Saudi Arabia is buying Western Medias!!!!

By Tedla Asfaw
I followed round table discussion among Adissu, Tizita and Henok regarding the Saudi humanitarian crisis Ethiopians facedonVOA’s this past Sunday program.The Western Media’s absence is not because of lack of the organizers reach to them. It is because of the “Saudi Arabia factor “.
The American medias downplayed the 9/11 Terrorist attack Saudi’s origin knowing that 18 out of 19 were Saudis citizens. This is because of the Saudi Arabia Huge Money in companies owning the major medias.
There were not any protest against Saudi Arabia following 9/11 even if the 18th terrorist were Saudis. Osama Bin Laden recruited 18 Saudis to kill 3000 innocent citizens. The Saudi regime has involved in world affairs that brought war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and currently in Syria.

The Saudi Royals friendship with America brought us the war in Middle East and beyond. No wonder the American medias are not interested in anything that antagonized the Saudi Kingdom because they do not want to destroy their investment interest amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars.
Who destroyed the Egypt Revolution ? It is Saudis Money. The Western media never say a word about that.In fact Saudi is not happy with Obama not embracing the coup in Egypt that is paid by them.
The America medias ignoring the protest in Washington DC, NY and other states by Ethiopians condemning Saudi Kingdom for rape,killing, beating and jailing is not unexpected.
Our protest message had reached the King. Killing of our citizens in public has stopped. The Arab racist propaganda had toned down. Our people in camps are saying thank you.
The American public knew their alliance with Saudi had cost them more than trillion dollar and huge amounts of American lives. That is why Saudis next war to topple Bashar for his barbaric war against his own people is not merely for Syrians but to put Saudis favorite in Damascus like they did in Iraq, Bahrain and Egypt.
One thing we Ethiopians did but the Arabs failed to do is expose the long term ally of USA Saudi Arabia in US soil calling it, ” Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Shame”. We are proud of that and the American pubic cheered us in our rallies. Job Well done.


  1. @ Tedla Asfaw,
    Why are you surprised by it ? ?
    This is not secret, we all knows selective Americas policy always been that way, AMERICA’S POLICY IS AMERICA’S INTEREST, NOT UNIVERSAL TRUTH OR UNIVERSAL JUSTICE. Maybe you thought that the propaganda you heard on mass medias was for real, do not forget that is for mass consumption not REAL TIME.
    Why do you think that America’s two thirds of America’s inmates demographic happened to be blacks ? ? Do you think it was accidental ? No! No! No!! it was well planned INSTITUTIONALIZED COVERT RACISM is at work.

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