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Oromo Kilil and the Federal Government should be held Accountable !!

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Oromo Military
By Tedla Asfaw
Yes weeping with a Seattle mother in my apartment late in Thursday Afternoon is a day I will never forget and I am sure there are many like myself who wept too.
More than one month after the brutal killing of more than two hundreds in the Oromo towns in the Oromo Kilil and thanks to the journalists who have just come from visiting the survivors we are now  seeing the magnitude of the destruction and suffering of our people.
Getachew Balcha the communication chief of the Oromo Kilil is not happy for the survivors and the victims story to be told. When you see French President Macron flew to Beirut to console the victims of the Lebanon horrible blast in a day and  the Prime Minster of Ethiopia never tried in a month to be with the survivors of the Genocide in the Oromo Kilil it is clear that Ethiopia is in big trouble !!!!
 Where are we heading ?? The killing in the Oromo Kilil in the past two years alone has gone with no accountability.The attempt by the government to tabulate the dead by ethnicity and coverup the motto of the killers is disgraceful and criminal !!!
Here is the fact. The killers are Oromo youth. They know who to kill and burn whose property. Amharic speakers and Christians are targeted by the Oromo Mob !!!
The survivors story is good enough to file genocidal charge in International Criminal Court. Intimidation of the journalists by Getachew Balcha today is to stop compiling of such stories.
In any criminal investigation the perpetrators of the crime and the government, local, regional and Federal establishment of the security and justice will be seen for any collusion.
The Oromo Kilil leaders at all level has shown us in the past “Oromo First” is their motto. In practice it means  the land in the Oromo Kilil is for Oromos an the non Oromos political, economical and social participation is dictated by the Oromo parties.
Oromo Military 1
Ethnic cleansing of non Oromos is said in public by the leader of the Oromo youth in public, Jawar Mohammed ” Ethiopia Out of Oromia ” and the Oromo government call for Addis Ababa to be declared as the Capital of Oromo Kilil is the rallying cry of the Oromo Mob. Oromo Media Network (OMN) aired anti “Settlers” propaganda for inciting the killing and the destruction is well documented !!!!!
In any genocidal investigation the survivors and the victims family members can sue the Oromo and Federal government for preparing the ground for the genocide that happened in the last two years alone.
The cry in Seattle today is a cry for solidarity for the victims and their families. However, the Big Cry is the Cry for Justice. No one including the current rulers of the Oromo state and the Federal government are free from any criminal investigation. Victims will be heard !!!!!