Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Shame !!! – by Tedla Asfaw

The largest crowd in recent years, New York City Ethiopian protest rally, estimated in few hundreds shouted in a mild Monday, Nov.18., ” Shame on King Abdullah, Shame on Saudi Arabia”, the cry on First Avenue in front of the Saudi Arabia Mission to UN at 809 Plaza echoed from 3pm to 5pm.
saudi NY 1
In the morning the mission was contacted by phone to send their representatives down to our rally. The office told us that the Ambassador had received a letter that was handed to him on Nov.13 and his government has taken the “appropriate action” as was demanded on two letters for King Abdullah and the Saudi Ambassador, to stop the killing, raping, beating of Ethiopians.
We know for sure that the attack against Ethiopians has not stopped. Deaths are still reported. The crowd wanted to send that warning loud and clear to the Saudi Mission and chanted, “Stop the raping. the killing ,the beating and looting of Ethiopians”.
saudi NY 2
The Saudi Embassies all over the world has a Public Relation problem in addressing protests. May be they are not accustomed to it. In the last week or today alone I am not sure if they ever sent their representatives to talk to protesters. New York was not different.
“Saudi is a Terrorist”, “How comes you forget the First Hijrah”, “Was it not Ethiopia that received the persecuted Prophet Mohammed followers “, “Shame on Saudi Arabia, Shame, Shame, Shame”.
College students of the City of New York who called the protest on Facebook most of them women were very emotional on what happened to fellow Ethiopian sisters and brothers. They took the microphone one after another to say slogans that they deeply care.
saudi NY
They said, “Where is human rights”, “We demand justice”, “Shame on Western medias” for downplaying the humanitarian crisis in the Ethiopian Community in Saudi as a “Immigration crackdown”.
It was not an ordinary “Crackdown”. It was deportation by rape, killing and looting targeting Ethiopian neighborhood in Saudi Arabia. Our community now is segregated in a camp similar to concentration camp.
Due to Diaspora pressure and the protest back home the Governor of Riyadh was forced to visit one of those camps to repair the damage. Damage has already been done. The protesters demanded ” Send Ethiopians home to their families immediately”.
Poems and letter from one of the organizers Weizero Zewdetu addressed to the Ambassador was read. Religious leader brought the story Ethiopian King Kaleb who went to war into Arabia to fight another Christian King who was persecuting Muslims. He said the King of Saudi Arabia in our time is allowing the sons and daughters of that benevolent king to be murdered and raped on his soil. Shame on King Abdullah !!!! Shame on him !!!
Fellow New Yorkers have indeed stood with fellow Ethiopians who have been in harms way for almost two weeks in Saudi Arabia like fellow Ethiopians all over the world. They promised to keep the pressure on Saudi Regime to protect all Ethiopians who are now treated as enemy in Saudi soil. Each life lost they will pay for it dearly. Allah has sent the first punishment by heavy rain and flooding few days ago in Saudi Arabia. The cry of our people was heard by God !!!
Make no mistake this is not about being legal or illegal immigrant issue like the Saudi and the Western media is playing. The issue is being Habesha/Ethiopian is a crime. We are worried for the safety of our people especially the house maids who are abused by their employers. The Arab news is full of stories of Ethiopians maids as “dangerous”. The truth is that they are living in danger with no one protecting them.
The Woyane regime that shipped these women as “commodity” do not care about them.The regime is on the side of the abusers. Many countries are checking on their citizens in Saudi Arabia. Woyane Regime is the reason why our people are targeted for vicious attack for the last two weeks alone. Saudis know that Woyane is their strong ally.
The Last Friday rally organized by the Blue Party in Addis Ababa in front of the Saudi Embassy was dispersed by the Woyane security once again to prove that “solidarity with Saudi”. Another rally was not even allowed to start last Sunday organized by MEDREK.
The slogan in Addis Ababa in front of the Saudi Embassy said it loud and clear “Saudi companies should leave Ethiopia”. We added another slogan on to that, “Saudi Citizens to leave Ethiopia immediately”. Saudi Arabia citizens should not enjoy the good weather of our country. No more harvesting a single crop.No more fresh tomatoes and vegetables every Wednesday.Say No to Saudi Arabia in Ethiopia. The Woyane regime can not guarantee any safety for them. Ethiopians are Very Angry. We want the Shameful Kingdom to get the message and Get out of Ethiopia !!!!


  1. Tedla , your Abyssinians are not different from these Arab beasts. Both of you are Semites. You r hypocrite …murderous !!

  2. I am also repeating the message of Ethiopian who were protesting in New York city in front of Saudi Arabia mission to UN that ”Saudi Citizens leave our beloved country without any preconditions. we don’t want to see Saudi Citizen, who are remain silent when our people are being killed and gang-raped by Saudi Arabia Security Forces and vigilante youth groups in cold blood, in Ethiopia.” Our people have taken more than enough suffering at the hands of Saudi Arabia who we were harboring them when they came to Ethiopia during First Hijira.

  3. Good on you New York. Like other cities around the world you have shown the anger and dismay of ethiopians about the atrocities committed by the Saudi government against innocent ethiopians. As an ethiopian I am proud of our unity and strength in highlighting the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in saudi Arabia. On the other hand I am disgusted by the ethiopian government slow reaction in dealing and stopping these atrocities. I wonder prime minister Haile mariam Dessalegn who is currently in the middle east in the arab and african countries summit would ever raise this important issue with his Saudi counterpart or the king. I doubt it. The current ethiopian leaders seem to ignore the anger of ethiopians from both at home and abroad. But, the last few weeks mass movement highlights the strength and unity of ethiopians and the regime should need to take notice that ethiopians are fade up with these unrepresentative and minority government who always stands against the interest of ethiopia and its people.

  4. Please every one of us must visit Saudi English language papers like “Saudi Gazzette” and other and put your anger.

  5. Dear Tedla, Shaming and threatening (As some anarchists hiding behind genuine Ethiopian protesters had done) is not the best and lasting way of assisting our country-men and -women. When you spoke about the Saudi Governor going to visit one of the camps under pressure, did you consider the senareo if we protested in a peaceful and non-threatening way to respectfully ask the Saudi representatives to urgently address the human rights violations happening in their country. We must always remeber the over a million Ethiopians living and working in saudi Arabia (~750,000) and Gulf? Do you think they would prefer going back to live under the brutal dictatorship of TPLF-EPRDF gangster ruled Ethiopia? HAve we consulted them? Diaspora Ethiopians need to calm down and work in a peaceful way to help their people, and be careful of making more victims of the current crisis. What have we done for the victims of the senseless Ethio-Eritrean war? – after our initial blind agitation similar to our current reation.

  6. Tedla and others (Muslim and Nom-Muslim) Ethiopians. Please do not attempt to rub the matchless deeds of the Ethiopian king who gave asylum to the first Muslims. The rulers of Saudi kingdom and Ethiopia are far from being mentioned in the same context of the first Hijra. Remeber that the majority of the victims in the current human rights violations are Muslims — indicating that Islam is not the deriving force of Saudi rulers.
    Saudi Arabia rulers deported over a million Yemeni citizens, and Palestinians in response to their respective government’s support of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in his invasion of Kuwait.

  7. To SOgadeniya: I admit that the Habesha peaple are ancient civilization that got intermaried with the civilized world. Habesha is Seitic+Cushitic.We are not tribalists who claim to be Arabs like some of our neibour tribes claim to be.

  8. Welde Habesh
    We condemn strongly the crime of the saudis against all the foreigners workers ,this is not new it is since longtime our brothers are beating ,humiliated ,killed.
    We are not tribalist ,we are freedomfighters we want to recover our dignity .
    The occupation and colonialism in Somaligalbeed is producing killing,torture and destructins in our country.

  9. Wondu
    I praise you for far sighted comment. Ethiopians specially Orthodox are very backward and fanatics. They associated everything with religion.
    Saudis do not represent 1.5 billion Muslims in fact they are doing the opposite of what Islam teaches.
    Beating, raping, and killing are barbaric acts. How come Ethiopian still live there with this threat.
    They call us zionist Ethiopians as I watched it on Youtube while beating Ethiopian (may be Muslim or Orthodox) almost to death may be expired. That night I was not able to sleep.
    I don’t give damn about the religion of this Ethiopians. Humanity comes first.

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