Response to Bewketu Seyoum’s Article

By Tesfaye Kebede*
Not sure what to make out of this gibberish (read here: from a certain Bewketu Seyoum writing about the ongoing Oromo and Southern cultural revolution; each of his sentence is constructed to deliberately use the rarest Amharic word/phrase possible (even those words used only during ESLCE Amharic exams) – all the energy is wasted to make the sentences flowery, but their meanings remain meaningless. Ya-Qaalaat Daadaataa only. His conclusion is that the ongoing cultural revolution is a sign of backward and stagnant mentality. Not sure why he wasted all these words and phrases, instead of just saying that in point-blank.
Responses Point-by-Point:
Beweketu Seyoun joke about African leaders summit [Very Funny]
1) He refutes the thesis that the Ethiopian state was formed as a result of conflicts among three main actors: the Oromo, the Amhara and the Tigreans. His thesis is that the Ethiopian state is not a result of conflicts, but of cooperation. By doing this, he negates the major pillar of the Ethiopianist’s argument (his camp’s major pillar) that no country has ever been created without violence. His Ethiopianist colleagues say this to rationalize the genocide perpetrated on the Oromo and the South by Menelik as a virtue whose end, but not means, was justified. Why did Bewketu view the genocide unleashed by Menelik’s Abyssinian/Amhara army on the Oromo and the South as “a peaceful cooperation among the South, the Oromo and Menelik/Amhara to create the Ethiopian state”? There were no signs of cooperation, but conflicts.

He simply cites the support Yohannes IV received from the Rayya/Wollo Oromo and the Afar against the Khedivate of Egypt as an example, but he deliberately misinterprets this coalition among neighbors with equal sovereigns (i.e. the Tigray-led Abyssinian state, the Rayya/Wollo Oromo state and the Afar Sultanate) as if it had been done under one sovereign kingdom, the Abyssinian state. Is it not true that the Afar Sultanate exists even today (with limited power due to the Abyssinian state’s takeover of the Afar sovereignty)? And, what about the Rayya/Wollo Oromo sovereignty? Wasn’t it Yohannes IV who crushed the Rayya/Wollo Oromo sovereignty and placed it under the Abyssinian state domination – guess at which place? … Boru-Meda! – the very name of Bewketu’s blog. Isn’t this what having affection for words/phrases without knowing their true meaning do to you? In addition to taking over the sovereignty of the Rayya/Wollo Oromo state, Yohannes IV also forced Wollo Oromo leaders (Imam Mohammed Ali and Imam Amade Liben) to be converted to Christianity with names, Ras Mikael (with his Godfather being Yohannes IV), and Ras Hayla-Maryam (with his Godfather being Menelik), respectively. There were no signs of cooperation, but conflicts.
2) A note to squash his “word borrowing as integration” – thesis. It’s said that some 30% of the English words are from the French language originally. However, neither the English/British nor the French claim that they have created an “integrated nation” out of this borrowing of words/phrases between the two languages. Citing that some Afan Oromo words (however many they may be) have been borrowed into Amharic, and to conclude that an “integrated Ethiopian nation” of the Oromo and the Amhara has been created is a wrong conclusion. The Ethiopian nation, if it even exists, is still the replica of the Amhara/Habesha culture, language and Orthodox worldview. By the way, Amharic has borrowed words from Arabic also – is Bewketu going to claim that the “Ethiopian national identity” also represents the Arabs? Keldun Tewew.
3) On the Oromo worldview: Bewketu fails to really see the essence of the Oromo Ateete while calling it “Zar” and “Wukabi” – understanding the Oromo worldview as an Amhara is not easy. Ateete is neither “Zar” nor “Wukabi,” but those with no understanding of the Oromo worldview are prone to misinterpret it. Saying the Oromo gave the culture of “Zar” and “Wukabi” to the Amhara is rather insulting the Oromo culture and worldview. There are many scholarly articles available online on Ateete to learn about it from the Oromo itself, instead of referring to a racist and bigoted view of Ateete from Debtera Desta Teklewold.
4) Bewketu on Oromo land: he says, “??? ???? ???? ??? ???? ??? ????? ???” – here, the keyword is “???” – this is another Oromo-phobic view of the Ethiopianist camp. They still have to acknowledge the Oromo-land (Biyyaa Oromoo) as the Oromo people’s country. To conveniently throw the poisonous word, “???,” is only done to alienate the Oromo people from their land. ESAT also uses this term to support their thesis that the “Oromo invaded Ethiopia from the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, … and so on.”
5) Bewketu’s view on the ongoing cultural revolution in Oromia and the South. Yesterday, the fashion of the day among the Habesha elites was to insult the Oromo and the South as “culture”-less, “history”-less and “language”-less peoples. Today, he’s criticizing the Oromo and Southern peoples for embracing their identities by reviving their lost cultures, histories and languages. To show his phobia for this cultural revolution, he insults the miskin Gabi saying “Gabi can’t be pride.” … Gabi melbesem endezi anadotal ende! Gud bel, Borena.
6) Bewketu’s remark from Ato Afework Gebreyesus is encouraging only if he can discern its true meaning: – “A generation that cannot be better than its predecessors should be considered unborn.” That’s why this generation of the Oromo, the Qubee Generation, is upholding the Oromo identity and cultural heritage much better than its predecessors since the occupation of Oromiyaa. Like the Sankofa bird, this generation is reclaiming the past for the future. Oromo’s past was violently deleted from the history books by the successive Abyssinian regimes, it is the task of this generation to reclaim the past and chart the future based on the findings.
7) By his own admission, Bewketu began his article saying the “Ethiopian state” was a result of the cooperation among the major actors, the Oromo, the Amhara and the Tigreans. Here, the keyword is “cooperation.” And, he concludes his article without telling us what will happen to this “Ethiopian state” in a situation where its “founding principle of cooperation” among the major actors no longer exists – as it’s evident today. Instead, he raises his left arm to shout a familiar slogan, “Andinet Weyim Mot” – that’s the summarizing notion of his last paragraph. Bewketu, “Andinet Weyim Mot” yalut, yet deresu?
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  1. Bewketu just soaked himself into a politics he cannot understand. That is the same disease Haile Gebre Selasie and many habeshas are suffering from- an illusion that they think they can fit everywhere. It is supper pathetic. I know that Bewketu is good poet and Haile is a famous athlete, but politic is not their thing.

    • what is politic means for you birke? if you involve or not you are in it , you live in it
      each and every policy made by government affect your and your family life so its better to involve and contribute directly or indirectly to make it better.

      • እናንተ: ሰብሰብ: ብለን: ሰው: እያማን: ቡና: ስንጠጣ: ኢትዮጵያዊነት: ተሰማኝ:: አይገርምም??????
        ኦሮምያ: ኦሮምያ: ቢየ: ቲያ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • who can speak about unity ? some of you afraid united and strong ethiopia ,i don”t understand why do you have any reasen ? can you tell me birke ,,why you are searching hell for all our family living peace wishing a better life for each other ,atleast speak over posetive ,,,,,,,

  2. mr tesfaye like most pro oromo guys you are preaching for us past conflict among
    Ethiopians but I want to know what is your solution for future ? instead you telling us what menelik did in the past if you don’t have any solution for the future go to hell and ask menelik what happen then you tell us what you wish to happen for future instead of expecting bewketu to say what you want to hear. doma ras

  3. ediot nonsense first of all you can respond to him in amharic since his article was in deed in amharic .second can you find now right now at this moment a person purely amhara oromo or tigre?if you find atleast one person that person is Ethiopian.there majority of ethiopian now have either orormo or gurage or tegre has some kind of blood from all over ethiopia you can’t find a single prson who can claim oromooe amhara every body is ethiopian .i just mention a few nationalities just for example my sense is all 80 or above nationalities have some kind of blood relation to another.that makes all ethiopian

  4. To Tesfaye Kebede or his fun,
    Is there anyone how can tell me reference that clearly discloses the existence of Oromo in present shewa region before 15th century or before the invasion of Gragn Ahmed? Please help me by suggesting any book you might know that confirms that this stuff. Many Oromos are very busy with fabricating new history per their need like making cat a Lion or something fictions lets have some place on media to discuss about truth.
    Many of these oromos are educated but the none educated oromos are much better than them e.g Borana, they are pretty wise in terms of listening to people’s arguments and giving justices for individuals but the argument I read these days from oromo intellectuals are so poor or do not carry any substances at all. They usually claim that Borona is the father of all oromos then now Borona is in the south border of Ethiopia and one can expect that other oromos were originally migrated from the south to the north they start to say no then how come one can discuss with them about any issue after some time probably in these oromo intellectuals’ attitude or way of thinking they start to believe their own false teaching and also forces other to accept it. Guys cool down and think twice before they say something otherwise as suall all what you are saying will be confusing and not be consistence

  5. The writer of the above article is either just guest to this world or is just born and doesn’t know history. The article is as usual full of rubbish and the guy is suffering from Jawarian Syndrome. He took pieces of histories from here and there and tried to put them together and wants to be a historian. Yes Bewuketu Siyum is correct in that No Nation was created without a conflict. If Menelik committed a genocide because of the conflict in the south, then the Oromos committed a major genocide during their migration from south to Wello prior to Menelik. The irony is that the Oromos are guilty of committing genocide in modern Ethiopia by killing thausands in Arba Gugu, Bedeno and Wellega. At the record is there to justify these genocide. In fact, it is not the Amara who occupied lands, it is the Oromos who are occupied Amara land for generations or for more than 400 years now. Historians are saying that the word Gala means an outsider. Legend says they were from Madagascar. These are evidences for them to be an unwanted guests. They have stayed in Ethiopia for extended period of time and the Oromos should know that it is time to go home. The Amara people will never leave its ancestral land.
    Mark my words, if the Oromo fanatics are not told what is wrong, tomorrow they will also claim Minnesota and may wield a Machete to force the separation of this state from the rest of US. So, it is time to tell them the exact truth. The Amara land stretches from Nakfa to Moyale and from Asab to Sudan. .

    • I am not amhara; I share your feelings. We have to tell the Oromos are immigrants that is their history. It is not the fault of amhara or tigreans or gurage or anybody they came from somewhere. Why they wanted to say they were in Ethiopia from the beginning? where is the history? show us? You have 400 years history in Ethiopia and they bother us in our own house? Bewhala yemeta ayn yaweta ybal yelem? What is wrong you accept you came from somewhere and you do not have longer history in Ethiopia? No one is going to deny you now that you are Ethiopians because the South Africans whites came from Europe 400 years ago, but they believe now they are South African, but they cannot deny they came from Europe. Please get your history right. It is not our fault or it is not the fault of Menelick or Yohannes you do not have longer history in Ethiopia. We can proof this using DNA mapping in the lab. No need faking and useless argument. You history is written on your DNA. You can write fake history, but you can have fake DNA. Be civilized and apply your brain and apply reason, than claiming Oromia now. There was Oromia before in Ethiopia. They will never be one. You live in Ethiopia in peace and leave our history as it is. We will not allow to efface it from our land. You can not rewrite our history because you feel inferiority or not belong to Ethiopia. I personally do not care where you came from Afgansistan or Magadscar or from Mars. It does not matter for me. you are human and you deserve to live somewhere on this planet. You do not have to have long history like the other is not necessary in this age. We must not even waste time about it because it is irrelevant to this century . But you must stop calling our people deptera or Monekusie or insulting our orthodox church. Why hating the orthodox because they recorded your arrival date ? what is wrong with that? Please stop despising our people because of your inferiority complex. If you have evidence you were in Ethiopia for longer than 400 years, then give us evidence and we can even take one Oromo and one amhara and do DNA mapping. Then you DNA will tell you history without faking on paper. Please do not try to trash other people because you feel inferiority. You are human being and now 100% and you must never be treated differently from any Ethiopian. But you must understand we love our history. We can not hate our history because you feel you are not part of it. it is not our fault. Besides Abbssynia is not tigray and gonder. Abssynia is from the red sea to Mogadisho, berbera and upto Nubia, sudan and upto deep in Kenya, some part of Uganda. Do not try to tell us Abssnyia is just Gonder and Tigrai. My advises, please spend your time doing something different than faking your own history and trying to rewrite other people’s history. you must understand the other people ready to protect their history and will not accept you desire to rewrite it. you need psychological help. Do not bother us please.

  6. No one can teach Bewketu about Ethiopian history , he is young but he knows a lot …this is minor for him….so, u can’t be able to write a response for him…dedeb neh like jwar ( memar endenante kehone ,arso ader mehon yemeretal)

  7. Dear writer:
    Let us be frank here; you are all beating around the bush? where did the Oromos came from? Can anyone tell me? What is the original name of Oromo? Oromo is a geez word and given to them now, very new name that does not exist anywhere. Before Oromo you were called Gala? what is your real name? You have no written history in Ethiopia. you have no permanent residence that can be used for claiming you were in Ethiopia? where were you will living before ? Guys, everyone is scared of telling the truth? What is their name before Oromo, and Gala? I am tired of wushet. You did not have Oromia; Oromiia the creation woyane only. There has never been such thing. You despise our history because of inferiority complex? Admit is you migrated to Ethiopia from somewhere. I do not damn care where you came from. For me it does matter from where the heck you came? I do not need it. But stop abusing the history my country. can you refere me where you came from? where is your long history? Do you know we can indentify where you came from using DNA? do you know that? This is new technology. Many people in Holland are now found to be migrated from Russia even those they thought they were from Holland. We can now know where you came from? and where you lived before even before 1 million years. Stop faking things now. No more faking. Everyone can be traced using DNA dating. Stop insulting my country and my people. You are abused and enslaved because you refugees in Ethiopia. This done everywhere if you are immigrant you will be treated as second citizen. Get the f*** of my history. Do not touch me, idiot.

    • If you want to know where we were, read your Dabtaras account of Geladiyos and Susuniyos death! how they died? where they died ? if you know the answer for this you may understand others. I understand your comment is out of desperation and frustration. It seems you will hang yourself in near future when we realize our objective.

  8. When a person called jawar claimed that the oromos migrated in to Harar to save the city from Christians, I came to the conclusion that these individuals even deny their tree worshipping ancestors. I just want to remind them that the Harares built a wall around their beloved city to keep these tree worshiping savages out.
    This dood is no different from jawar.

  9. tesfaye understood beweketu seyum article in a very wrong way and diverted towards the usual olf rehitoric.

  10. Dear my Oromo compatriots allow me to provide you small piece of advice from my small knowledge.First and foremost if we spend our entire life in retrospect and misjudge the past events rest assured you don’t reap any reward even if there were some wrong doings on our forefathers side it became history please try to expireance how to forgive.Unforgiveness is like swallowing a poison for self and expect others to die.Why don’t you read the trust building history of the Jews and the Germans,the Koreans and the Japanese,the Americans and the Mexicans and others i.e let us dwell in bringing trust than scraching past wounds .May God,Allah,Budeha,Waqe,nourish your brain to think positively and eventually lay solid foundation in lifting our country Ethiopia from the quagmire of poverty and destitution in unison.

  11. mr tesfaye have you got the reference for what you wrote about it or you just guess it for what you have been heard for about 40 years like your friend jawar mohammed. listen even the people who created this history have regrets… so don’t get tired as you got us big history and leave bewketu seyoum alone he just tried to get us peace between. ok if not go to the hell n talk to menelik you can find out what was truth

  12. let me tell you a story
    in 1982 EC a young man by the name Gaddisa Tadesse at the age of 18 joined Ethiopian Airforce.he is from oromo mother and amhara father.he went to Russia for pilot tranining and met his futre wife Ludimla Sokolov.he back to his country after shool with his wife and based in Asmara ethiopia.In 1988 Ludmila gave birth to Behailu bwhailu is 25 years old and a professer @ Mekele university he met his future wife Nejat from somali region .now Nejat is pregnanat of 7 monthof a baby girl.what will be her nation?you Idiot tesfaye tell me .do not worry i will tell you .every body in this story are all ethiopians by blood period

    • @ mola
      at list make it looks like real if Gadisa was born 1988 he must be 17 years old by now even if we say he is 25 he cant be a proffesser at age 25 any way the answer is the 7 month baby will be oromo b/c his father is oromo
      any way u r nice philospher

  13. Ethiopianist;
    Ay ye debtera neger. Amharam eko QOMATA yebalal. One single place to remind you: Yemen…..Yemen…… the origin of Habesha and the Sabian(Geez) script. Now you know your origin.

    • Dude, there is a lot of qomatas in Oromia. like half of the country’s qomatas are from you guys. It’s fact.
      >>>>>>> Leprosy case data, prepared by the Amhara and Oromia Regional Bureaus of Health and the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, included both multibacillary leprosy (MB) and pauci-bacillary leprosy (PB). As of June 2001, the total number of PB (N=1367) and MB (318) cases recorded in 285 zonal health institutions in the Amhara region was used in this study. The total PB (N=136) and MB (N=2402) cases for the Oromia region collected as of August 2003, comprised data collected from 124 health institutions.

  14. Can racist Oromo’s please stop this nonesense and get their head out of their kit? I mean if you think u don’t belong in Ethiopia then leave the poor country and go where ever u think u belong. I am just tired of hearing Oromo’s complaining about Minealike. It got old and very uninteresting.

  15. is Tesfaye kebede an oromo? Come on Jawar with your real name if you are man and make the discussion.

  16. Habesha?! How many %? 100%! That means you are pure habesha!
    Believe me habeshas are the confused people on Earth. No where on Oromos T-shirt or some another writings you get 100% Oromo but habeshas say 100% habesha! On another hand they dare to say no one is pure in Ethiopia and we mixed through marriage! We were not colonized by any country, Eritera was part of Ethiopia and our head(brain). But Eritera was colonized by Italy for 64 yearsand England for 8 years. Eritera freed itself from Ethiopia but habeshas can live without their head. Sorry, may be the reason why brain work properly?

  17. Another Jawarian syndrome.
    “Genocide”. what is genocide mean? Genocide means “the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group”
    . So why not Menilik destroy the wollega, showa, Bale, oromos if it was a genocide. What happened during Menilik is war between the Arsi, Keffa and wolayta groups who were resisting to be under the central state. During the Arsi war several people dead. This is the OLF racist, hating and separatist idea promoting this as a genocide to perpetuate their final goal which is independency.

  18. Assuming the kibe( Qubee) generation fantacy comes true, here is how i envision the future “free Oromia”. The first thing these morons will do is kick out all non-oromos from what they perceive is Oromia. That will bring up clashes especially with southern and eastern ethnic groups. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions will perish in this madness. If they somehow succeed in this evil act, then follows the conflict between brothers i.e. Christian and Muslim oromos. The 80 percent Muslim oromos will go after the 20 percent Christian oromos( according Jawar’s holly book) waving their menchas and shouting ” Islam or mot!” or “convert or die!”. They made it clear Christian oromos have no place in the future free Oromia. That means the entire Wollega region will be wiped out of Oromia’s map and replaced into ” Bin Laden” region in memory of their idol Osama Bin Laden. Shewa Oromos who are black listed as traitors or Gobenas will be led to the beheading chamber. As a result millions will die and droves of refugees flood neighboring countries. And then there is the case of half-cast oromos shunned for lack of pure oromo blood. The fact that they didn’t choose their parents doesn’t matter, just kick them out! Since expansion is these fanatics goal forming solidarity with other Muslims in the horn of Africa, other ethnic groups including Amharas and Tigreans will have no choice but form an alliance to defend themselves. The pandora box opened by these immature extremists will engulf the horn until the second coming of Christ turning the hand of time into ” dingay dabo” era. Luckily, this doomsday scenario is not going to happen because GOOD will overcome EVIL and the instigators are only a handful diaspora oromos sitting behind a computer not willing to pay the ultimate price back home but make money in the name of oromos here in the diaspora.

  19. It always makes me sad to see both writers and commenters using hate speech to attack one another. I am tiered of reading insults thrown against one another. It will be hard for us to reconcile our assumed differences unless we get oursleves ready to listen what others want to say. I personally tend to think that it is not bad if someone (be it an Amhara, Oromo, Tigre, Wolayita, Sidama, …..etc) has his own interpretation of the past. But we should make it meaningfull discussion by reflecting our own version of the story and have a dialogue to understand each other. We can’t build our country by balming each other. But it is not unhealthy if we exchange ideas in anyway we like. The good thing is that there are peopl with different opinion and they have the right to forward it and be heard by others. Are we cursed not to have a civilized discussion of ideas? This is why I appreciate those who can accept what other have to say and respond to things that they think is right or wrong in a civilized manner. I think this is what Mesfin Negsh, Abreha Desta, Abe Tokichaw, and othe few Ethiopians are doing. We should appreciate when people take the initiatvie to say what they feel is right. And we have the right to respond what we think is right and conveince them they are wrong or right. Otherwise hate speech, blaming others, insulting our own brothers can’t be a solution. We don’t have good tradition in this regard. We shuold think about it.
    I personally have no problem if Jawar, Bewketu, Mesfin, …..etc say what they think is right. I am ready to read what they belive is right. We shouldn’t be surprised if someone comes up with his/her own understanding of the past or the present. I think it is good to present our won veiw and challenge them and persuade them think the other way round. Only in this way we can produce a woenderfull enviroment. For me education is the ability to listen to everything without loosing ones temper. This is of course Robert Frost’s saying. He is right we shouldn’t loose our temper. We need to be carfull when we attack individuals. I feel it is right to atack or suport ideas as opposed originators of ideas. Eveyone has the right to have his own opinion and it is up to us to agree or disagree and even come up with our own thing. Is it fair to insult someone by mentioning his/her name? Why don’t we argue against their ideas and let them know that we think differently? THis is what Abe TOckichaw, Mesfin Negsh, Abreha Desta have done against Jawars opinion. THis is wha ti call cilvilized reaction. THey do not hate him or insult him. But they shwoed him politiely tht they don’t agree with his idea and manage to show him the other way of thinking. So in this way we can develope our idea of dialogue or peacfull discussion. Let eveyone say what he/she wants to say and let us listen to him/her without any personal biase and argue in favour of or against him/her. Why do we attack them by their ethnic background or relgion. Let us listne to each other. We all are Ethiopians.
    One very good example can be the case of Haile Gebreselassie. I perosnally do not support most of EPRDF’s policy. But am I suppose to insult Haile becuase he is about to work with them? No why do I insult him, He beleives he can do something. I wish he wuoldn’t be part of them. But he prefers to be in the system. SO he has the right to do so. But If you read what Abebe Gelaw wrote to Haile, you can see that it is not personal attack. It was a brotherly advice. He told Haile explcicitly that the system is wrong and advice him to think twice befor ehe joined them. This is what I call civilixe dway of discusison. We need to show Haile or Jawar or anyone that they are wrong systematically. We don’t need to attack them personally. They have their own reason to act the way they act. We have the ouwn own veiw not to ac tthe wway they act.

  20. @tesfay kebed
    Read the following link and educate yourself about oromo-
    This story about ”oromo killing” is the creation of arabs, especially egyptians who have been natural enemy of ethiopia for centuries due to the Nile waters.
    the ethno nationalists/fascists latch on this fabricated arab propaganda and paste such stories on every website they visited as if to make the story convincing.
    Recently, we saw on egyptian television , their so called leaders plotting how they would try to destabilise ethiopia. This is the job of disruptive egypt, to destabilise ethiopia. and they hope to get the uninterrupted flow of the nile by doing this.
    a week after the so called egyptian leaders plotted their anti ethiopian slogan, one of their ‘elites’ in America wrote that 5 million oromos were killed by menelik in the 1800s.
    The propaganda of these arabs who use ethno nationalist/fascists to advance their anti ethiopian rhetoric however was laid bare by the recent article shown on the link above. By the 1800s the total population in ethiopia was 5 million. This arab ‘elite’ tells us 5million oromo were killed. the numbers do not add up.
    The pure fabrication and lies of olf ethno fascists is laid to rest.
    gala is even a name given to oromo by the arabs. what about that! gala in arabic means a pagan. Do you understand? Blame the arabs fot calling you gala.(a pagan)

  21. Well, well well! Let’s think about this very rationally. In my opinion, both Bewketu and Jawar have tried to write and justify as to how and why ”we Ethiopians” (am not sure if Jawar likes this phrase) of all nations and nationalities and different religious groups, are encountered with the current political, social and ethnic crisis which has its legacy from successive rulers both in the past and the present. The difference between the two is, the former strives to justify unity and cultural integration, which I totally support, while the latter is adment about strict ethenic propaganda in favour of the “Oromo tribe’. What I don’t understand is most of the comments from some educationally handicapped and ‘not so litrate’ people, who write non ethically and blindly just for the sake of writing under a disguised name. This is a social media and it is shame of us, to dare to write comments which will totally disintegrate the existing unity between the all time loving and united ethenic group in our country. I am totally against Jawar’s opinion of his being Oromo first. However let us allow both Bewketu and Jawar to continue their debate (if they wish to) until we, as outsiders, will be able to finally judge who has the most scientific, historical and genuine arguement which can give readers a vivid picture of the past and present of this country!

  22. i think the Oromo elites are toxic. The worst part is why Amharia elites are evolving to be agianst the tigreans elites. i am talking about the politics in diaspora. History has a great impact on our politics. So balanced forces are only possible if amara and tigra elites stand together. Otherwise soon or later these toxic oromo elites will be dangerious to disntegrated our beloved country Ethiopia.

  23. Tesfaye kebede(jawarist kebede)
    Bemejemeria tesfaye sayihon tesfabis bileh simhin qeyirew weyim jawarist kebede betam yeteshale yihonal.
    Tesfabis kebede(jawarist kebede)ye ethiopian tarik ayidem ye anten tarik yemtawiq mejemeria ye anten tarik ke man endeteweledik,batihin,enatih mawiq alebih.
    Bewishet tarik yemidelel,yemishewed yelem.
    Ethiopia Bekibir Lezelalem Tinur!

  24. Good job brother Tesfaye! Let them bark like a Dog! They are living in state of denial just in deep darkness where the could not seek help either. It was their fathers fault that they did not teach them how to behave in a civilized manner. It takes time for them to wake up from their sleep and see the real world from another perspective. They just repeat what their Debtera who neither read nor write has taught them and they expect us to believe that bullshit. Oh Almighty God can you please give these ignorant people some wisdom so that the can share the truth with the rest of the world. OROMIA SHALL BE FREE!

  25. What is all this tribal fuss? when are you going to grow up all of you? when will you focus on work, development? instead of chewing your tribal name and region?
    Ethiopia is does not belong to any tribe; It belongs to all Ethiopia. No independent amhara nor independent Oromia nor indepedent Tigrai nor independent afar, …. Ethiopia is for all Ethiopians. Those of who do not like Ethiopia I suggest you pack and go where you want to go. Do not defean us with stone age like tribal discourse here. Please stop wasting time talking about ethnic or he did that and they did that, bla bla,… live today and work for better Ethiopia. Leave the Ethiopians. If you want an independent Oromia or tigrai or amhara or … you must go to other planet and have independent countries. We live very short live; do not waste our lives talking about this bullshit tribal talks. Menelick did that and x did that. Leave the dead people rest in peace. What is the benefit of recycling stories about Menelick did this and that? Yohannnes did that and this, Meles did this and that? Can you live life and abandon the dead people now? You are all sick to be honest.Who is supposed to be responsible for what Menelick has done? who? Aree you accusing now people who were never even the womb of their mothers. Shame on you all. Please preach peace, love, equality, fraternity, justice, fairness, impartiality, … stop telling me about Oromo, amhara, tigrie, afar, … bla bla. Stop this non-sense primitive mentality. Did you read this one?, if so, why there is no any comment there? You only love talking about your ethnic, making up stories of the dead? please be civilized and stop talking about people. Unite and work for one better Ethiopia for tomorrow. Stop criminalizing each other, condemning and demonizing each other? please stop this madness of the 21 century. I just met a friend who told me he does not even a second to talk to me because is crazy busy. you have all these time to preach hatred, division, accuse dead people? you are not even better than the dead otherwise you would not talk about dead people now. Get englightened please.

  26. I think this person called Tesfaye “he better change his name and take away his amaranized identity if he hates us to the point of regretting all historical facts”. For me as a person of mixed race and lost identity in the middle of such a ridiculous fight, ignoring and just living might be very wise option than following such a ill minded and endless fight for nothing.

  27. MR TESFAYE KEBEDE I FIND YOU VERY DUM and STUPID you need to read a lot first before you criticize BEWKETU he was right when he said STATES CREATED BY VIOLENCE true every NATION of the world is created by force and violence except SOME PARTS OF ITALY and GERMANY however ignorant and SICK OLF genocidals are crying day and night to make it look like MENILIK is the only person created a state by force loll you OLF BLOOD THIRSTY OROMOS ARE SAYING THIS TO SPILL THE BLOOD OF AMHARAS do not make a mistake THE PEOPLE OF AMHARAS will not sit and let you slit their throat as you did in BEDENO

  28. Tesfish, you and your master mind Jewar are the byproduct of Woyane’s hand made Oromia. there is no a place called Oromia in any histry book before it was invented by Woyane. Further more, oromo is a stranger to the land. They do not belong there. they are invaders. History, not your infatuated Jewar tells you that there was no a people called oromo in that region before the 16th century. So, what are you talking about now? You took other peoples land by invasion.

  29. Are these dish washer neftegna puppies crazy?they are getting mad on Jawar every one of you we will show you who is immigrant?It is a matter of time you will go back to your chigram and lemagn kilil koda and kumta lebash kilil or you will get fucked your ass in our father land Oromiya.Silicha teshekami hula silicha teshekimachihu ende metachihu teshekimachihu timelesalachihu.

  30. Tesfish your writing is just propoganda of woyane who would like to put hostility between the two major peoples of ethiopia, amhara and oromo so that he will stay on power with out any rivalism. You should know this otherwise you will not get what you wish of democracy and prosperity for oromya. Bewuketu posted a nice writing which reflects the history of the country. Amhara and oromo as a neighbouring people are living in good and and bad times, but when you sum up it, you can not blame one on the other. The genocide during minlik is not reality, it is weyanes false story, where was the genocide in keffa with aba jiffar, in shewa, in arisi or bale? but do not forget what had happened to the northern people during the oromo migration, is not is close to what you have said? if you are not clear please read the book ‘ABA BAHRI’ you will find every thing here. I advise you do not be an instrument of woyanne like you friend Juhaar to seed hostility between amhara and oromo for the longevity of Woyanne. chao.

  31. You now proved that you really belong to one group. you delete all opposing comments, get lost. The saddest thing is that you end up in exile and never get back home.Don`t waste your time and energy no one buys your garbage and rotten ideology.

  32. Tesfish abo anjaten newu yaraskewu Allah yibarkih.Pls ye oromo mehuran beyalachehubet bota hulu enezin temketenya amarawochin balachu chilota hulu anchachuachewu.endazi eye teketatelu likachewun kalenegeruachewu be logic menamin yemaygebachewu denezoch nachewu.Write,engineer,poet,doctor, bicha hulachewum be oromo guday lay amelekaketachewu and newu.jewar yan kale wodih sente ye tilacha meate astenefesachewu be Allah.God bless u and oromia qubee generation, i am proud of u. Oromia shall be free!

  33. Thank you for posting the original article (Bewketu’s). I read it and realised how you picked ‘sefere’ and other words and twisted the whole argument. That says a lot!!!

  34. The writer of this response to The Proud Ethiopian Bewuketu is such a garbage that he/she only blinded by his/her ignorance.First of all, there had never been and never will be a nation called Oromiya in the history of mankind. There were people called Oromo mainly in Ethiopia, and also in kenya ,and continue to exist forever under those nations-ETHIOPIAN OROMO AND KENYAN OROMO. Whatever way that Ethiopia was formed to have its present shape and fabric of life,by force or by cooperation, Ethiopia is and will be a historical great nation in Africa and in the world at large with its major ethinic groups Amhara, Oromo,Tigre,ETC live in harmony and peace. As Bewuketu pointed out, sharing language, inter ethnic marriage, ETC.being the quality of their coexistance, Ethiopians will not be separated or get in to civil strife by incitements of duds like Juhar Mohammod.
    The great nation on earth,America where you extremists found refugee was build by force, The south African blacks never say they would secede after Apartheid. But you fake Oromos who never been treated as you claim to have been, waste your time to secede from your mother land. This is illusion! As bewuketu says that there is no as such pure oromo or Amhara or other Ethiopian nationalities to say Ethiopianism has been imposed on us. As long as you were born in that country, willy or not, you are Ethiopian. Thus, there is nothing wrong saying that as various languages and cultures live together, it is natural that those languages and cultures share and adapt their traditions and values one another. Viva Bewuketu!

  35. A quote from Dereje Alemayehu’s article on Gule Post. The article is written 18 years ago, but very appropriate for todays discussion. The title is, Diktat or A Perspective for A Democratice Dscourse?
    Anyhow here is the quotation:
    “After so many years of partuclar natinalisms, only an Ethipia that allows doubel loyalty can survive. Her citizens shall be allowed to be Amhara, oromo, Tigre, Afar, Somali .. And Ethipians, (and in that rder). To confront awakening singualr nationalsims with the false choce: “Either you have Ethiopian nationalsm or beom anti-Ethipian with your own nationalsim” cannot thus serve the future i9nterest of Ethiopia.”

  36. selam all
    English has so many french loan words, english men trade in france. english arts are mainly contributed by french and italian artists so these people should unify and form single state. and use their mixed language.
    viva bewketu

  37. The writer of these article is ignorant and stupid not knowing all states in the world created by expansion, conflict and force including USA. REGARDING OROMOS they have no history in Ethiopia before 500 years what was their name before Galla? The Truth is that OROMOS migrated to Ethiopia during the medival period by forcefully killing and massacring local people like ENARYA, DAWRO etc who were living in the present day of Wolega. The last reminants of ENARYA language speakers and DAWRO people who were living in the present day WOLLEGA have been interviewed by Historians of ADDIS ABEBA UNIVERSITY HISTORY DEPARTMENT and OROMOS can’t do anything about this History, Oromos were very barbaric they were massacering every tribe they face during the course of their migration and they have committed GENOCIDE on the people of ENARYA, DAWRO etc these people have now completley extinct from the face of Earth by OROMOS they are the once who committed genocide on these people who were mentioned on many history books and European travellers and We ETHIOPIANS should not be scared to tell OROMOS their fore fathers are the once who committed the actual GENOCIDE not MENILIK

  38. Chill out guys! The world is enough for all of us as long as we are willing to live together with harmony, love, and brotherhood. The only thing we need is to treat each other fairly and with respect. An ivy league mouth piece might persuade you that if are born closer to coffee and gold mine, you can claim it. But then there is always closer to the coffee and gold mine who wants secession. That is how conflict starts. 30 or 40 years ago some secessionist were talking about how beautiful Eritrea would be if it was disintegrate from Ethiopia. Today, I have witnessed with my own eye that there is no gold raining in Asmara. Both Ethiopia and Eritrea are toasted right now. Sometimes it is ok to be humble and learn from mistakes done in the past. Let us correct these mistakes and move on to the future; after all, we are in the 21 st century. Remember, 50 years dawn the line most of us will be eaten by the land we are fighting for. Only the meek shall inherit the earth. We do good if we concentrate on our freedom from the racist woyanne.

  39. አረ ባካችሁ አታሰድቡን! ፈረንጅ የምንፃፃፈውን ቢያይ እነዚህ የኢኮኖሚ ብቻ ሳይሆን የአስተሳሰብም ችጋራም ናቸው ነው የሚሉን! የአቶ ተስፋዬ ዋና አጀንዳ የኦሮሞን ጉዳይ ሽፋን ያደረገ የዋቆ ፈታ (የጋኔን) አምልኮ አጀንዳ ነው::ጋኔን ደግሞ ሰላምና ፍቅር አይጥመውም:: ዋቆ ፈታ ሆነ ዛር ሌላ ስም ያለው የጋኔን አምልኮ ለኦሮሞም ለአማራም ለሰው ልጅ ደህንነት አይጠቅምም:: ክፉ ሰዎች ግን የአባታቸውን አጀንዳ ለማስፈፀም ስስ ጉዳዮችን ሽፋን በማድረግ መርዛቸውን ይረጫሉ::

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