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Please watch this disturbing video and how our Ethiopian youth has been treated in Saudi Arabia

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By Obang Metho

This is one example of what has become of us Ethiopians under the ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF. Ethiopians seek freedom and opportunity or they would not run to the free world; yet, why not create the “free world” in Ethiopia?
If each of us pass on strength, courage and kindness, we would not allow one dictator or a gang of men with guns to control us like cattle in a cage, holding a whole country hostage and depriving the future from our children.
If your belief system does not value human life and standing up for justice for the people, you better look again and take seriously what you are practicing. If your belief system only applies when it is convenient or when you are under a short-lived crisis, one better re-examine one’s own commitment.
Much of what we are facing in our society results from a collapse of values and the moral willpower to uphold them making our country inhospitable to life.
Think about those Ethiopians who are compelled to leave Ethiopia for a better life not found in the country due to the pervasive poverty, poor governance, inequality, oppression and the lack of opportunity.
This exodus of our people is not only from one group, but includes the Oromo, the Ogadeni, the Amhara,…………..from all over Ethiopia.
Could we Ethiopians create a home for ourselves within our own country that could be hospitable to youth, our children and future generations? Is this possible?
If we do not want our people to lose their lives or suffer terrific abuses simply because they are looking for opportunity not available in Ethiopia, we must break this cycle of destruction now.