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‘Out of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope.’ By Yilma Bekele

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a stone of hope’ chiseledI saw the inscription ‘Out of despair, a stone of hope’ chiseled out of the rock that has the likes of MLK emerging. The boulder in the background is ‘despair’, and ‘hope’ is symbolized by by the slice of rock that broke off and moved forward. MLK led his people in their demand for freedom and equality and achieved many victories. He turned despair into hope. The quotation-‘out of despair, a stone of hope’ that is chiseled out on the side of ‘hope’ comes from ‘I have a dream speech’ by MLK Jr.
The monument to the great leader is in Washington DC and I had a chance to visit it this summer. When I saw it I felt at peace and and the despair that was building inside of me was replaced by a profound feeling of joy and the possibility that tomorrow is going to be a different day. It spoke to my Ethiopian situation.
Yes at times we all feel helpless and accept the notion that we’re condemned to suffer. The arrogance of the ruling group, the turmoil inside those that oppose the criminals coupled with basic ignorance creates an atmosphere of despair. Despair has been our number one enemy. Despair results in lack of focus. The absence of focus leaves the door open to all sorts of bizarre and negative ideas and people to pollute the environment.
Ever since 2005 the nature of our struggle has shown a qualitative change compared to times before that. 2005 gave birth to the new Ethiopia we want to build. We had gone through an Imperial regime based on the Feudal system, a military Junta masquerading as a ‘Socialist Republic’ and today a single ethnic based terrorist group bordering on Fascism coming to a close.
After exhausting all avenues to bring a lasting peace to our people and country we now find ourselves gearing for battle. It is no one’s first choice. It is a choice imposed on us by the TPLF mafia. Ethiopians are very patient people. We have moved heaven and earth to find a peaceful accommodation to avoid bloodshed. We have paid a heavy price for peace.
It is our turn to turn despair into hope. Our people are returning home. The time to walk away from Woyane atrocity and degradation is over. It is time to go back and talk to Woyane in a new language and that is what is being implemented on the ground. Normally the citizen communicates with those in power through the power of the ballot. That is the language spoken in most countries. It is not an option in our country. There is nothing degrading than being informed of a 100% victory.
Woyane has always said ‘if you want to share power, come and take it but by force.’ The dead PM used to say that with a smile. Your dream has come true dear comrade dictator. Arbegnoche Ginbar G7 (Patriotic G7) has started knocking on your door.
They know we are coming back. You can tell by the shrill voice they are appealing to their non friends to save them. Woyane does not have any friend. They are not capable of such human quality. Let alone with outsiders the average Woyane does not even enjoy peace in his own home. ‘Sick Dog’ perfectly describes Woyane.
The children of Ethiopia are once again on the move. Our fathers and mothers marched north to resist fascism. We their children are marching south to clean the fascist remnants that stayed behind. We surprised the whole world the first time around and there is no reason to think it would be any different this time.
It is history repeating itself. The Italians were organized, heavily armed and counted the British, French and Germans on their side. The Ethiopians were poorly armed, alone and have to travel by foot for hundreds of kilometers to confront the aggressor. Today as yesterday the TPLF Woyane have thousands of troops, modern jet fighters and helicopter gunships. The Americans, the Europeans and African dictators are on the side of the modern Askaris.
Once again we Ethiopians seem to stand alone all by ourselves. That is what the outsider looks at when they see the formation of the forces facing each other. But reality is a little different. Just as before we have millions of patriotic Ethiopians that when threatened and angry no force on earth would stand on their way. Today all Ethiopians are angry at the children of Askaris that have out lived their welcome.
We are hearing gunshots from the north. We are witnessing the joy of our people in the motherland and all over the world where we have been scattered by Woyane. Except for Woyane and their puppies I have not met a single Ethiopian that is not happy with the final decision to deal with the varmints once and for all. The announcement by Patriotic G7 that they have started the offensive against the minority regime has filled our heart with pride. Getting rid of Woyane has taken center stage to any and all other concerns.
We have entered a new phase in our quest for freedom and equality. The recent announcement by Arbegnoche Ginbot7 combatants that they have engaged the TPLF mercenary force in battle has taken our struggle to new higher plane. The culture of being a victim has been put to rest.
The presence of Dr. Berhanu Nega with our freedom fighters has ushered a new era in our quest for freedom. Patriotic G7 is a new form of organization that prides itself in painstakingly charting the road the movement will travel to achieve freedom and democracy for our people. As has been said many times before Patriotic G7 is not fighting to take power from Woyane warlords but rather prepare the conditions for the people of Ethiopia to choose their system of government and their leaders in a free independent environment.
The struggle ahead is not easy. The enemy has unlimited supply of money and foreign friends that would stand with the rogue regime until it shows signs of disarray. None of these factors would change our style of fighting or our plan for the future. The last twenty years have thought us the value of concentrating on our own efforts and our own strength. It is all about us not about them. The question in front of Ethiopians today is ‘how are you going to help those that are fighting on your behalf for your freedom and democracy?
Here in the West we are looking at a few of the response they have planned to thwart our struggle. Of course their first reaction was to ignore our freedom fighters. They found out that was only possible when they were the only ones with the media. ESAT, may God bless them and allow them to thrive, is our response. ESAT is not an accident or a foreign funded media but one that is born and lovingly nurtured by us the children of Ethiopia. We have acquired the ability to speak loudly on our own behalf. We have been exercising that right a few years now and you must all admit it feels good.
Woyane were forced to admit that Ethiopians are not lying dead any more but are shooting back to kill. Of course their version of events put the reality in a different light. It was the dreaded Shabia that is attacking them not Ethiopians. In the eye of Woyane Ethiopians are cowards that do not have the presence of mind to say no. This ‘blame Shabia’ will be taken to newer heights the coming few months. It diverts attention, is an attempt to rally Ethiopians against a foreign power and ultimately it is meant to put us down and call us cowards.
Their children in the US led by Aiga Forum are busy weaving such story. A few days ago they were attempting to show how a war with Eritrea is justified. They even predicted that ‘terrorist act’ would take place during Mr. Obama’s trip. If you remember Woyane planted explosives in taxi’s and blamed the opposition and thanks to Wiki leaks we were able to confirm our suspicions. Our advice to Woyane – the Americans know you better than you know yourselves and we suggest you quit this stupidity and put that explosive down before you hurt yourself.
It is sad that at a time like this when we need to gather our forces and concentrate our rage at the enemy there are some among us peddling worn out negative theories and using their little media power to undermine our effort. A couple of our so called ‘progressive media’ friends are employing yellow journalism and preaching doom and gloom. The practice of quoting Woyane media, hiding behind unnamed sources and using sensation to generate click for money is shameless and destructive. We have learnt the folly of being side tracked from the straight road that leads our people to enjoy life and liberty. We really do not have time for such game.
I can understand Woyane blaming others to divert attention and buy time but what I have a problem is with those that knock down our liberation fighters and minimize their gallant efforts. Are you telling us we Ethiopians are unable to fight for our freedom? Are you telling us that we are not smart enough to know what is in our interest? Why do you doubt the gallantry of our people and the pride of our nation?
Today even a visit by a foreign leader is is given such significance and becomes a talking point and further distraction from the ongoing inflation, repression and large scale hunger. President Obama’s visit is seen as an endorsement of all criminal acts by the regime. The way I see it, it is a proud moment for the first black American president to freely associate with his African counterparts and cousins from the seat of their August Organization in Addis Abeba. If it was in Lagos or Cairo he would have gone there. But thanks to the bravery of our ancestors that inspired millions of Black leaders and people to look at our country as an inspiration of hope and better times to come the founders choose Ethiopia as the Home base.
The fact that Ethiopia is the cradle of civilization and a nation revered by all black people the journey can be read by some as having a historical and spiritual significance to the young and graceful African American President.
As an Ethiopian my first reaction was that of utmost pleasure. To play host to the President of America is not a simple matter. When that person is Black and a very successful leader that has been voted to office not one but twice with a super majority makes the stop over very sweet and something to remember for all the Ethiopians that get the chance to greet him and show him what a wonderful people we are. My only regret is that I am not there to welcome good old Obama in person.
Some people did not take the news kindly. In fact some are using the visit to make a point about matters that do not even play any role in the context of the visit. There are those that feign to be hurt by his gesture. Most are crocodile tears shed while flying Ethiopian Airlines. While on the other side of the coin are Woyanes that use the visit to add significance to their miserable criminal life. In Ethiopia reality is replaced by numbers that is generated by the TPLF and confirmed by the IMF, World Bank and the Economist Magazine which makes it true and quotable. Damn reality.
The visit by President Obama is now being used to score a political point to show how much the government is respected by the international community thus deserving a visit by the American President.  It will be used to justify the 100% win, the continued killings and mass terrorism.
Both sides seem to miss the point. Obama is coming to visit the country Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. He is not coming to break bread with puppet HMD or have coffee with Abbay Tsehaye and his goons but he is coming to see our country Ethiopia. Ethiopia is way bigger than any one of us. Ethiopia – our country has stayed the same for hundreds of years. In fact isn’t that one of our core problem that is always hindering us from moving forward? Isn’t our resistance to change and staying the road even when it goes over the cliff that is causing such a good event instead of being proud that creates such ping pong situation?
We wish Mr. Obama a beautiful visit to our ancient land. We would also like to point out that the officials that are trying to have a photo session with him are legitimate candidates to the International Court of Justice. We also want to remind him that while he is attending all those lavish ceremonies most of our people go to bed hungry, our children do not have the luxury of basic schooling, and our young ones are dying in the jungles of Africa, the deserts of Arabia and the Red Sea. We would also like to point out like his people in the USA that fought hard for their freedom we Ethiopians are doing just that and would appreciate a little bit of empathy from our friends.
Ultimately the job to gain freedom can only be done by Ethiopians themselves. It is good if all freedom and peace loving people give us a helping hand. It would make the burden lighter and the job easier. We have started the journey and the choice in front of all Ethiopians is to stand with the freedom fighters or the Woyane warlords. May God protect and bless our freedom fighters. We shall win!