Recognise victory and lead us forward: By Mulata Gudata

By: Mulata Gudata

Ethiopian Patriots
Ethiopian Patriots

Oromos fought for Ethiopia to remain independent, Oromos fought for their right,   Oromos fought in all the wars that happened anywhere in our land unfortunately even some did on the side of the Woyanes. There was no war that succeeded in our land without Oromos playing a significant part in it. We are known and recognised for gallantry, we are not cowards, this much is a fact. This being as it is with due respect I beg to differ, as all of us should do, with the call for us to go ahead and destroy our country to show what we are capable of. Unfortunately the fight we wage for our rights had to come after all other wars we fought, which we have also won and won it big. Which means, thank God, the sacrifice made by our martyrs is not in vain. Let me repeat what I like repeating for me to be heard loud and clear. When Ethiopians have accepted issues such as the reforming of our flag with a clear mark of Oromo identity at the centre, we have won; when they have accepted our language at national level with our preferred alphabet, it is our victory; when they have accepted to work out a resource sharing mechanism, we have achieved everything.
But sometimes when you are busy insisting on a fight you fail to notice what you have won peacefully. I am afraid that seems to be the case with some of our leaders who needlessly insist on fighting on our own, far away from the rest of Ethiopians, by failing to recognise what we have already won. I fear we have won too many that we seem to be unable to know which is which like our ancestors who used to own over 1000 heads of cattle, simply too many to recognise one from the other.
As a child my grand mum (she died at 97 years of age which was on record because of a church that was newly built at where she was born in which she was among the first to be baptised as a two month old) told me that during those happy good days when somebody’s cattle got to over a thousand heads, the person had to undergo a celebratory ritual where by a big well had to be dug and filled with milk as a pool.  Then the man dips himself in it full length as a thanks giving ceremony. Such a man understandably had real trouble recognising members of his own cattle particularly when some wander away from the heard and had to be looked for or when his cattle mingled with others from a different heard.
Similarly I feel like we need some sort of dipping ritual where we can immerse some of our leaders in a ‘victory pool’ to make them feel and recognise the victory we have achieved so far to make them agree to the will of the people for us to stand with other Ethiopians with the aim of making our country a real democracy, the only thing standing out to be won. Even as a good soldier you don’t keep on needlessly blasting on into God’s thin air, you have to pause and assess your victories and losses before you continue fighting if there is need. When I decided to write on Oromo issues and came up with my first article, I came out determined to fight any one who would stand up to resist it but thank God Ethiopians seem to have no issue with it. And this is what I consider as one of the real indicators of how far we have all come in our willingness to recognise our diversity and fix our system by putting in place the necessary reform to acceptable level which the overwhelming majority of our people need.
This being the case the ball remains very much in the court of the Oromo leadership for them to go with the will of the people and take us forward. The message here is short and clear: let’s recognise our victory, stand with fellow Ethiopians, bring a positive change to our country, fix our system to make democracy the only means of governance and law the supreme rule of our land, focus on poverty thereafter and live life extra large!!!
Having said that let me pose a very timely question by asking the obvious: who said everything is hunky dory in independence? Does the tragic problem unfolding in South Sudan have anything to do with lack of independence? Definitely the answer is No. What we see playing out in there is the same problem they had all along even when they were in the bush fighting for independence. Once they got the independence, the leaders quietly went into the business of enriching themselves and the cronies around them making use of their position in the government and whatever access they had to the national kit and coffers. This left their differences temporarily pushed to the back burner gradually growing from sour to the very bitter as the poor mass remained with their usual problems of suffering under abject poverty. All that followed is what we see unfolding for the whole world to see. Who are the most losers? The poor mass!!! Who suffered the most during the fight for the independence? The poor mass!!!
This should serve as a practical evidence to make all of us understand and accept the fact that what is extremely important for human beings on the planet earth whether we are in America, the UK, Asia or Africa, whether we are independent or not is a properly reformed and fixed system made to work for all not for few lordship. And that is what we can do better together as we play the role of check and balance to one another not by going into our petty tribal fiefdoms where our woes are more likely to get worse than better as we witness the ugly sight in our newly independent neighbour.
As the saying goes what is good for the goose should be good for the gander. Similarly, what is good enough for our poor mass should be good enough for our leaders, since leaders are expected to lead for the sake of the people and not for their own sake. Furthermore, our leaders lead us best when they are able to listen to us and give directions to our wishes and aspirations. As things stand at this point in time, the interest of the Oromo people is best served by putting into action a united front with all Ethiopians far from thinking and acting in our divided ways. Anyone who advises anything different is simply saying let’s go ahead and give our country to the wind from where we cannot stand any chance of a snow ball in the hell of salvaging anything. That is not expected of any leader to advise as it is neither of any sane lay man to suggest.
Unfortunately there are some of us who tend to portray our loud voice, when we call for Oromos’ unity with other Ethiopians, as an agitation against the founding leaders of the Oromo struggle. By that they gravely fail to understand the fact that those leaders are part of the people and cannot be seen in a different class of their own by any means, for the benefit of the people should be their benefit, too. There is no denying the fact that all our leaders have made significant contributions to our struggle in their own ways for which they deserve credit and respect. Yet, it is completely wrong to consider them as flawless supper humans who cannot make mistakes for it is human to err. If and when they offer to be governed by the will of the people and turn around provided that they are in business primarily for the interest of the people and not for themselves, we should welcome all of them in order for us to closely follow on their footsteps to make sure that they lead us well and no failures like the once we have seen so far will ever be repeated, for we have fallen once too many.
I challenge all of us to have in mind millions of lives and extremely complicated social mix when we think and talk of our country, not just a lifeless shape with uneven curly and bendy lines around it on the world map. Then bring in the image of all our neighbouring countries that are quite averse to entertaining any idea of divided Ethiopia into ethnic based petty countries partly because they consider that as setting a bad example for their own countries in the long run and partly for they all either as individuals of influence in their  respective governments or as a country are closely tied by their own economic interest with those who rule us today since our country is open for cheap sale in exchange for any help towards keeping TPLF/EPRDF in power for ever. Add to that mix a highly divided society with the government that is determined to remain in power by recklessly manipulating our division against us.
Given these circumstances, as I have said over and over again, the only viable alternative at our disposal is the strong will, desire and determination of our people to bring change to our country which can only be successful when we will be able to stand together. Any probable move different from a united effort simply means either running in the face of the wind from where there is no return for any of us, or remain under Woyane’s  kleptocracy as we enjoy our talk-shops in exile in our petty talk-easy clubs where we listen to our own voices with like minded fellows as we fiercely resist the call for considering any different ideas and opinions that are potentially helpful.
I mentioned ODF in my previous article and that does not mean that I do not have my reservations about them as a good number of well-meaning Oromos do. Though ODF are yet to come clear with their future political moves, a good number of Oromos hold the view that ODF is in the business of smoothing out a runway from where to take off back into Fifinne to be the bosom buddies of their old friends, namely the Woyanes. If that is the case it is simply a déjà vu all over again with nothing to promise as a benefit for the people, since by that they effectively mean let’s go and save our old friends (the Woyanes) at the time of their dire need and get something in exchange for our self in the corners of power– as simple as that. It is very fresh in the memory of the Oromo people that the leading group in ODF had played a key role in installing the Woyanes in power before they were pushed out of government leaving the people in the crocodile jaw for which a lot of questions still hang on their heads.
At this point in time, when the public anger against the Woyanes has reached boiling point all we need is a political party that can promise to do all it takes to take that anger to a new level by standing with other fellow citizens to ensure it culminates in a victory for the people not one that misleads us into capitulating with the sole purpose of quenching individuals’ hunger for power. So a clear message should go out to those who have offered to support them not to unwittingly offer themselves for individuals’ free ride into power, before checking out what the people they support stand for, only to help prolong the suffering of our people at the time when it is getting closer to an end with the victory for all the oppressed people in the country.
As long as they remain in charge, Woyanes have been the same Woyanes in early 1990s, they are the same today and they will be the same tomorrow. All they want is the Woyanes’ control and supremacy over all aspects of our political and economic life. If they can recognise Oromo right and be democratic they will do it with Dr. Mararra Gudina, Dr. Nagasso Gidada and others who are in the country. They do not need the ODF group back in Addis to be democratic, we need to open our eyes and see things for what they really are. Never forget that Woyanes and democracy are mutually exclusive, for in a free and fair election they stand to lose and that is what they always work hard to avoid. We have to stop being naïve by expecting democracy from them under any excuse.
All we should expect of ODF group is an approach similar to that of Kamal Galchu’s group where they will do business with the unity groups that are very friendly and positive to Oromo issues like G7 with the sole purpose of ensuring victory comes for all the people in our country instead of plotting to take us into the Woyanes’ trap once again only to legitimise and endear themselves to Woyanes there by giving them another lease of life in power at our cost, if they are really in for that option. Why do I give unquestionable credit to the group lead by General Kamal Galchu? It is because they have accepted to stand with Ethiopians who want a future democratic and stable Ethiopia in which Oromo rights I mentioned above are accepted, recognised and implemented.
Let me ask this: when it comes to our country’s politics, something which both the hard line unity groups and the Woyanes do not want to see and hear about belongs to who? To Oromos that is G7, but the unfortunate thing is that our leaders are not smart enough to see this and devise a way of working with them, why? Power and only power but they come to tell us in a different language we are open and ready to hear – the language of tribalism which will only help to prolong our woes.
I don’t belong to any political party; if I do I simply say come and join us I am here because of A B C D. I only belong to my country and my people, and that is why it disturbs me and makes me sleepless when I look at how things are badly going against the interest of the people only because individuals are busy seeking their own interest and the crowd is happy to unwittingly offer itself for their free ride.
One thing should be clear for fellow Oromos and that is the fact that our political future lies in a well reformed stable democratic Ethiopia, any other issue apart from this only serves to distract us from this important fact. Furthermore, we should stop being cheated by naively believing that whoever calls us donning that Odaa centred flag we hold dear really aims to work for us with the dedication we expect. As the saying goes, everybody for himself only God for us all. This being the case it is up to us to carefully look and choose what is good for our people and our country and who is really in business to ensure that before we gleefully jump on board only to regret somewhere down the road.
We should always remember that the simple reason for us having a number of Oromo political parties and myriads of other parties in the name of unity is not because our problems need all those parties to be solved rather it is all these ugly groups are first for themselves and then for us. In short it is a struggle for power. This being the case, if any group in the unity force promises to work towards ensuring our right is enacted and respected we should be able to stand with them even as individuals. In a nut shell we have to start looking beyond petty issues like tribe and start focusing on issues and facts of real substance, in terms of how our interest is served, our issues are addressed and our problems solved to acceptable level. The message is short and clear:  the leaders and the people should closely work together with transparency and accountability in the interest of the mass, for a better result and stable democratic country regardless of tribe or clan.
It is not unusual to hear some of our leaders unwittingly whine their accusation of influential countries like the USA and UK of impartiality for siding with the TPLF/EPRDF government not knowing how that kind of accusation easily reflects on them badly as a futile attempt to deflect attention from their own failures as leaders. Because we should not miss the fact that in the first place we have to do enough to help our self before we accuse others of not helping us. It is wise to remember that there is no justification for such accusations when we are unwilling or unable to solve our differences and stand with fellow citizens to focus on the common enemy which is the dictatorship in 4kilo.
Here again the Syrian case is the best example to be cited. As we all know, the Syrian opposition wanted and got all sorts of good will from the makers and breakers on the international stage but they were not at all available for it, simply because in their fragmented and amorphous conditions they appeared to be an unpromising entity to be feared and avoided rather than one to be supported and promoted. Unfortunately the Syrian poor mass is paying a deadly price for that failure of the leadership.
Where is our difference from them? Of course, there are no potential terrorists among us, that much even the world knows well but if our divided ways have the potential of destabilising the country as big and as diverse as ours, no one wishes for our existence leave alone being interested in supporting us. Yet we should always remember that if and when we are able to be united and speak in one voice we do not even need any support what so ever for the mere gesture of our unity is enough to send a shock wave in the TPLF/EPRDF camp and throw them into panic and pandemonium even before we move into action to remove them or force them to surrender to the will of the people. Simply imagine the Woyane conglomerate as uncemented house of rocks that crumbles by rolling in all directions with a slight push from a solid object. The moment they see our strong unity, all the ‘hodam’ group starts to scamper for safety with the sole aim of saving his/her skin and loot. Some of them will even start jumping ship before it is too late as they rush to be on our side.
Finally, I read an article, by heart, concerning the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments’ undergoing secret negotiations (at the links below), which only reminds us that one thing always remains true: Woyanes will do anything that keeps them in power. Furthermore, we have no doubt that the more they compromise our national interest the more they push themselves into the corner, getting isolated from
the people including some of their Tigryan supporters. This in turn means they will remain only with their guns which will not be of any use to them once all the citizens stand up against them in one voice.
What does this mean for Shabiya? By going for a shoddy deal that has not taken to heart the interest of the people in both countries they simply postpone a disaster that will have to come back to haunt them badly one day, just after a matter of time. It helps to remember that Woyanes now more than ever are worried by the public anger against them and they seem to be back to their deceptive tactics with Shabiya to pass this challenge and buy time. By falling for that trick the Shabiyas are not doing anything new as it is a déjà vu all again, for it is fresh in our memory how the deals made behind the back of the people of both countries took us into unnecessary war that claimed thousands of precious lives. I hope no one wishes for the repetition of the same.
Rather what is better for both the Eritrean and Ethiopian people? Work together and take Woyanes’ brinks-man-ship, grand-standing and deceptive tactics out of picture to negotiate in the best interest of both people free from mischief and underhand deals that only serves to increase the anger of the people. As long as fishy tactics with unacceptable outcome are used there will always be trouble lurking ahead to hit one day no matter how long it takes.
It is wise not to under estimate the fact that both people in Ethiopia and Eritrea are asking loudly for real democracy which is too trendy and timely for anyone to stop it without delivering just that. Any deal made between the two countries should take this fact into account to come up with a solution that can avoid future trouble and stand the test of time when a democratically elected representative governments come to place in both countries, not forgetting the fact that no one can suppress the wishes and desires of the people by gun forever. Anyone who has the interest of the Eritrean people at heart would be expected to do something that can open the heart of the people in both countries to culminate in reconciliation, nothing more or less.
In the meantime what should be our focus? Keep informing and educating our people, men and women alike as we work on our unity diligently for that will be more than enough to force Woyanes to listen to the will of the people and act accordingly.
As usual some quotations of wisdom as a parting shot:
Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Mahatma Gandhi.


  1. @Mulata Gudata
    The sarcastic and fabricated pen-name aside, I think he is die-hard amhara who desperately trying to manipulate and deceive the Oromo masses. It is not hard to see where he coming from. He is good story teller and he is good at making up things. My question why he did’t try to become a meta-fiction writer like Tesfaye GebreAb?

  2. Merry Christmas!
    I have the following say:
    1. Don’t compare things that can’t be compared: South Sudan’s problem, everyone knows well, is a struggle between different ethnic groups for dominance over the other. You can’t just downplay the value of independence just because different ethnic groups are struggling for their equal rights.
    2. It is mind boggling when you praise Kemal Gelchu, knowing full well how cruel against his people an opdo member must have been to prove his loyalty and get the title of a “general.” On the other hand, you are advising us to beware of the ODF leaders who have the “history of betraying the oromo people.” Really? The oromo people know how the betrayals of woyane surrogates such as Dr Merera, Dr Negasso, and G. Kemal Gelchu gave coverage to the atrocities committed against the oromo people in 1990s. Incredible! Oromo people will not pick negasso, kemal gelchu, and merera over the likes of lenco letta who refused to become woyane puppet. Their mistake was to trust woyane and negotiate and that happens in politics.. they committed no crime whatsoever at they did not serve the regime that killed our students, our elders, and looted our resources and tried to break our morale in order to establish its minority hegemony. By the way, the G7 leader was one of the founding members of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council that had never reported on any of the atrocities committed against the oromo while on the other hand, any human rights violations occurring against non-oromos, no matter how trivial they were, used to be promptly reported. They didn’t report any of the extra judicial executions that took place under their very eyes. In short, you advised us to believe our foes more than our friends – it amounts to belittling our consciousness. Nice try but we know the enemy very well!
    3. After listing the victories that we have already achieved, you begun by implying that we have nothing more to struggle for. Then, you say that we have to align with G7 and struggle. When will the messages of your writings get internal consistency?

    • Search on You Tube you will come across a credible comment that says Lenco Lata was paid 1o million dollar yes$1o million, to his bank account i8n London by Woyanes. This fact.

      • It is not true and you know that it is a campaign of character assassination waged by people who got upset by his ODF stance. That is a fact and you know for sure. Just ask yourself if you have a questioning mind: “what great contribution did lenco provided woyane to get this much value while people such negasso and junedin who served full well are thrown like used condoms?”

          • Jamal,
            why are you asking me their plans and programs bla bla..? are you implying that I am somehow associated to them? Weren’t we debating on factual claims. I just challenged the rubbish idea of praising the woyane general Kemal Gelchu – cleansing him of his past mistakes – while blaming others for crimes they have not committed.
            I just suggested to you that you should reason out: do you think woyane is foolish to give lenco 10K? if so for what?

            • Kamal Galchu left Woyanes years ago with over 200 soldiers what did your Lencco show as something he came away with except his own skin and his suitcases which he carried them through the Bole airport?
              But before that they all managed to ferry out their relatives to abroad as a main focus of their sojourn in Addis over the two years they were there under the pretext of leading a struggle which they effectively mislead!!!
              Kamal Galchu never went back after he left but your Lenccoo was comfortably flying in and out there after, it is a fact though you may not like it!!!

            • Kamal Galchu was just a soldier what crime did he commit to be cleansed, while you recklessly try to a paint a saint out of Lencoo Lata who left the lives of many people to devastation and took off to Europe. He was lying to our people as he knew things were going in different direction.
              By the way this are a group who made a government to surrender, that is what it can be accurately said when you compare the Woyanes’ force at the time and how Oromos stood to support OLF from corner to corner and all the Derg army wanted to stand with them. This are people who do not have any leadership quality, it is as simple as that. What can we expect from them any more, another doom?
              Nugurguratanni deemani amalee itti deebi’u barbaadu. Lama hindagadhu jete jarttiin

    • When you say ‘different ethnic groups for dominance over the other’ are you trying to imply that they again need to break South Sudan into two to get peace? If it should go the way you are calling for Oromos and other ethnic groups in our country. In this article if you read carefully the writer is saying making our country a real democracy remains to be won.
      Again if you have read the other articles this man writes, he keeps saying Oromos will benefit from democratic Ethiopia more than any other group, which I also believe is true. Try to be consistent your self before you accuse others of lack of it. And get your info right before you open your moth.

  3. Gudata, it is a good article, I like it too. Why do you call yourself “gudata” ? Trying to sound Oromo? You can not find this “gudata” stuff in any Oromo dictionary. Nothing is wrong if you tell us you are Berhanu or Andargachew.

  4. You know it every thing very well but you mis-interprate this whole rubbish with a consent of wishing war between Oromo and Amhara. you are a snake in grass. you know the whole oromos knows you well you are an idle neftegna twisting history and living in name of stupid writer.

  5. Thank you for this article, Gudata here you come again with a timely article. This ODF group should be closely watched. What stops them from doing what they have done before, if they so wish. There is no guarantee.

  6. Hi Mulata Gudata,
    You are trying hard to your best but we all know that you are the son of Minilik.
    so, we oromos are not bother for what you wrote every rubish.You select the best oromo for your nick name , eventhough, you are from Gonder.Even you didn’t write your nick name as correct as we Oromos write it. Always you come up with buch of pictures but none of them are Oromos. Your wish is always to ignite war fire between Oromos and Amahars. You are one of the worst stupid Nefetegna.

    • Leave this man alone and come as clean as you to say you are a worried woyane. Thank you Mulata you are working hard for Ethiopian unity that can liberate us from the yoke of Woyanes, Thanks again.
      Jabaadhu, jirraadhu.

  7. If we all start thinking and acting like this writer wants us we will put Woyanes where they belong just in a day, in the dust bin of history. Thank you again Mulata!!!

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    • You have said all these about the Amhara Afeqelaxeewochu But you failed to tell us what you did yourself that made a significant difference. Because by what you have quoted about them here, you prove that at least they have done something. I miss where you have been all this time you have observed others negatively for doing something. Shame on you tera teret is what you try to display as your being smart.
      I wish I don’t share the name of the same tribe with you. who has got nothing to offer except being the best obstacle for human progress. Those who are fixated on the past and unable to move forward are the weak elements in any human society that is where people like you blong.

      • አልሰሜን: ግባ: በለው: ጥያቄ: ብጤ: መሆ ነው: ንገሩኝ: ባይ: ያንተ: ዘመዶች: ዘርማንዘሮች: ሲጨፍሩ: ሲያጫፍሩ: ምን: እንደሆነ: አንዷን: ብቻ: እንኳ: ልንገርህ: እነ: ማንዴላን: ያሰልጥኑ: ለአፍሪካ: የሚሆን: መዳኒት: ያዘጋጁ: ነበር:: ጨምር: ካልከኝ: ያንተ: ዘመዶች: ሲለምኑ: የኛ: ዘመዶች: ያርሱ: ከብት: ያረብ: ነበር:: ዶ/ር: በፍቃዱ: ደግፌ: ያንተው: አጎት: እንደተናገሩት: ወደ: መሀል: ኦሮምያና: ደቡብ: የመጣችሁት: ስታነጠንጡ: አገር: ቤት: የቀሩትኮ: ዘሮችህ: እንኳን: ሊጠግቡ: ዕገራቸው: ላይ: ባት: የሚባል: ነገር: የለም: ነው: ያሉት:: የበላህበትን: ወጪት: ሰባሪ: ሁሉ:: የታሪክን: ጫማ: የቀኙን: በግራ: የለበሳችሁ: የታሪክን: ጎማ: ወደ: ኋላ: መመለስ: የሚዳዳችሁ:: I think its enough for now.

  9. እዚህ አማራ ኦሮሞ ትግሬ ወዘተርፈ እያላችሁ የምትዘበዘቡ ሁሉ አብዛኛዎቻችቹሁ ወያኔዎች ናችሁ ወይም በዘልማድ የምትኖሩ ናችሁ። ምክንያቱም ኦሮሞ አማራ ትግሬ የሚባል ዘር የለም። ዘር የሚቆጥር ዘረኛ ነው ይህም የመንግስት ፓለቲካ ሆኖአል። የወያኔ ባህሪው ደግሞ አንዱ አማራን የሚደግፍ፣ አንዱ የሚነቅፍ መስሎ፣ ቅራኔዎችን በማስፋት፣በዛም ስልጣኑን ያስጠብቃል።
    በሰለጠኑት አለማት እከሌ የእከሌ ዘር ነው ብሎ በስራ ላይ ያዋለው ሂትለር ነው።

    • Kees ina angreb: You’re funny. Are you from Mars? you said “There is no Amhara, Tigre, Oromo, etc” I agree with you that Wayyane changes their color depending on the issue at hand. However, don’t try to fool us. There is a prison house called Ethiopia that sequezed many nations by force and still mantiance that system by other group today. What the Oromos, Ogadenis, Afaars are demanding is let’s determine our destiny.
      Obviously, your wording on this post is that of the Amhara’s garbage old tactic. labeling people “zerenga”. One thing you should understand is to be “Zerenga” is the best thing in our culture because it tells that you care for your people. That doesn’t necessarily means you hate others unless they intrude in your right. The case in point is when you label Zerenginet as bad thing.

  10. No lying here, I witnessed first hand what the ODF coward leadership did to the Oromo people. There was a fight in Dire Dewa between tplf and the Oromo people under this ODF leadership when tplf came to power in 1983 (1991). The soldiers fought against tplf bravely until they are abounded by these so called leaders. Without a leader they were overwhelmed, and some sacrificed their precious life. Some of those leaders in that groups are a walking disasters and calamities for the Oromo masses in particular and for Ethiopian people in general. General Kemal Gelchu is a brave soldier and a smart strategist. G7 is the most popular movement in the face of the earth that can bring the long awaited democracy into our beloved country. The movement will be remembered throughout Ethiopian history as such. I hope some of the folks who call themselves liberating forces draw some lesson from him and join the movement. That way, all these woyanne lazy informers that do not work but comment all day in our websites (no body comes in their websites they call aiga or gelemele online) get frightened and soil there pants. Tplf is in danger. Anyone who offers help to resurrect this looting group at this time shall remain the enemy of Ethiopian people forever.

    • Dear Gideon,
      You were talking about smartness of Kemal Geltu who is the donkey of woyane.what so ever happen G7 has negative of zero gut to fight against Woyane but they are first to hate Oromos.

  11. Dear Brother Mulata,
    I have read all of your articles. I find them very interesting and worth reading. My only problem is that by writing your articles in English, you have minimized the influence of your artciles to those Ethiopians who can read and understand English. Can you please make them available in Amharic and Oromiffa? I want every Ethiopian to read your articles since you are coming up with new ideas which should be discussed among Ethiopians.

    • My brother the son of Minilik,
      probably he can make it available in Amharic since he is from Gonder but don’t ask him to make it available in Oromiffaa with the language he can never say a single word.

      • Ayenew is a pure Woyane who is not able to hide his panic , simply look at how many times he asserts about the writer igniting war between Amhara and Oromos, where he gets that, only God knows but we know for sure that Woyanes always work hard and try that happens. But it will not happen thanks to the wisdom of our people of which the writer of this article is one.

      • Go read his article under the heading ‘We Oromos should rule Ethiopia until we get tired of it’ to see if he can smartly write in Afaan Oromo or not. Do not desperately open your mouth out here before you get your info right.

  12. Some people are writing about what the ethnicity of the person who is writing this article is.
    The ultra-ethnicist/fascists believe that every body else should think in the same way as they do.

  13. Very interesting and wise. Thank you Mulata. As an Amhara and Oromo child I dont care about what some say. Amharas or Oromos have made history, good and bad but at the end of the day they are Ethiopians who care about their county and pride.
    Yes we need to open our eyes and see what is our best interest. South Sudan is the best example to learn from. Those two big guys are fighting over Oil money and for their interest when the mass is once again is killed and on the flee.
    We need to ask ourselves how and when we are going to live in peace with the majority rule and democracy. As long as there is democracy the rule should apply equally and fairly. Everybody will be happy except the selfish once who want war and make themselves rich at the expense of the mass.

    • Born again.
      As your name says you have to be born again to see Absiniyans allow true democarcy. Here is what genuine democracy means: Allow ALL ideas to be advocated or campaigned in public. Then let people pick their choice. In the case of Oromo and Ogaden, there are groups who advocate for secession. In a true democarcy they also have the right to run campagin which means teach their respective society why they prefer secession. Although they may not be the majority but there also are some groups who advocate or campagin on unity/federalism. The public would choose between these two ideas. When/if that happens both side should be able to accept the choice of their people. let me ask you this: What if they choose secession? My gut feeling is No Absynian would accept that public choice. Whatever the oromos choose whether democracy or secession, the northerners would not accept it.
      If truely you are born to Oromo and Amhara parents, don’t be fooled by the common fear monegering strategy saying “we’re inter-married”, “What would happen to the society” The cause is larger than 2 indivduals choice for life together and would respect their right fully.

  14. Baayisa
    You must be out of touch with reality or a troglodyte. The world is in the 21st century. Can you name any country that allows its sovereignty be compromised by allowing its people to opt for ‘secede or stay” option.

    • Canada (Quebec), United Kingdom (Scotland), Indonesia (East Timor), Soviet Union (Ukraine, Belorussia, Azerbaijan, …kstan, etc), Spain (Catalina), Czechoslovakia (Slovakia), ex-Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Serb, Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia-Herzegovina), etc just to mention a few. Wake up from your deep sleep. As you said it is the 21st century and it is dawning on Empires and Empire builders. Empires are crumbling and new nations are emerging almost every other year. Keep posted and follow news if you want to live in the 21st century. The people of Scotland will hold a REFERENDUM in September this year (2014) to decide whether to SECEDE from the UK or stay with it. Do you want to deny this too as you guys are out of touch with the reality and live in your imaginary world? Keep posted dude!

  15. We heard about zer after wayane come to power, during Haile selase oroms regard as any Ethiopian and assign key postes according to their ability.During Mengistu most of derg members were oromos, most local authorities were oromos, I remember most of our teachers in Addis were are not special, every single tribes sufferd during those regims. we also find oromoes every corner of Ethiopia.most oromes are mixed with othem tribes I am one of them. stop this tribalism.

  16. Obbo Mulata:
    Keep plugging away with the blessed job you are doing. Please do not be discouraged by the comments of these ‘fadulees’ who make a living by demonizing people with good intentions and honesty like you. I am sure you, like me, you have got their idea. They will not rest until they are able to carve out a territory they will call their own demesne so they can be modern day Abba Bokkuus vested with unchecked rule on a whim sans the mention of our sisters, daughters and mothers. Then, Ibsaa will go this way and Kemaal will hop scotch the other way. Just pathetic!!! But you…please keep plugging away brother!!!! Insha Allah!!!!

  17. Baayisa,
    If you truly are an Oromo as your username implies you wouldnn’t be fooled to write such comment. My immidiate suspicion is that your are a Woyane who is afraid of the harmounious relationship that has been existing for centruries between Amharas and Oromos.
    As you know well the idea of secession came and failed with Woyane/TPLF. It is all about dividing peoople to grab the power chair and to keep busy with wealth amassing, embezzlements and enriching themselves by impoverishing other ethnics.
    No one can tell me more than I know or scares me with such attempt such as yours as “”we’re inter-married”. This is not a jock or myth but the truth that I have enjoyed being a product of the inter-marriage of Amhara and Oromo parents. What I fear the most is people like you or Woyane with no tolerance for coexistance, peace and harmony. One with big ambition to quickly come from nowhere to get rich with no merits but only throught creating hate and spreading false propaganda. This has nothing to do with democracy, peace and stabilty. Democracy is telling the real history and truth so people can weigh in what is good or bad for them and take what the majority voted for.
    I am born again because in my own life span I get to witness the messy and ugly truth of secessions and ethinc division. TPLF didnn’t secede but kept the whole country as its property by denying Amaharas and Oromos their right to own land and wealth. The result is getiing a greedy brutal ethinc group dominating the majority by force and bleeding the country.
    So focus on Woyane/TPLF who are running the looting the country right now instead of adding problems on Amharas and Oromos.

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