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Press Release from the Afar Diaspora Network

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Concerning the Afar Issa-Somali Conflict:
It is not about disputed land but about occupied land as part of realization of the dream of Greater Somalia
Date: 09 July 2014
Ref: AND/008/14
Sub: Afar-Issa-Somali conflict
Fractures along the Afar Rift in Ethiopia resemble those at a mid-ocean ridge, where two pieces of oceanic crust spread apart.The Issa tribes of Somali militia forces, trained and armed by their regional sponsors have over several years systematically occupied large areas of Afar land killing and displacing thousands of Afar civilians from their ancestral homeland in the process. The same forces have also occupied vast territories belonging to the neighbouring Oromo Region in a similar manner. The Government of Somali under Mohammed Ziad Barre called both the Afars and the Oromos as their junior kin brothers in blood and faith. Hence, they identified them as Somalis, by calling them “Somali Ayka” and “Somali Abbo” respectively. They established Liberation Fronts in their names that were supposed to liberate and annex themselves to be part of Greater Somalia (Soomaaliweyn). This project failed and the unifying centre in Mogadishu disbanded, but the irredentist vision based on the idea of Greater Somalia never died. It is only to be implemented in a different manner.
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