Saudi mistreatment of Ethiopians depresses Foreign Minister Tedros: Return to barbarism, lawlessness

by Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory
This afternoon, I took out time to watch the video of Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom’s closing remarks of November 16, 2013 to the Third International Family Planning Conference held in Addis Abeba.
The foreign minister told the conference how much saddened and depressed he has been for the past ten days because of the violence, killings and other forms of injustices perpetrated against Ethiopian citizens by Saudi government forces.
Indeed the foreign minister must have felt so strongly about it that he chose to preface his official closing statement to the conference with an impromptu interjection about the pain he felt due to the sufferings of his compatriots in Saudi Arabia.
I have neither reason nor grounds to doubt his sincerity.

While recalling that Saudi Arabia has been expelling what it considers illegal immigrants, the foreign minister said he has no problem with that since Ethiopia would welcome home its citizens. “We are ready to receive our citizens”, he bellowed at the conference to which the participants reacted with huge applause.
However, Tedros regretted that Saudi Arabia should take such extreme measures in times of peace, when it could have asked those it did not want in its territory to leave the country within a given period and in an orderly fashion.
In the circumstances, he noted that thousands of Ethiopians are now in camps in Saudi Arabia. “We are trying to make it [their return] as smooth as possible … If Saudi Arabia says they are illegal, we don’t mind. They have a home to come! I would to assure you that we are ready to receive our citizens!” he added.
In relating an anecdote from this tragic situation in Saudi Arabia, the minister told the conference that he had received calls from Ethiopian women in distress. Since the voices of these women were a cry for help, he observed, “there was nothing more moving than that … I am so saddened and am really depressed.”
As I mentioned above, I have no reason to doubt Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom’s sincerity. Nonetheless, I am in a very serious quandary how to reconcile the deeply-felt anguish he expressed before the conference with the violent action a day before his speech his government took against Ethiopians who came out to protest from their city Saudi crimes against our people.
Those protesters in Addis Abeba were neither illegals in their country nor terrorists or individuals advocating a violent overthrow of the government. Rather they were – in the same state of mind and emotions as the foreign minister – profoundly hurt and distressed by the atrocities against their fellow citizens.
In the afternoon of November 15, 2013, it is reported that over a hundred protesters were taken to prison from in front of the Saudi embassy in Addis Abeba.
In this situation, frustration may dictate the assumption that a congratulatory message must have been received in Addis Abeba at the headquarters of the TPLF/EPRDF straight from the palace at the heart of the Saudi kingdom.
In all honesty, I could not and cannot comprehend why Ethiopian authorities chose in peacetime wartime measures, allowing the security forces to beat like rugs citizens with opinion, a certain outlook and in a state of anxiety. We heard that the security forces were throwing at them humiliating insults, dragging them in Addis Abeba streets, which was accompanied by profound hatred – as do the Saudis to our citizens.
We have also learnt that a good number of the protestors in Addis Abeba have been injured, as it were from the beatings. What then is the difference between Saudi Arabia’s action against our citizens and the RPLF/EPRDF’s violence against Ethiopians – should I add rightless citizens?
For all I know, according to Semayawi party’s webpage, the entire leadership of the Semayawi party – 18 people in total – have been languishing in jail since the afternoon of November 15.
The crux of my quandary is why this much animosity and violence, if both sides – Ethiopian citizens and their government –are angered by the same thing? We could have turned our anger and dismay at Saudi illegal actions, which Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom likened to wartime measures, into positive force and deployed our energies to making preparations to welcome our citizens back home and helping them to settle down and accept and transform a future that is unwelcoming.
The foreign minister must be aware that the concurrence of the city administration had been sought in writing to hold the rally on 15 May. While demonstration is the right of a citizen, by the Ethiopian constitution, the administration refused to accept notification, according to news reports. Therefore, the government is now using that to justify its beatings and imprisoning of Ethiopian citizens under the excuse of not having permit.
Could that justify state violence?
What the Saudis have done is to use the same tricks to justify the mistreatment, rape, dehumanization and killing of Ethiopian citizens. One only need to check the November 17 Saudi Gazette. It accuses Ethiopians of violence. It explained:

    “We have all seen the recent tragic events unfolding in the neighborhood of Manfuhah in Riyadh with illegal overstayers rioting and terrorizing people on the streets. They smashed cars and trashed public properties. The scenes of riots, blocking roads, trashing cars and terrorizing pedestrians and residents, are actions many Saudis and expatriates living here in the Kingdom have not been subjected to as they are a rare occurrence.

What triggered these riots that started in Riyadh and spread to Jeddah, in Al-Sharafiya district, and Makkah, in Al-Mansour street, is the police crackdown on neighborhoods that housed illegal expatriates in large numbers. This is the official statement given by authorities. Sadly, however, Ethiopian nationals are once again in the news as the main nationality behind these riots.”
In similar surreptitious tactic like that of the TPLF, the November 18 issue ofthe Gazette , under the title Ethiopian expats denounce rioters, assembled allegedly Ethiopians who could speak against the so-called Ethiopian rioters.
The paper then brings in a certain Abdo Shakeer, another sanitation worker, who criticized the Ethiopians who started trouble in Riyadh. “This is unacceptable, shame on them. The Ethiopian community in Jeddah lives in complete peace and its members have faced any problems here.”
Suffice to state that the Saudis would have been the first to invoke the law of self-defense, which is recognized both under national and international laws. Or is perversion even in this area or applicability of perverted logic, defining Ethiopians as good and peaceful people so long as they allow every stripe of rights violator to beat, rape and kill them.
It is the turn of a certain Muhammad Ibrahim, who reportedly expressed his anger at undocumented Ethiopian workers, vowing to report any illegal worker to police and even to help authorities in the crackdown campaign.
A Fatkeer Barno, one more sanitation worker, stressed the friendly relations existing between Ethiopians and Saudis. He too reportedly denounced the commotion caused by his compatriots in Riyadh, according to the paper. “Ethiopians are peaceful. Those rioters don’t represent us, and I demand the authorities deport them before the situation exacerbates.”
Fatkeer Barno stressed the friendly relations existing between Ethiopians and Saudis, but at the same time denounced the commotion caused by his compatriots in Riyadh. “Ethiopians are peaceful. Those rioters don’t represent us, and I demand the authorities deport them before the situation exacerbates,” he said.
With her first name withheld, the Gazette put Zainab in circulation as an Ethiopian housekeeper. She reportedly said that all Ethiopians living and working legally should be the first to speak against the riots, because they are the ones who are negatively affected by such irresponsible behavior.
“Yes, it’s true that there are rumors that Ethiopians are being tortured here on a daily basis. We’re trying to explain to our fellow citizens back home that these rumors don’t have a shred of truth in them,” she said, according to the newspaper.
All said and done, I am convinced that the violence the TPLF has unleashed on our people must embolden Saudi security forces and vigilante youth groups to commit more crimes against our citizens, as the video below shows. WATCH OUT! BY ANY MEASURE THIS VIDEO IS CRUEL, INHUMAN AND DISTURBING!

The question one has to answer is whether this picture signals any regard to laws and common humanity by Saudi authorities and their security forces, if they do so crime in broad daylight as the camera next to them keeps on rolling recording their inhumanity? Does it ever speak of Saudi crimes or the helplessness of the immigrants they abuse and yet keep on accusing them of “commotion”?
Note that this very same Saudi Arabia, a notorious violator of human rights, was elected on November 8, 2013 a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations General Assembly at its 68th session to judge the state of human rights in other countries from its seat in the 47-member body – interestingly along with Ethiopia – which joined the Council last year!
Where is civilized humanity? Where is international cooperation that long ago through the Charter of the United Nations Article 1 (3) pledged:
“To achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion”?


    • I Think This FM is the only person i admire and like from EPRDF. The rest are the same like the extremist diaspora for me. the are always one side thinker.

      • ok then what? you look like you are a balanced and reasonable one…but I say you are blind you do not see anything and think you food but nothing…you a big dog…Mr. taye(altaye)

  1. Dear Writer, the problem here is not TA; The problem is this G7 called Semayawit party. They tried to use it for their dirty politics. Ethiopians do not need political party to protest against Saudi; They do not even need permission from government. They could out by themselves and protest and express their feeling Nation wide. Who is really making things very ugly is the opposition. They have any guidelines and they jump everywhere like a fly. They have guidelines and discipline. Why would Ethiopians need a political party to move out and demonstrate peacefully? All Ethiopians protesting outside Ethiopia without any political party asking them. This must have been a civil protest where you do not need even permission to protest because it will definitely be peaceful. But the Semayawi part politized it and made it a political protest? No one would think Arabs start killing Ethiopians like they have been doing? why Blue party aka Semayawit party try to use it? Anyway, it is bad other innocent people has be victims. But It could be good if they can put the so called Semayawi party in Kalti for some years. They are so naïve and they jump everywhere. They must have principle, guidelines, and discipline. If I was them, I would rather engage in raising money to help them to bring home. Instead of to use them to rally violent protest. The civilians could go peacefully to the embassy and demand their demand without political party. Shame on Semayawi party. I hope they will keep them in prison. Shame on them. They are trying to black the government now ?

    • As a political party it is their right to mobilize the people when they see the government is unfit to rule even according to their own standards! when your te egere junta started waging war under the pretext of ethnic mistreatment from the central power, they could have acted as a civilian protest instead of a political protest. Your minority junta and its accomplices opened the so called labor agencies to sell hunderds of thousands of poor ethiopians to those barbaric subhuman arab filthy creatures under the pretext of freedom of movement and finding a job opportunity to the desperate citizens-who are behind those seratenja ena asere agency delaloch? the mafiya ethiopian and erterian tigre delaloch! they were doing it openly and secretly in the country! Even you can hear the witness of your asheker afegubaye called aba dula gemeda complaining about it! But you are trying to hide your tribal juntas misdeeds and crime. you defend them because simply they are te egere! the time comes that you and your childern will pay the price for it!
      yimer besha

    • The beast Gezaee,
      You comment about Semayawi party to cover up for your tribe’s crime. Nice try.
      Do you mean oppossition party have no right to protest. Show us if your constitution that you violate it always mention such law. Does it matter whether oppossition or soldiers protest. Also what do you mean by civilian. Oppossition are not civilians. You have a lot of corners, pretexts to kill, torture and jail Ethiopians in the name of labeling. What a time has come!
      I think you are immature like your government and child.
      This so called foreign minister is fake. I remember when he called foreign embassies in Ethiopia to blame his own people with terrorism because their faith is different from his. Great shame. History will registor this dark spots.

  2. I have come to understand that Dr. Debretseyon, Chief Spy of Ethiopia and Deputy Prime Minister and former Government Communication Minister, Bereket Simon, who is the writer of ‘The Tale of Two Election’ are dictating Saudis how to divide Ethiopian and blame the crime on them and run away with the crime untouched. It is a prototype tactic of TPLF.

  3. I wish this was from his heart. But they know how to play the political game. They know how to divide the people by acting “the sad/disappointed citizen. Give me a break! If he is really Sad or depressed how many GROUPS of delegation he sent to Ethiopian Embassy and consulate to bring the 23 thousands citizens to there “home”. Oh yes he close Ethiopian consulate in Jedha (reason unknown). Did he say his/there plan to give 24/7 service for Ethipians who are in a life and death situation? let’s wake up and try to differentiate which is sincere and fake. Yechin ye AZO enbama eytetu asadegewenal. Egzeabher lib yestachew.
    I wonder what they would do if there wife’s and daughter’s got raped or their brothers killed? This question goes to all TPLF/EPRDF SO Called members or supporters. You all are at the cross roads. Are u going to continue ur support blindly? I leave the judgment for everyone who’s doing what they told him/her to do even if it’s not right.

  4. Dear Keffyalew Gebremedihen
    It was nice try to trick Ethiopians. So you are telling us ETHIOPIANS! The reason the TPLF Regime arrested Semayawi Party Leaders and Beatn hundredes is “Because the government is upset with the Saudi ” REASLLY MORON?
    What does it take for TIGRYANS to come to thier Human nature.
    How Long the Tigryan Community is going to secluded like the KKK-Clans from the rest of the socieity

  5. This is crocodile tears!!!! Tedros Adhanom is happy inside!!!For TPLF and their companies Saudi is a big trading partner!!!Safety for Ethiopians in Saudi is the last thing in TPLFs mind ,if at all!!!!….and who forced Ethiopians to leave their country in droves in search of a better life in the first place????It is not the TPLF and its policies???and since when did TPLF start to work for the good of Ethiopia and its citizens!!!…Yes of course Tedros Adhanom is trying to be clever!!!

  6. If this minister is really depressed about the barbarism that is happening in that arab country, then why is his own government in Addis Ababa criminalizing protest demonstrators against the brutal and barbaric Saudis? He is only shedding his crocodile tears! What a shame! Instead of jailling anti-Saudi demonstrators, he should have even ecouraged them! He should have called the Saudi ambassador to his office and protested against that country’s barbaric behaviour towards Ethiopian immigrants. And he should have sent a high level government deligation which could travel from place to place in Saudi-Arabia, visit the consentration camps and save so many lives! It was just an empty talk.


  8. my friend you have no reason to doubt weyane’s foreign minister’s sincerity. is it possible to be weyane and sincere at the same time?

  9. Pravo Dr. Tedros! I have no doubt he means what he says. The only thing missing is the rest of the leadership must share his anguish and confidence. For those, bozos who always twist any thing from EPDRF as rubbish, I say give credit where it is due. This is an encouraging sign from EPDRF leadership.

  10. If Semayawi party has any substances, it would have mobilized people to raise money and help the people in need now; But they have nothing to offer apart from protesting now and then. Jumping everywhere to take power. Power power, they must do ground work before taking power. Who is going to be led by immature, naïve, aimless political party? They must do community work to get the vote.That is how political parties steal election from ruling parties in the civilized word.You have to show you ability in real life; I am not going to talk about tribe or ethnic, because I am not ethnicist or tribalist. Most of you seem to be racist and ethnicist.

    • Dedeb neh,… How in fucking world u think this party could mobilize to collect money from poor people whom they barely survive by the day, even if they did, u be the first to call tem “Leboch”. They cant even protest in their own country against Saudis,….

  11. He is giving a lip service. He is not interested in rendering any service to any Ethiopian, save woyanne member. Helping our people in Saudi Arabia is on our diaspora shoulder. The country is in crisis, a crisis of good governance, a crisis of corruption, a crisis in Saudi Arabia. All crisis are dealt with tplf style, by ignoring it, or by shutting down the consular in Jeddah. During a magnitude of such a great crisis, look at him how he looks. It does not look like he is concerned. I am not kidding my fellow Ethiopians. Is this how a leader should look in deep crisis? If you want to compare how a leader should look during crisis, Abraham Lincoln is your man. He is a real leader. I want you to stare at his picture taken during the civil war. Because He deeply cares for His country, at that time He looked so thin and pale, some Americans literally called Him a walking skeleton. But this one, look at him! Look his cheeks! They are so swelled up with ease and comfort, they need a bra.

  12. Dr. Tedros you are a true ethiopian. I really appreciate you. I am happy that we have a man like you finally. God Bless You Sir. I hope with God’s help this will end soon and as you said we will be in a giving side.

  13. What a bluff,… He is just saying what he is expected of him,… Rather he could have led the Protest in Addis Ababa instead of sending federal to disperse a peaceful protesr,… Or even better resign. … Never trust banda regime.

  14. The only Woyane I like is Dr Tewodros who is a good person as a human from what I know about this person I believe he is a kind of person who can be depressed by the barbaric action of Saudi Arabsor the people of ISLAM holly place who does not have anything holly except evil
    It is good to hear from Dr Tewodros criticizing Saudis while other government officials are busy blaming our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Saudi
    Thanks FM hope u will be a leader of our country and the course of history by uniting Ethiopians not by dividing them

  15. At last! At last! At last! At last!
    Dr. Tewodros Adhanom might be the one who could play out our redemption from God. For the 1st time, I found some body who stands out for our people from TPLF. I wish him success in his endeavors. If he could survive the spider web of TPLF thugs and show us more love, then we will support him 100%. We know he could not stand by protestors in Addis because the police was dispatched by other TPLF authorities – from the hated groups. Keep it up Dr.

  16. At least he came out and expressed his feeling as a person and as an Fm.. It is a big shame for the PM. The next step should be to held the EOG Saudi ambassador accountable for this human suffering of Ethiopians. The Ethiopians, who suffered in Saudi need justice and he/ambassador/ must face punishment from home. Who order the federal police to brutalize citizens in addis should also be accountable the same as the Saudis because there is no difference what Saudis did to Ethiopians.
    Saudi police=Federal police=====Ethiopians death and misery,
    Saudi Gov=Ethiopia Gov=========Ethiopians death, misery
    Both of them are the same, doing the same
    Dear Gezaee,
    please help me here!
    Tell me something what Saudis did any thing different than EPRDF did?
    they both did the same thing at the same time. GOE standing for Saudis. Only the mighty GOD stand for those poor Ethiopian and gave them the warning to Saudis. Please have common sense. This time it is not about political party, it is about our people. Stop gambling with politics for human blood, stop playing childish; we don’t care who called……all we care is to sound our voice to those who being raped, killed, and beaten. Culturally, when someone die, we don’t think of mobey/nuzaze/, that comes after day 40. Why, you raise questions about the integrity of your EPRDF whatever thing while still our peple dying and suffering? Shame on you. /Fes yalebet, zelay aychilem alu! I appreciate Dr. Tewodros. Sew simot enkuan lekeso yederesal.Hailemariam ena lelochu alderesunim. Yasazenal.

  17. Dr Tewodros Adhanom is unjust, liar and fake person. Do u remember when he warned foreign embassies about his own people? Do you? Why he did this?
    To kill the peaceful demonstrators the next day by using the pretext he planed it in advance.
    This guy is not foreign minister but a collaborater for killing machine of this government against a segement of peaceful protesters for almost 2 years without throwing a single stone on his soldier nor even on the bus Woyane lined up to instigate violence.
    Do not trust sugar coated statements.
    I used to hate Haile Selassie but now I see him like Queen Elizabeth. He never killed Ethiopians who differ from his religion this way but Yohannes offsprings did it openely without fear. What goes around comes around. Time will show us as it showed us.

  18. Zehabesha
    Why don’t send this video to President Obama and congress. I can see those barbaric Saudis are cold blooded. No wonder in preIslam, Saudis used to burry their own daughters alife. Imagine animals do not go that far.
    Islam did not perfect them either. It perfected the rest of Muslims. Indonecians, Malasians, Turkish, etc are 80% of Muslim worlds. You don’t hear such barbaric acts in these Muslim worlds. Then what’s wrong with this Saudis? Is it genetic defect?

  19. It is refreshing to hear Dr. Tedros Adhanom’s speech and I don’t have any doubt about his sincerity regarding this issue. However, I still believe there is a huge gap between his expressed view and his government slow reaction and in some instances non action at all. Particularly, the TPLF/EPRDF government’s brutal crackdown on peaceful demonstrators is unforgettable. Beyond this, the government’s refusal to allow people to wear black scarf during the coming haile gebreselassie great run is beyond belief. That is the reason even if I admire the foreign minister’s speech and sincerity I don’t reconcile with his party’s overall policies regarding this issue and other destructive directions towards ethiopia and its people.

  20. Hey guys, no war of words or no real wars. We want peace guys. Those of you who hate Ethiopia? you must go to Meka; You will have rights more than you need there. They will kill you and give bury your write with you.
    First things first , second things second, third thing third, what Ethiopians need before everything is bread on the table, then housing, clean water, education, electricity, the rest is luxury and secondary. You see our people are being killed in Saudi Arabia? why? because we do not have bread yet. EPRDF must disband all these so called oppositions and focus on food security, harnessing the Nile, building the military and build clean water system and electricity to the poorest of the poorest.
    Do not waste time managing these useless oppositions. There is one party which I wish to exist and replace EPRDF peacefully ; but that will take time. No EPRDF must stop wasting time managing these useless oppositions. They are just good for nothing. I am serious and just disband them and focus on building strong legal and judicial systems from kebele level to kilil and educate people to know their rights and to expose corruption.
    Gragn Mohammed? haha, you must go Suadi Arabia for Haji and they will cut your head there despite you are a Muslim. It does not make sense a Wahabits talking about rights or democracy? u do not make sense. Islam and democracy are like water and oil, they do not get along. KKK. May Islam will go well with hell than with democracy. KKKK = ISLAM = HELL,

  21. Gragn Mohammed
    You are right Saudi Wahabi and democracy are like water and oil. Orthodox (traditional, demented, manuplated, revised by semi illiterate feudals and others) of Tigris/ Amhara in Africa (Ethiopia) and democracy are not like water and oil. There is democracy in Ethiopia for 3000 years. There was Ethiopia 10,000 years ago. Tell us more lys.
    Democracy has no religion. Islam and democracy goes shoulder to shoulder and tested and practiced in many Muslim worlds. They elected Woman Prime Minister in Bangeladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, (more than 600 million population) etc.
    How about Orthodox controlled Ethiopia. Is there democracy or killing, oppressing and jailing? Tell me lie. How do you see Ethiopia in your naked eye? A democratic country. If so define democracy for me.
    In the name of Bread on the table you want rule by oppression. I don’t blame you for not even smelling the democracy you know it only in writing.

  22. Can you imagine what Meles would say about the plight and suffering our people in the hands of the Saudis? He would say:
    “these are the neftegnas and remnants of Derg esepa” like he said when the Ethiopias, mainly Tigreans, were chased out of Eritrea
    “they left the transforming and LIMATAWI Ethiopia for their dream of being rich”
    “I do not think and there is no any report of any Ethiopian suffering in Saudi”

  23. The stone-age kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now fully cracked and it is a matter of months—if not days– before it crumbles down. The brutal act currently taking place is clear sign that their days are numbered. As is natural with all autocrats, they are terribly overwhelmed by fear as the ground under their feet is slipping away by the day. All their actions these days are driven by nothing other than irrational fear. Trust me! the archaic Saudi monarchy won’t survive for long after now.
    Not only Saudi Arabia, that region as a whole is the only kind of itself with thickheaded moneyed ignorant plutocrats at the helm. The current turmoil and brutality that has begun in Saudi Arabia, indeed, is a holocaust at a very small scale. Knowing this, we should also be cognizant of the fact that it is only a question of how soon before the other rulers in the region that depended on our labor would follow suit. As it appears now, the two cardinal social imperatives essential for functioning and surviving in a society- justice and morality- are badly broken in that region. Time is now very dangerous for descent law abiding and God fearing people like us, Ethiopians. We should realize that, as a consequence, the lives of many thousands of our brothers and sisters are in great peril. The challenges ahead, facing us Ethiopians as a whole, are getting more overwhelming and complex by the day.
    Back home, awaiting our unfortunate sisters and brothers is the worse of misrules that is shamelessly indifferent to the ruthless fascistic treatment of citizens in the hands of a 21st century barbaric monarchy. Returning them to the country under such insensitive rule would be like hurling them back into the beast’s mouth which they had run away from. In fact the TPLF leaders are accustomed to enjoying pittances from the hands of wealthy Saudi Arabs for a good while and therefore might even be harsher on the returning victims. The possibility of government retribution on those returning must also be anticipated. Ethiopia is under the control of vandal ethnic ex bandits bent on destroying her. Thankfully to the global efforts, nowadays, ruthless dictators are losing grounds much faster. They no longer could survive peoples’ clamor for democracy and the sweeping global efforts to rid the world of evil dictators. It won’t take long before the world will be free of the likes of ethnocentric TPLF leaders and the autocrats of oil rich Saudi Arabia. Meantime, we should spare no time and effort to coordinate ourselves and rush the critical help needed to our brothers and sisters in distress in Saudi Arabia:
    1. It is time that we, on the diaspora, urgently engage in a serious dialogue to hammer out our differences, with the aim of reviewing and reexamining our core values and principles as a national entity, [people], clear misconceptions and divisive myths. Diaspora media outlets, influential persons, opinion makers among the Ethiopian community on the diaspora should play the leading role. It is high time that despite our differences we sort out and identify the commonalities that could bind us together and keep us cohesive in the face of adverse situations so that our [common] enemies cannot single us out and make easy preys out of us. Let us not be marked as disparate weaklings easy for ill-treatments and atrocities for nothing else other than for our country of origin [our nationality] (United we survive and thrive divided we perish!)Let us assert ourselves and our rights!
    2. Let us form an association or associations for the purpose of dealing with future such petit holocausts perpetrated by petit fascists like Saudi Arabia or the likes. Let us, at the same time, act fast and find out [from international agencies] means of resettling our people currently languishing in Saudi Arabia anywhere in the world.
    3. Our situation is part and parcel of the global affairs. Let us heighten the global awareness of the brutality and barbaric inhuman treatment of our brothers in the hands of the Saudi government so that others will gain lessons. Let us seek global assistance through making persistent appeals to the relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies concerned with justice and human rights on behalf of our brothers and sisters. Let our voices be heard.
    Ethiopians Unite!
    United we survive and thrive divided we perish!

  24. Depressed foreign minister does not sit watch the suffering of our citizens by the barbaric Saudi gangs.
    Toderos is crying Crocodile tears.


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