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Real Socio-Political Crisis Is Looming In East Africa, Ethiopia!!

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Nov 14 – 16, 2014
A Call to: President Obama, Major G20 Member Countries and United Nations (UN)  
It is true that Ethiopia in the past, had entertained different kinds of regimes that ranges from feudalistic to semi feudalistic, from semi feudalistic to the very long imperial rules of different kind of Kings and King of Kings, and subsequently the takeover of the military regime called itself Derg in 1974 to May 1991, in which all of them were undemocratic that had ruled the nation by the use of forces. I.e. most apparently, in that medieval era, the then leaders, Kings and King of Kings, to maintain the sovereignty of The State of Ethiopia as well as their ruling over the population, were much enthusiastic when they subdue a rival by appeasement, and when necessary with arm fist, by coercion.
On the same token, despite the fact that they were backward rulers on the standard of modern democratic attributes, they had never ever had betrayed the nation (the state of Ethiopia and its people) at any cost. However, what is so unprecedented in Ethiopian very long statehood history is how far the current Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) ruling of Ethiopia is so Barbaric, Tribalist, and Racist that uses divide and rule principles to weaken the sovereignty of Ethiopia, as well as to exclude major stakeholders of the country from socio-political participations since the formation of the so-called TPLF lead Transitional Government in 1991.
When it comes to the formation of the then TPLF transitional government in 1991, it was 100% Ambassador Herman Cohen single handily arranged the transitional process as well as the King maker, OLF, and gave a green light to TPLF to control the whole of Ethiopia without including any genuine representative who cares for Ethiopia and its people. Then, racist TPLF implement a new form of Domestic Colonialism by excluding and exterminating the Amhara ethnic societies from the process. OLF, as TPLF key partner, had also played its vital role in the Amhara ethnic exterminating process.
Most noticeably when top USA diplomats such as: Ambassador David Shinn, Ambassador Herman Cohen and many others officially had said to public media outlets “we prioritized American Security Interest in the region than Ethiopian Democratization agenda” is rubbing salt to the existing wounds.
The key moral and political question here is: If freedom, democracy, peace and good governance are good for Americans and Europeans, who said that these are not good for Ethiopians and other people suffering under dictatorship who are supported by them?
As a result of these devious USA foreign policy, for the last 23 very long miserable years of TPLF South African style Apartheid ruling, Ethiopians and Ethiopian-born in the Diaspora had shouted out loud the grievance of their/our people at home to different levels of the USA governmental offices and representatives as well as to the big cities of Europeans. Nonetheless, as their priority is their National Interest no one had lend their ears for a moment and avert the killing of innocent people by TPLF’s heavily armed tribal and racist group and its cronies. This killing is currently evolved and transformed into a kind of IS (Islamic State) style, in which the Ethiopian people is calling it now Tigray State (TS). Apparently, whenever TPLF’s every five year election schedules is coming: the killing, the imprisonment, the harassment, and the disappearance are intensified more miserably. The difference between IS and TS is that IS is a terrorist sect against a given gov & another religion while TS is a terrorists government against the Ethiopian people.
TPLF (TS) has no any political party platform or religion that enables it to contest peacefully and democratically with secular political parties in Ethiopia. Even, it does not respect its own rules and constitution either. If there was a time that it had tried, in relative semi-peaceful manner in May 2005, the ‘Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD – Kinijit)’ had won the election with a grand slide victory in all cities of the country including ruler areas in which TPLF was ashamed and left naked in public and in front of different diplomatic representatives and its aid donors.
In the event, when the election results were officially appearing and was against Meles and his tribalist and racist TPLF, in a BBC interview the panicked Meles had slipped and confessed by saying “we miscalculated . . . .”  Meaning, allowing political parties to contest in a semi-peaceful manner was a miscalculation scenarios made by him and his cronies. Because, Meles knew from the outset that TPLF can’t win and won’t win in the future in any peaceful and democratic election with its tribalist and racist policy in Ethiopia either.
The sad story is that, although the European election observers had spoken loudly and clearly that Meles shall respect the will of the people which was already decided in the Ballot Box, Jimmy Carter and his team as well as the American Ambassador to Ethiopia stands out to support the defeated racist Meles/TPLF by prioritized American Security Interest in a shameful manner and consequentially did nothing to restrain the regime from rampant killing and vote rigging/stealing as well as the incarceration of elected TOP CUD members, activists, journalists, human rights advocates and the wider concerned Ethiopians.
Consequently, this had officially shut down the small window opportunities that had opened in a miscalculated manner. In fact, TPLF leaders had publically and blatantly declared that “- – – those who opposed the new power order have only to do what TPLF did, that is, go to the bush, start the war, and become a victorious army.”
So, until then, the victorious army of TPLF has the absolute power to kill, annex neighbouring regions land and forcefully vacated their villages to elements of the new power order members. Due to this racist policy genocide is going on since TPLF controlled the whole of Ethiopia in 1991.
They bellow differences and aggravate insignificant minor issues to ignite clashes and create suspicion and hatred among the innocent civilians who used to live for many centuries. Millions have been forced to leave their livelihood because they were denied to live in that area.  As a result, within the last five years alone, more than 3 million Amhara ethnic groups were vacated from their belonging by TPLF army and its cronies from South and South Western of Ethiopia.
While the killing is a very clear way of genocide, injecting medicines (sterilization) to prospective future mothers in the name of family planning had severely depopulated the Amhara ethnic group to the level of heart breaking sadness. Today’s TPLF minister of Foreign Affair Dr Tedros Adahnom, while he was Health minister, had carried out this tragic crime against humanity. Consequently, for the last continues 10 years, there were no enough number of kindergarten and elementary students in the big cities as well as in the rural areas of the Amhara region due to the chance of fertility had dropped by 80% since Dr Tedros Adahnom implemented the depopulation plan of ethnic Amhara societies.
As a matter of facts, while the Ethiopian Population growth increase from 70 million to 90 million within the last 23 years of TPLF ethnic ruling, the Amara population had rather dropped down by 10 million, from 27 Million to 17 million based on the previous census data conducted by the previous government. In fact, TPLF long-time chairman Sibihat Nega had many times spoken in public that “The Amhara and its Orthodox Church are reduced to ashes and can’t revive any more in Ethiopian.” Meaning, there is no any other ample evidence more than this crime of genocide.
TPLF’s leaders and its army generals as well as their special force called Agazi are deliberately committing genocide against our brothers in: Gambella, Afar, the South and as well as in West part of Ethiopia targeting strong Ethiopians who have no any interest to be an instruments to TPLF ethnic politics. Our Gambella families are forced to vacate their ancestral land to TPLF’s army generals and to those who can pay money to TPLF.
While TPLF does not represent 5% of the Ethiopian population, it does continue controlling 75 % the national economy with its owned more than 90 mega companies nationwide; established illicitly taking the money from the National Bank of Ethiopia. Among the 101 very high top military generals, all the 98 are from TPLF ethnic group while the foot soldiers that die here and there are from other ethnic groups.
TPLF generals and secret offices kidnapped many Ethiopian refugees from Djibouti, Kenya, The Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen and most of these were thrown to suffer in dark cells, while many of them have been maliciously tortured to death.
When it comes to the Ethio-Eritrean issue, the 1998 – 2000 conflicts alone had resulted the killing of 120 thousand innocent Ethiopians, and still boiling to spile again at any time when TPLF’s leaders need to divert attention against itself. As a conclusion, both situations are showing that a real socio-political crisis is looming in East Africa, Ethiopia if USA and major western donor counties don’t avert it before it is too late!!
Thank you,