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Redwan Hussein Embarrassed the TPLF

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By LJDemissie,  August 26, 2016
“The most ethical way to deal with an unethical situation would be to simply say: ‘we did something wrong.’ But nobody in a family like mine [the hatemonger regime of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (the TPLF)] would ever respond like this.” Patti Davis For his bravery at the 2016 Rio Olympics marathon’s finish line and at the Games’ Closing Ceremonies, I dedicated this article to Feyisa Lilesa the men’s marathon silver medalist and my new hero.
That, to increase the world’s awareness about the TPLF’s killing of the Oromo people and to show his solidarity with the Oromo protesters in Ethiopia, he protested on the world’s largest stage. Watched by billions of people across the globe as he finished his race, Lilesa crossed his wrists in front of his forehead which is “a gesture of the Oromos’ protest” that shows they are held captive by the TPLF. Moreover, following finishing his race, he didn’t attempt to get the TPLF’s flag from a spectator to show pride in his country by waving it. To me, this is a significant action he exhibited that showed his disrespect for the TPLF’s flag. I think Lilesa’s heroic protest was the greatest moment of the Olympics which unveiled the TPLF’s ruthlessness and nepotism to billions of people.
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