Ras Mekonnen Gudessa, the father of Emperor Haileselassie

Mäkonnen Wäldä-Mika'él Guddisa, also Makonnen Wolde Mikael Gudessa (May 8, 1852 – March 21, 1906) or simply as Ras Makonnen, was a general and the governor of Harar province in Ethiopia, and the father of Tafari Mäkonnen (later known as Emperor Haile Selassie I). His father was Fitawrari[nb 2] Woldemikael Guddessa of a noble family of Oromo origin. Makonnen was a grandson of Negus[nb 3] Sahle Selassie of Shewa through his mother, Leult[nb 4] Tenagnework Sahle Selassie. As such, he was a first cousin of Emperor Menelik II. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makonnen_Wolde_Mikael
Mäkonnen Wäldä-Mika’él Guddisa, also Makonnen Wolde Mikael Gudessa (May 8, 1852 – March 21, 1906) or simply as Ras Makonnen, was a general and the governor of Harar province in Ethiopia, and the father of Tafari Mäkonnen (later known as Emperor Haile Selassie I). His father was Fitawrari[nb 2] Woldemikael Guddessa of a noble family of Oromo origin. Makonnen was a grandson of Negus[nb 3] Sahle Selassie of Shewa through his mother, Leult[nb 4] Tenagnework Sahle Selassie. As such, he was a first cousin of Emperor Menelik II.
A man of dignity Ras Mekonnen Gudessa of Shewa was the first dark skin official to ever enter the highest office and speak before the parliament members of Italy in Roma around the year 1899 just three years after the battle of Adwa.The barefooted royal figure has led a number of highly recognized Ethiopian delegates over several Europe nations for brief state visit in the said year above and if you recall that I have brought the story of this well polished royal officer to your attention a number of times because he is worth to recall time and again.Ras Mekonnen the biological father of Emperor Haile/Selassie was fit to be a king himself, he was intelligent with a natural diplomatic personality but he suddenly past away in a brief illness in the year 1906 relatively as a young age of 53 the stunning Ras Mekonnen was the first Ethiopian ever to obtain a driver license from a french driving school in Paris around the same year of his European visit. He was also the first bankbook holder a long with Emperor Menelik and the second Ethiopian to drive a motorcar.
Eduardo Byrono



  1. If this man was an Oromo, then how come he and his son (Haileselassie) systematically oppressed and mass genocided Oromos ?
    As historical fact goes, King Menilike and King Haileselassie were the most hateful and worst when it comes to oppressing and mass genociding Oromo.

  2. Oromos and Amharas are natural allies who made our country what it is battling foreign aggressors hand in glove. This natural balance should be maintained at any cost if our country is ever to stand strong. We ignore this fact at our peril, The leadership in both camps should realize this fact and work towards reaching out to each other amicably.

  3. You have been deafening us by saying only Amhara ruled Ethiopia? Here we go you are an Oromo Proper and yet his ethnicity was never an issue. No one even knew about his ethnicity but just called him amhara based on bias. Haileslassie was not Amhara, Mengistu was not amhara, … so why curse one ethnic for all the mess in the country? Anyway, ethnicity must never be an issue ever. I heard even Menelick was not amhara? but a Zulu from South Africa? You know the Zulu valour of Africa? like King Shaka? So it should be an issue where ethnic a person is but I know it is an illness in Ethiopia

  4. It does not matter if his action is against the right and aspiration of Oromo People. What makes different from the present day of Minase W/Giorgis ( Abbaa dulaa Gamadaa ) and Taye Tekle Haymanot ( kumaa Damaqsaa). We have a lot of them under different Absynian colonial government like G. Jagemaa Keloo of H/Selassie. Those are self-denied and assimilated oromos who try to be their lords than the proper lords themselves. On the other side , the Oromos know his gallant heroes who sac rifled their life for the sake of oromo peoples` right like Roba, Hayilu Fatansa, waqoo, Jaraa, Elemoo, Baroo, Abishee and thosounds other. Nobody care about his root if his action is against the majority oromos.

  5. You guys stop calling Finfine as Addis Ababa? It was always known as Finfine and will remain so to eternity. We have no problem with such projects because Finfine, Dire Dawaa, Kombolcha are all Oromo properties. Hawassa was founded by my Oromo ancestors but gave it to our good neighbors Sidamas in the 1790’s. The details will be in my upcoming book.
    Everywhere you turn around in the Horn of Africa you will find Oromos being the only history makers. Nobody has the right to talk about them except people like me Oromos, Get it? Also, if you take all history makers of the region out of the equation you will have very little to talk about yourself that will be history’s worth, almost nothing. That is why Oromia is coming!!! Oromia is coming!!!! She is coming to your neighborhood as a freshly minted independent nation in days if not months

    • Hey Ordo,
      I nominate you for emperor of the minted Oromia. Did you say it is coming to my neighborhood “in days and not months?” What I like about you is that you are creative. What you forgot to tell the reader is the fact that everyone used to be Oromo before they became Amhara, Tigre or Somalia. I will be writing a book about this in days if not months.

  6. Most of Ethiopian Governors before were Oromos, it was so amazing. The used speak oromifa and Amharic.

  7. why you bring up this story now , I knew this 15 years ago when I was 10 years old. instead of talking about those “ashkars” get of your butt and fight for freeeeeedom.

  8. ObserVer
    As the time goes by,the truth prevails,the more the world is telling the fact,the more you guys get frustrated.the most embarrassing story was,the Oromo elites claim,that Minilik massacred 5 million Oromos.the population of The entire nation was 7 million that time.this is the kind of story you guys are talking.what a shame.the other funny part is that,most of the fabricated Oromo stories are written by Shabias.shame,shame,,,,,,

  9. It is sad and humiliating and shame upon the Oromo intelectuals who lied to their young Ormos born during the tplf/woyane occupation who did not know about themselves or Ethiopia and Oromos. They are fed with false story by the dirty liars the sons of bandas the tplf and eplf. But it shame that the Orom intelectuals did accept the story told by the bloody enemies of Ethiopia, the bandas and the foreigners.
    The Oromos and Amharas have been natural allies.
    Ethiopia prevails.

    • It is very interesting to hear some comments from dear respected and counscous Ethiopian Brothers and Sisters regaring the Kings and rulers of Ethiopia. You know brothers and sisters, just for your information, Except King Teodros were all Leaders such as King Menelik the second and the King Yohannes 4th mening of Tigray were agents of MI6 Secret Mission of Great Britain. Xou kindly read many historical Books regarding Ethiopian Rulers and only the n you can juge the essue very consously otherwise only imotional you cannot know the Truth. For instance King Haileslasie was even nominated and trained by MI6 Secret Mission of Great Britain. After the withdrowal of Italian Colonial power from exile to Ethiopia, he may not allow the Heros and nationalist who fought very bravely against the brutal Italianthe Mafia to get Post.For example, those nationalists who fought very bravely against the brutal Italian Colony, duch as the Hero Belay ZeleKe of Gojam and many Oromos, Tigrean and Eritrean Heros as well. Because the MI6 Secret Mission of Great Britain didn’t allowed him to do so.
      God bless in general the Ethiopian Peopl in particular the Amhara Oromo, Tigray,Eritrean other ethnic Peple
      Thank You

  10. This is not new (That Haile Selase’s father is born to Oromo parent) to everybody. Even Haile Selase on his book called “Hiywote Ena Yeethopia Ermeja” he clearly stated that he was born in a place called Ejersa Goro in Hararge.
    However, this doesn’t make the reality that ever since Ethiopia was invented by conquest, Oromo as a nation has been and still being ruled by alien force. Notice, I didn’t say very very very few individuals did not co-operate with the ruling side. I said as a nation we are occupied. It’s still the case. Since TPLF came to power some individuals have been given high positions. For example, Negaso Gidada was President. Girma W/giyorgis was a president, and the current President is also an Oromo. 30, 50 or 100 years from now one can say TPLF didn’t rule Oromos and bring the pictures of these useless, heartless, mindless individuals.
    Hassen Ali, Abaa Dula, Junedin Sado, Alemayehu Atomsa all these individuals symbolically Presidents of Oromia. But, the fact of the matter is they cannot represent Oromo’s interest and they are TPLF’s rowboats.
    Actually, the difference between the current puppets and the ones during the Royal system is this: The current ones are at least being told and are encouraged to declare they are Oromo. The old ones were told and forced to abandon their Oromo identity.

  11. Can you guys talk something different? I , as a human, I abhor and detest this ethnic discourse. There is too much noise about ethnic on Ethiopian website. It is sickening and even makes me worry . Why are people so obsessed with ethnicity? Oh my God, hell, can you talk about business, Technology, … than chewing your tribal name day in and day out? Can you talk about Ethiopia , a big house than talking about your tribal house. Why is this too much noise ? All Ethiopians were oppressed regardless ethnics. There is no evidence Oromos were systematically discriminated from others. We all know every Ethiopian was called Baria, Shankila, kuli, even the hard working Gurage have been looked down and given a name as Kuliwoch. Erebakachu Twn, is this Oromo thing a new deal? why too much noise now? Why you do not see yourself as equal as others ? what is the new found in this name? Is he name new ? Why too much fuss about Oromo? In my opinion, we better talk about the big house called Ethiopia and make it a home for everyone. Do not waste your time chewing your tribal name. All the tribes need food, shelter, … denying everything and negating everything past and present would never benefit any Oromo. This is new type of chauvinism. Ethiopia really needs new ideas . This is an illness. Haileslassie was an Oromo? but you tell us now he was not standing for Oromos? Ithink the man far better than OLF. No one even cared about his ethnic origin and that was good of him. You reject past Oromo leaders and current leaders? This is too much negativity. Everyone blaming? The Tigreans blame Haileslassie for bombing them and killing them using aircraft from England. I have never heard Haileslassie did genocide on Oromos? Anyway, you will accuse everyone everything. Please think for today and 2row. Yesterday is not of use for 2row, of course , the lesson does help . But it does seem we are learning. There is too much noise about ethnicism in Ethiopia. I blame the government there for fostering ethnicism.

    • @ Gezaee H
      How can you talk sense to senseless people who can not come up with any other thing except petty tribal issues which is very much the domain of the ordinary folk?
      Talking of real issues takes real mind and wisdom> Who ever said about ordinary minds and great minds had said everything in the context of ours.
      Most of the people I read here are the ones you can dismiss with just two sentence: individuals bereft of ideas, with second rate minds talking(chewing) or hanging to populist ideas to stay in business. If I could have my way such people would not go near any keyboard for a pass time.

  12. The leader starting from Gonder rule were mixed heritage. They promoted Amharic and Orthodox as a rule of power. That doesn’t mean they are any pure ethnic group. They are mostly a mix of Menz and Shewa (Tulema) Oromo. The military is controlled mostly by Oromo of Shewa. Except Amharic and Orthodox, none have common ancestor. Therefore, these leaders are mixed and promoted Ethiopinism defining whatever you might think about that definition.

  13. @ Mr. observer,
    I agree with your comment 100%, it is king menilike and king haileselassie who banned Oromo language in Oromo regions and forced Oromos to speak amhara language in every oromo local government offices and throughout the country ? ?
    They oppressed oromos culture and Oromos language in order to promote Amhara culture and Amhara language in the expenses of Oromo, if that is the case these two Amhara kings were anti Oromo, but pro amhara tribalists.

  14. It is really a shame for Oromo elites and historians teaching their youth a false and fictious stories about their origin and the so called MEnilik and the cutting of the breast of Oromo women contrary to the truth and AMHARA culture, Ofcourse Oromos cut female breast, PENNIS(GUJI Oromos still see this barbaric act and cruellity as heroic deed), hacking of human neck including taking a womb from a pregnant women as they did it 400 years ago practiced today by Barbaric OLF Oromos as we have witnessed it in BEdeno and Woter
    Oromo elites chose to hide the crimes Oromo inavaders committed 400 years ago when they invaded Ethiopia, the invasion and atrocities committed by Oromos at the time was documented by a foreign traveller, diplomat and historian
    Oromos committed Genocide on ethnics like DAMOT GAFAT ENARYA and even on Amharas Hadya GURAGES and Sidama
    The truth is not as Oromo elites and OLF historians claim there are historical and material evidences to prove Shewa was the land of AMHARA and GURAGES , WOLLEGA was the land of the people of ENARYA before they were exterminated from the face of the planet and the last speakers of the language were managed to survive the Genocide to the year 19974 and it is good these speakers were interviewed before they left this world and Oromo historians knows these shameful history of Oromos and Bale and ARSI were the lands of Sidama and Hadya kingdom respectively in the medical period and the geography of these kingdom is well documented by foreign trvallers and historians like Alvarez, Christopher Dagama, Aba Bahrian and other European Schoolars
    To sum up Oromos are invaders and they do not have a land to claim, they can only live in peace with other Ethiopians, if one should ask its land back it should be Amharas, Sidama, GURAGES, Hadya and Dawro
    Finally since fanatic Oromos started erected a statue we should do the same for DAMOT GAFAT ENARYA Dawro and even to the hundredes of Amharas and other Ethiopians killed both by Oromo invaders and Ahmed Gragn
    To sum up erecting statues that remind hate will not help rather it will take our country in to civil war which will rather hurt the interest of both people and those OLF cadres and Historians eventually will be brought in to justice for the hate propaganda they were releasing against Amharas

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