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PRESS RELEASE – Global Alliance for Justice

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The Ethiopian Cause; 4002 Blacksmith Drive, Garland, TX 75044; [email protected]
Global AllianceThe Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause (GAJEC) presents its compliments to all institutions, and people who believe in justice and calls on them to join and participate in the international event for the commemoration, during or around February 19-21, 2015, of the Ethiopian martyrs, victims of the Italian Fascist war crimes in Ethiopia, with the complicit support of the Vatican, as well as the vast destruction that was inflicted using various war materials including the forbidden mustard poison gas.
It is recalled that during the 1935-41 Italian Fascist occupation of Ethiopia, one million Ethiopians were massacred, 525,000 homes and 2,000 churches as well as millions of animals were destroyed. Therefore, GAJEC has been conducting a global campaign for: (a) adequate reparations by Italy to Ethiopia; (b) a Vatican apology to Ethiopia; (c) restitution of looted Ethiopian properties by Italy and the Vatican; (d) UN recognition of the Italian war crimes in Ethiopia; and (e) dismantlement of the mausoleum recently established at Affile, Italy for the Fascist war criminal, Rodolfo Graziani.
The February, 2015 commemoration event is expected to be conducted in the form of public demonstrations at the Italian/Vatican embassies/consulates to which GAJEC’s formal letters of appeal would be submitted, meetings/conferences/symposia, and/or prayers.
GAJEC recalls with appreciation all those supporters of justice who arranged the commemoration event in February, 2014 at Addis Ababa; Washington, DC; New York; Dallas; Houston; Atlanta; Minneapolis; Seattle; Los Angeles; Denver; Aurora; Chicago; Boston; Tampa; Las Vegas; Miami; Cologne; Munich; Stockholm; Rome; Jerusalem; Tel Aviv; Amsterdam; The Hague; Jamaica; Sidney; Vancouver; Johannesburg; Dubai; and London. It is greatly hoped that supporters of justice against Fascist war crimes in Ethiopia in these and other cities throughout the world would arrange the event during February, 2015.