAST MAJORITY are the youth or young generation. From this we can learn that, they might ask for another referendum 10 years from now if they don’t get more autonomy from the central giverniment. The case is NOT closed yet. It is cooking slowly in the case of Oromia.

  5. I see any reason to discuss on this issue as there is nothing similarize the rereferendum of Scotland with that of the issue of secession of the handful pro German wollegite oromos. The Scotish unlike the oromo were not immigrants came from no where. Thus exercised their own rights. How come therefore a conqerer who took chunk of the guragis, the Sidsmas,the kemata lands and the Amhara by killing and torturing the indigenous anashamedley demand for secession those lands not legitimately belongto self created «Oromia». what a wish ful thinking it is?

  6. Your article compares oranges to apples. There is no similarities between the so called Oromia and Scotland. The Scots chose to stay together for the benefit of the whole. What we are witnessing in Ethiopia is division and ethnicity. Only a fool thinks the two events bear similarities. They do not!

  7. what matters is not similarity or different. what decide is how you fight for your right. The Oromo people never ever stop fighting for his inalienable natural right to decide his future.

  8. Mr/Miss Summii – What are you doing in a Western country? Go ahead and join the cause on the ground. Do not push the poor and the uneducated to the fire while you are living a life of tranquility. Pin heads like you are the problem of the world. They can never see beyond their nose. You are one narrow minded sick person who thinks a continuum fight is a way out to freedom. It is not!

  9. Any people has the right to self determination. Rather what matters more is the mighty needed to make it implemented. So if the Oromo people put more pressure on the Abysinian colonizers they too will get liberation.

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