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By Tadesse Yimer
Date: – April.10.2014
The existing political system in Ethiopia (TPLF Ethnocentric system)
Ethiopia is the second most populous country located in the horn of Africa with more than 80 million people and also more than 80 Nationalities including the two big nationalities Oromo and Amhara.  But more than 95% of the Ethiopian belong to the different nationalities have have continuously subjugated by the powerful minority from have Tigray by the name Tigray people Liberation Front (TPLF) over the last 22 years.
The present situation of Ethiopia,

  • No Rule of Law and accountability
  • No independent judiciary system
  • No  independent institutions
  • No free press and media
  • No fair and free election
  • The power is not in the hand of the people.
  • Even if there is the vast amount of natural wealth, Ethiopia remains one of the poorest countries in the planet.

EstayCruel and oppressive government of Ethiopia continuously deteriorating lives of its citizens from day to day.  Since the ruthless Tigray people Liberation Front (TPLF) held power in 1991, all Ethiopians regardless of their age, gender, educational background faced tortures, arrests, killings, loss of their homes and lands,thousand have left the country …etc.
 The country has become a battleground of pain and sufferings for its citizens under the suppressive immoral dictatorial ruling system.  In addition to the above-indicated problems, inadequate public services, wide spread unemployment, uneven distribution of resources and high level of corruption are unbearable conditions of the country. This condition has made a huge economic gap between citizens and it resulted in a severe absolute poverty. The corrupted and loyal slaves of TPLF officials have become multi-Millionaires while the rest of the people are not able to fulfill their basic needs.
Due to increased and unbearable poverty in rural areas of the country, high numbers of people are migrating to the bigger cities and towns. For instance, recently released information indicates that there are over 100,000 street children in Addis Ababa excluding adult beggars and homeless. Therefore, we can see that the number could rise over a million when all the regional bigger cities and towns street children, adult beggars and homeless added up.
 Human right violations In Ethiopia.
Now a days the right of citizen’s  is in the center of governance around the globe, but for the Ethnocentric regime in Ethiopia human right is a privilege granted by them rather than the right of citizenship
Continuous arrests, detention, torture and smother has become the main duty of the TPLF regime especially Amhara and Oromo people are more victims than the others have the past 22 years have been the most painful period in Ethiopia.
A week hardly passes without someone being picked up and detained by the TPLF security agents for one unexplained reason or another.
Ill-treatment is often reported by people detained for political reason, particularly in the capital Addis Ababa`s Federal police Crime Investigations Center, known as “Maekelawi “where most individuals are held during pre- charge or partial detention, Abuse and coercion that in The The two big nationalities, are the target of the TPLF Ethnocentric regim evils.some cases amount to torture and other ill treatment are used to extract Information , confessions , and statements from detainees.
Ethnic cleansing of my concerned nation Amhara people could be observed from two different points. The first phase is long term and well planned attack to reduce the future number of Amhara by sterilizing women in Amhara region the ethnocentric regime also attempting a systematic organized ethnic cleansing on the Amhara & Oromo’s
. A woman who injected or taken the infertility injection are not able to produce offspring. According to research done by Amhara youth solidarity movement, women from Amhara region told that, ‘’they have not seen children or a child in the village for years’’ .As it is clear to understand, intentional and planned ethnic cleansing is implemented through giving anti-birth drugs. The other Ethnic cleansing attempt against Amharas, is displacing the farmers who are living in different region of the country and thronging considering Amhara’s as an alien or second citizen to the land of Ethiopia.
The TPLF regim also arresting and torturing enormous numbers of Oromo’s.
The Oromo’s were been falsely arrested and tortured, killed and accused of being in contact with the Liberation front but most of them were innocent civilians. Those who had a chance to escape persecution and massacre were scattered all over the world leaving their families and homes to save their lives.
TPLF warmonger government that always encouraging the country to go to war with ists neibours for example Eritrea in the interest of TPLF leaders over 123000 Ethiopian militaries were died during Ethio-Eritrean war. The soldiers lost their lives for no national interest and nothing was resulted from the war except pain and sorrow for the families of died soldiers and the economic loss of the country.

Post-election massacre of 2005 (the Ethiopian police massacre):- As we all can recall, in 1997 E.C  TPLF police forces massacred innocent Ethiopias during  anti-government non-violent protest  in Adis Ababa . Over 197 people were killed including 40 teenagers, 763 people were badly injured and over 20,000 people were arrested.

TPLF terrified “Anyone who have connection with Ginbot7, ONLF, and OLF is a Terrorist!


The regime proclaimed anti-terror law to avoid a peaceful dissent according to the law
* Anyone who stands for its rights are a terrorist.
*A journalism who exposes what really going on is a Terrorist.
*An Opposition Party members are a Terrorists
*Any one who support or even have connection with Opposition party which challenges TPLF  is a Terrorist 

The PM Talks about Ginbot 7, ONLF,OLF “any one who has connections in practical terms with this Organizations will be punished ,their will be no excuses, you guys you can not walk Addis Ababa peacefully Now!” how dictatorial !

Land grab In Ethiopia
Cruelty of TPLF is displacement of citizens from their lands and homes. The displacement and villagization program in different regions has displaced native people from their lands. The regime is depriving small-scale farmers, pastoralists and indigenous people of arable farmland, access to water points, grazing land, fishing and hunting grounds. It has also has been moving people off the land into government villages to allow investors to take over the land. Wealthy nations and multinational corporations are taking over lands that are home to hundreds of thousands of ethnically, linguistically, geographically and culturally distinct pastoralists and indigenous communities. Most of their livelihood depends on the natural resource that found on the areas where they inhabited. When the land is confiscated and the indigenous community resettled in new area, there is no water and food or there is no enough grazing land for their cattle. The government’s widespread abuses of local people and its forceful eviction to implement its policies forcefully is endangered the life of communities who are dwelling in the area. Associated to this indigenous people eviction, the ethnic cleansing of Amharas from Benchi maji Zone and Benshangul Gumouz regions is an intentional crime of TPLF against the People of Ethiopia. Creating chaos and fabricated hatred propaganda among the people has become daily agenda of Ethiopian government to divide the country by ethnic and tribes. Not all the above-mentioned crimes, massacres and ethnic dividing propagandas were never happened before in history of Ethiopia.
The mission of Movement for justice freedom and democracy (G7

  • The primary mission of G7 Movement is the realization of a national political system in which government power and political authority is assumed through peaceful and democratic process based on the free will and choice of citizens of the country.

According to the mission G7 has set goals to struggle against the Ethnocentric regime in Ethiopia .

  • Goals:-

To create where power is obtained through the expressed will of the people in peace full, legal and democratic manner thereby making the current dictatorship the last in Ethiopian history.

  • To establish a forum where all political forces in the country can come together to form alliance on firmly grounded principle of democracy and the rule of law.
  • To build continuous among different stakeholders.
  • To build a society where freedom of expression is reported and a vibrant independent media will be allowed to flourish strongly.
  • G7 believe that if the Ethiopian people work together freedom from tyranny is inevitable, the establishment of a democratic system in Ethiopia is not a choice but an escapable part of our survival.
  • Repression resulted in massive exodus of thousands of Ethiopian into exile and rebel movements in different region of the country. Ginbot 7 movement for justice, freedom and democracy ( Ginbot 7 ) also one of the political organization  struggling against the brutal regime in Ethiopia.

The Ginbot 7 Movement envisions the creation of a nation wherein each and every Ethiopian enjoys the full respect of its democratic and human rights, achieves economic prosperity and social justice, and the respect of the citizen’s life, safety and human dignity
The Mission of Ethiopian satellite television media (ESAT).
ESAT is an independent media outlet establishes to promote free press, democracy, respect of human right and the rule of law in Ethiopia.
ESAT is powered by broad-based collective of exiled journalists, human right advocates, civil society leaders and members in the diaspora committed to the principle of democracy. Human right and the rule of law.
The Ethiopian Government controls all electronic media outlets. The state run media is solely focused on propaganda and shuts out critical views.
ESAT aspires to fill that void. So that, the Ethiopian people will have unfettered access to information, diverse viewpoints and perspective. Therefore, ESAT was established on April 24, 2010 to present accurate and balanced news, analysis and information, as well as entertainment, talk shows, documentaries and cultural programming pertaining to Ethiopia and the rest of the world.
Freedom of information is a fundamental human right. Every Ethiopian citizen has the constitutional and internationally guaranteed legal right “to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers and without interference, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through other media of his choice and without censorship in any form.”
People has become daily agenda of Ethiopian government to divide the country by ethnic and tribes. Not all the above-mentioned crimes, massacres and ethnic dividing propagandas were never happened before in history of Ethiopia.
Endless cry, continuous sadness and sorrow in the land of Ethiopia. Millions left their homes, hundred thousands were killed, No freedom, No security, No justice and Ethiopians lost their identity and dignity under TPLF rule. No words to explain our pains.