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Open letter to the prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn

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Dear Mr. Prime minister
Greetings to you
Respectfully, I want to express my deep feelings about the public speech you made recently while you were addressing the “Siltie” zone people, at the same time to share my ideas and give comments about your insights regarding Ethiopians living in USA, Germany and Arab countries.
Hailemariam PMThe  contents of that speech concern every Ethiopian including me.  They were highly disgusing and shameful which we felt humiliated infront of the world.  The details you gave and the the explanation you made are generally anacceptable and hurtful.
The point you mentioned concerning the life of Ethiopians living in USA and Germany is completely wrong, and it lacks evidence.  Even though it is not reasonable to measure the value of humans with the materials they possessed (you did that), I can assure you that in those places there are so many Ethiopians having better cars than American and German citizens.  So, your argument about Ethiopians using faked photos (with a mecedes……) to show their living status is invalid.  Furthermore, as I am living close to Germany I always have  an up-to-date information about the situation of our brothers and sisters living there.  I know many of them lead a wonderful life while others live normal.  There might be some people who are located in a special accomodations due to some specific cases, still that is not bad as you mentioned, especially when it is compared with the life of many Ethiopians living at home.  But under normal conditions, the Germany government is not bad in handling foreigners, I have a great deal of respect to that.  You are right when you say ” Ethiopians in Germany live in ‘Heim’ “.   But, you are wrong when you say, ” ‘heim’ means a prison”.  Literally ‘Heim’ means home.  As a public figure, You need to be careful on what you say, and/or you need to refer books.  Your wrong translation of the word and communicating that to the public may backfire and cause unexpeted problem, atmost between the two friendly countries. In general as a senior government official, you are supposed to take the maximum possible precaution in your public activities.
On the other side, it is very well known that our sisters always run to Arab countries while they face difficulties of survival in Ethiopia.  They always pick this alternative as a last resort.  It is a pity that the country is not able to facilitate something that can reverse that. Bear in mind that, they decide to make their bread out of severe hardship (sometimes deadly) because they have no better option in their home land.  By involving in those hard works they support many famlies living with a limited income.  Moreover, they support the government by raising fund for projects.  We have the information that Ethiopian government recntely asked them to support  and raise fund for the Nile dam project.  For all these reasons, you were expected to encourage and appreciate them, rather than degrading and undermining them.  And the word you use to express the type of work they are involved, and the explanation you made about their situation, shows how impolite and careless you are.   It is a recent experiance that one senior government official at “Amhara” region offended the public openly.  The consequence that created and the response from the public was very difficult to normalize.  In the same way gathering the “Siltie”people you did similar attack.  It indicates that what type of people are leading Ethiopia.  Infact by doing that, you helped us to retract the tyrannical leadership of the late Meles Zenawi.  Apart from other deficiencies, he was very well known for his  nature of degrading and humiliating his own people.  As a learned behaviour from Meles Zenawi, you show your scorn to your own poor citizens.  By replicating his deeds once again you exposed to  the world that we have a totalitarian regime that reduces and dehumanizes its population.  We are lucky that you did not say anything bad about those Arab countries, while the response would be unbearable.  Our sisters still need a place to run at the time of difficulties.  Because your government never been able to facillitate conducive conditions to its citizens that enables to remain at home.
Regarding those assaults, the Ethiopiians living all over the world are currently expressing their anger.  From the points you mentioned, one can conclude that Knowingly or unknowingly you demonstrated your irreverence or disrespect to the Ethiopian people.
Dear Mr. Hailemariam, I have an exceptional view and thought about your activities in Ethiopian politics.  So, I decided to share you my points genuinely.  You came to this power very unexpectedly and that brought a big headache to the people around you.  And you are surrounded by extremley dangerous and merciless people.  They have shown their ruthless nature repeatedly, on their own friends too.  So, you are vulnerable to any systematic attack. And it continues until it fulfil its aim.  They use every tool, simple or strong, to expose your weaknesses. Obviosly, all events and programs that involves the prime minister are discussed and organized with a high profile.  you and your “subordinates” evaluate and approve it before it is brought to the public.  Suggesting and nominating you to address a wounded people and make a comprehensive hard speech is one way of exposing you, that practically leads to many mishaps.   So, it is known that the detail activities of the “siltie” program passed through many official evaluation while it is full of failures.  Do you think your collegues were not able to see the defects or……..??!!!  At the begining, addressing people at the zonal level for a simple festival was not a common responsibilty of a prime minister, unless you have an ample of spare time.  Yet, as a superior public figure and acadamic person, you are expected and entitled to make correction at all steps.  The negative public feelings that you create now, can be easily used as a reference to push you out from your position.
Dear Mr Hailemariam, I forsee you will end up being thrown out of  your superior position in a shameful way.  If you are lucky and more submissive (I think you are) you will have a chance of getting a lower rank position.  Then you will exercise the moral impact that the situation creates.  At the same time, the more you come down the more you have a chance to meet the “ordinary” citizens, but no more chance to attack and insult.  That give the people more chance to react and self-defence.
In general, we Ethiopians have suffered a lot in this so called “EPRDF”regime.  When you came to this power, some of us expected a change.  And you as a new prime minister have never done any thing different, even you broght the worse.  And from now onwards we do not expect any thing good from you.  We will have it by our own.  But, we are supposed to inform you and give you a piece of advice once again, if you are good enough to accept.
Never think of yourself as a free person unless you work with your own consciousness.  That means you are the same to us, except that you are in a better position to liberate yourself and the people of Ethiopia from a tyranny of a group of people.  At the same time, you can protect our people and beloved country from the inevitable disaster and bloodshed to come.  I affirm you that, there will come a time whch everything will be out of control.  We have learnt a lot from the Arab spring, and recently African spring . I feel you still have a chance to change the direction of our country.  Now while the ball is under your control, react very positively to this call, make systematic actions, and rescue the poor people of Ethiopia from this “Gugmangug” occupation.  By doing so, your name can be printed with a list of people who have done courageous works.
All the best of luck,
Ethiopia shall be free!!
Girum von Meklit