Open Letter to Tesfaye Gebrab

Tena Yestelen Obo Tesfaye,
By Tedla Asfaw
yesidetegnawIt is now Friday Oct, 11, 2013 to be exact 8:30 pm ET. I just have finished your book “YeSedetegnaw Mastawasha”. I read it posted on PDF. Sorry It has not yet been released for sale.
I started reading it around 9:30 am and stopped around 4pm on page 318. I read the rest of the book starting around 6pm. The book was easy to read but there are fabrication and lies.
You were not telling us your stay in Holland with your roommate with Alemayehu Mesel. It seems you tried to avoid that part. How is it possible to ignore this part of your story while you said a lot about people you met for a day or for few hours ?
You mention Kiflu Asefa the editor of EMF and Alemayehu Mesel on your asylum application as friends, Are they still your friends ?
When did you break up with Alemayehu Mesel ? Is that the reason you have not mentioned his name ? Did you edit your draft after you realized that Alemayehu has copied some of your hand writings secretly ?
What is the reason the Ntsanet Publishing Agency (NPA) pull the add about your new book ? Who is now the publisher ?
There are major fabrications and lies I observed on your book. The story of “Chaltu” in Addis was during Derg Ethiopia. That time almost students in schools were very active reading Socialist Books like Mao,,Lenin etc.The “Gala” insult in school Chaltu allegedly faced was not a norm at all. This is your own creation, a continuation of “YeBurka Zimita”. Amhara VS Oromo hate.
Addis Ababea junior or high school students at that time were intoxicated in class struggle. People were seen as “Teramaje” or “Adhari”. Ethnicity was not the driving ideology of that time. You forgot that it was a time of “Meret LeArashu”. generation.
“Ehaba” a word you equate with your made up “Dog” is an insult to the generation of EPRP which is known as “Ehaba” by the ordinary Ethiopians. What a shame and hate you have for this brave generation, ” Lehager Yemote Tewlede”.
As far as I am concerned your “Mastawash” as ” Sedetegna” ” is not more than a tourist travel experience from one city to another. Whoever met you on your way shared their thoughts with you. No one take this book as a historical fiction or history as you suggested. It is a travel experience.
i wrote this week a piece ” A one Way Ticket to Fatherland ” after I read Judge Woldemichael Meshesh piece about “Who is Tesfaye Gebreab ? ” based on your hand writings leaked by Alemayehu, “AleLeaks”.
tesfayeI “pray” for you to go to your “Fatherland” because you will not get anything living in Holland. Holland culture of tolerance is quite contrary to your advocacy of ethnic war between Amharas and Oromos and the disintegration of Ethiopia. Europe is now under European Union. You are not going to be happy with any idea of unity among people.Go to your Fatherland and help in propaganda work for OLF. You are not a person who care for human dignity. If you have courage you should have said a word in support of hundreds of journalists who
are suffering in Shabia’s jail for more than a decade.Your hate for Ethiopia where you grow up and blind love for your Fatherland is very common characteristics of most of the Eritrean people. Most Ethiopians do not care for Eritrea separation. The problem is you can not even live peacefully with Ethiopia under Woyane/Shabia control. How are you going to survive Ethiopia under nationalist government ? Broken up Ethiopia like that of Somalia is your and Shabia wish but one thing is sure, breaking up Eritrea is not hard at all. A person who is living in a glass house can not be the first to throw a rock in someones else house.


  1. One of the good comment that Tesfaye deserve to get. I’m living in South Africa, and I had a chance to know this man. Very arrogant. Once in a time he was trying to make a movie against Ethiopia, but he couldn’t accomplish it. And all his friends know that he can’t sleep unless he get drunk. This man ( Tesfaye ) is mentally sick. If I get a chance to ask him ( even if on the paltalk) I have a lot to tell him with an evidence that he can’t run away.

  2. First of all i would like to tell you nobody cares about your racial critics and no one give you a shit because you re nobody.Tesfaye is great artist and he will continue forever. If you want to learn critics read Abraha desta critics other wise shut your dummy head donkoro.

  3. I have finished tesfaye’s book too and got interested. As per chaltu’s story it is what many of us faced. i think tesfaye identified the man from merahabit as logical which seems for a fear of opposition from amhara camp! Unfortunately not escaped from these hateful arrogants!

  4. Thank you mr TEDLA ASFAW showing a great courage to write about TESFAYE GEBREAB while the so called Ethiopian News Media websites shut their mouth even to post the article of JUDGE WOLDEMICHAEL, It shows that these medias have no principle at all and we will never forget what EMF, Ethiopian Review, ECADEF did
    Ato Tedla true the story of CHALTU is written to incite OROMOS against AMHARAS, I hope we can hold Tesfaye responsible for the hate crimes he is committing on his books starting from YEBURKA ZIMITA sadly by writting such kind of pieces he can touch the heart of OLFites who are dreaming persecuting Poor AMHARAS based on their fabricated Historical facts and we should hold these OLF Historians accountable too we should not let TESFAYE and OLFites to shade the blood of AMHARAS who have enemies like ARTERA, OLF, SHABIA, TPLF etc
    thanks MR TEDLA

  5. ato tedla, i admire your dedication to the struggle in ethiopia and you are doing such a fantastic job from your area and keep it up. btw it is good that you read the book so quick and i like the fact you brought some challenging issues from the book and have challenged tesfaye however you seem like you are one of those naive diaspora ethiopians who are trapped in a hate pot, as a result just because you may have seen some bad eritreans you tend to hate all eritreans which is a sign of naivity and unwise. there are some non tigrians who have a hate towards the whole tigrians just because weyane is in power but the fact is that the weyane evil members are tigrians but all tigrians are not weyane and there are some who hate oromos and there are some who hate amahra and others…and this kind of emotional driven hate makes all of us just a blind fighter …and you should wake up and stop generatlizaion and stop being driven by emotion like a retarded bug, in stead use reason and logic to convince others as you partially do….

  6. How can one support one ethnicist against another ethnicist of a different order? This is the core problem of Ethiopian poltics. Tedla Asfaw bashes Oromo elites while praising Amhara elites and Amhara poltical organizations. The problem of Amharas with Tesfaye is the fact that he, unlike Amhara journalists and historians, delved into the rich untold histories of the oromo people. Apparently Tedla Asfaw is also a reminant of EPRP. We all know the relationship of EPRP as a poltical organization with the Oromo people.

  7. I wish i have the gut to finish reading this book like u did. i’m stuck on page 105 after chaltus story. i’m oromo and I know such stories but here its too exaggerated for Tesfayes obvious wish of bloodshed. Chaltus case is may be his own fiction from the stories he heard while in Ethiopia. Why not looking at the good people like her aunts husband and teacher Tsegaye? he didn’t want to give emphasis on those parts couse it doesn’t fit to his evil intention for they care about the girl regardless of their ethnic back thing more, he got it wrong about her aunt also. since when an oromo family ( well the story is about oromo thats why i said an oromo family if it was an Amhara or tigre and vice versa i wud have said an amhara familyl… ) tell their children to say i forgot oromifa and don’t try to speak it again, forget your oromian culture bla bla bla? it would make sense if it was the husband saying this and portrayed like a monaster by our so called hero Tesfaye. For those who think Tesfaye is an Advocate for Oromo and Oromia i invite u ” Alagaan Alaaguma maltu alaagadhan fira jedhe” haccalus new song.i wish we stand together and see the truth not just follow our emotion and mislead by such “borbuari”. One love!

  8. tedla asfaw wosen, it is clear from your name what you are upto. The fact is that tesfaye gebreb is, and will remain, a true friend of the great oromo people. In fact, it goes without saying that all his publications will be sold, read and rearead over and over by millions. i envisage that one day tesfaye gebreab will be awarded the greatest oromia hero valors, nishans and titles.
    Obbo tasfayee jabaadhu. nuyi oromoon kumaatamaan lakkkaawamnutu siin wajjin jira. hojjii keetiif galatoomi.

  9. why the amaras are exerting a concerted effort to present tesfaye ,who openly talked about your savage to denounce at this particular juncture .because you already know that he would bring the attrocities of amara to public .whatever you do , you will not deter him from publishing your cruelity .rather you makes us to read his books so that to know exactly what makes you to bark like a dog .I read his book and i came to know the suffering of the harere people .if you want to live in harmony with the rest of the ethiopians you need to admit your fault and ask forgiviness , the only sole means towards reconcillation .the way you trying now to stiffle dissent will not bring any worth impact .take a bold decision ,admit the horrible attrocities that you had done and should ask forgiveness .you need to address the problem why you are hated by the ethiopians .you have to come to your senses and behave accordingly .

  10. Great Tesfaye! Some people are naive and stupid about politics. Do not give them attention for their stupid comment

  11. Bilen you seem to be a stupid retard woyane/tplf. if any one is to apologize, it is you and your agame clan, Amhara people have done nothing to apologize. If saving Ethiopia from the foreign invaders is a crime, your clan the agames are the ones who should be apologizing for a treason they have committed against Ethiopia and Ethiopians at large so spare us your low life propaganda and leave the proud Amhara peaple alone, Tesfaye Gebreab is a known banda who is a shabia agent. now that part of his evil work is known, he will never do the damage he has been doing thus far.

  12. I will not only buy this book but try to distribute to my friends in Finfinne. My people must know what is behind the evil amhara elites in killing my people sprit. Let the mask is uncovered and see for what you are. You are backward who cannot qualify to be elites. Oromo shall prevail from this brutality.
    Chaltu story is told by an academic Geresu Tufa, Geresu has no reason to lie. We should understand behind the ethic genocide done against my clan of glaan and abichu (ofcourse the Gobena Dachi clan is completely destroyed by Amhara elites). The guy you love so much has no even able to save his immidate relatives.Tuf you city bozene, I am sorry that the poor amhara is represented by ignorant people like you.

  13. Tedla Asfaw,
    An old man from New York, an EPRP gunner, must have been living in USA hoping to go back to Ethiopia in old feudal form. That picture conjures a sense of happiness for the Amhara elites while it generates anger and determination among the marginalized people including Oromos. The Amhara poltical elites have now transformed themselves to a gang of cry babies at the emergence of other poltical leaders outside their control. They do not have a vision for the future of Ethiopia outside their imaginations. Luckily they are strengthening other non-Amharas to devise their own way of communicating.

  14. I am getting fed up of these Oromo separatist thugs. By the way, where is Oromia? Who gave you this territory? When was the last time you lived as a nation? Do not act like you were a nation once like the Israelis? Do not bullshit as if you were referenced in the Bible. If you do not like to live together with other Ethiopians, then you can go back to Borena where you spread out to invade Ethiopia. Do you really think we Ethiopians will let you have a territory you occupied with the help of the Turks & Ahmed Giragn? Learn to live peacefully and in cooperation, or you will be kicked out of the land you brag about to a corner of Borena. Then you can grant asylum to Tesfaye G/ebab.

  15. ……Chaltu’s case is common for all people coming to Addis and have accent. It is exagerated. It was the young generation misunderstanding. In the wonderful book of ‘lijinete’ by Zenebe Wola the son used to lough at his father’s accent of ‘ pirpir’ for firfir’. Both accent and name discriminations were common for all those who have differnt names than what was common in Addiss. But Tesfaye as always try to make it a unique only Oromos problem
    …. In the ‘father’s land chapter he tried to use every available nice adectives to describe how nice Eretria and Eriterians are. But he made character assassinations to almost all Ethiopians he mentioned directlly. or indirectlly
    ………He used other Ethiopians to help him say what he wanted to say.
    ………’lij Tekle’ be careful of the shabia snake and I thank you for sending 100 USD for Geresu. We, Amharas and Oromos shall calm down take the lead of the region.
    ………He tries ti make a fighting point for Oromos and Amharas here and there but chapter 29 & 30 are his maximum
    ………Gurages, Hararis & Wolaitas were made part of the hate game

  16. It is amazing how people react quickly for the fabricated lie of this Eritrean man. He doesn’t even know his exact age, let alone about Ethiopian history. Some foolish guys want to buy his books and distribute to their friends in finfine which is Addis. My Oromo friends please stop to react quickly. This book is written based on false information under the influence of beer and chat. It is intended to divide the people of Ethiopia. You need to stop and think before you commit another crime just like in Bedeno and other places compelled by his false information…Yeburka Zimita. If you want to know the real history, read Dr, Fikre Tolossa’s research papers. Then you’ll know the truth and the truth set you free from your hateful thinking.

  17. Is it me or have you guys observed the fact that whenever there is sensational news this cetain Tedla Asfaw is the first to add fuel on the fire. He seems to thrive well in negative and tit for tat medium. At one point he pleaded for the chairman of Ginbot 7 to apologize to the public.
    i appreciate your effort in activism for democratic change in Ethiopia. But you got to learn to be less vindictive. that is becoming the defining feature of yours. Every time i see your name, i never expected substantial piece, rather something or some body’s scathing and brutal criticism. lighten up man. and you don’t necessarily have to insert and throw yourself on every issue. you get enough attention with few postings…

  18. Mr. Tedla Asfaw…..
    Ahiyawun tito dawulawun….say the Amhara….Please do not live in denial. Your utopian Ethiopian never existed….The majority lived and still live in that country as second and third class citizens. I can relate to the Chaltu story that you are denying….this happened to me in the 1980s right in the heart of Oromia…Addis Ababa U. Face up to reality… not live in illusion…

  19. Nobody want to make a revenge based on a writer. You guys either don’t understand Oromo culture or you are ignorant. What we are saying is this problem exists and it might not be even amhara who is doing this. It can be anybody including oromo such as the unt of Chaltu. The main problem is the system has purposely did these himulation for its own benefit. Dictatotrs always hate the people. This book must be published as it tells the story of part of the people.
    Betti, few years ago your backward elites are telling us Oromo languages are different and they ca not communicate between the 12 regions, I hope you did understood that these backward elites don’t even know the people with whom they lived with. I think you need to study deep into those stupid writers as they have no ethcs of truth in their life time. With their leadership, we lost ports and stability in the horn of Africa.Make sure your elites have hands in Somalia problems. Now they are deeply working to alinate Oromo from anything.
    As of deporting or finishing us, I think your king did killed 5 millions of us and we are still there. I don’t think you can able to do that again. We are African and the kushland belong to us which is south of egypt, if immigration is concerned I think it is the semetic race who crossed from yemen and settled between us. Therefore, you better live as good guest integrated with us.

  20. It is some of woyanne thugs commenting in this Piece that Tesfaye G/ab fabricated for the sake of his fatherland not a Minute for the Oromo ethnic
    that was his political assignment as proved from his Hand written materials.If some of you are real oromos you still does not understand what the Basic of Ethiopian history is all about except being told form fabricated lfits to gain momentum,or like always living with a sold Soul for illitrates woyannes like H/Mariam Desalegn and Kuma Demeksa.
    Ethiopia will prevail with ist brave sons and daughters
    as you are Standing with one leg in your graveyard.

  21. It is really sad to see the so called Ethiopian Independent News medias shut their mouth about TESFAYE KORIT WHO have only one and one objective as he put it on his own hand writing to DISMANTLE and DESTROY ETHIOPIA, yet these news medias not even dared to either ask him to admit or deny about the documents persented against TESFAYE……
    ECADEF, EMF, ETHIOPIAN REVIEW, ESAT they both muted about this important finding about the NUMBER ONE ENEMY OF ETHIOPIA, TESFAYE KORIT who has been preaching HATE against AMHARA PEOPLE to serve his FATHER LAND ERITREA, our so called NEWS MEDIAS should be ashamed of themselves and I PROMISE for myself not to read these medias anymore THEY are irresponsible and corrupted individuals who are not even enough to be called as HUMANS with conscience They all know TESFAYE KORIT is the dangerous person who is working to make Ethiopians kill each other yet they don’t care .
    Btw TESFAFYE KORIT whenever he writes about Eritrea and Eritreans he described them as intelligent and smart and confident however ETHIOPIANS are dumb to see this

  22. Guys, nobody kills anybody for this. I am an Oromo and support OLF fully. But this writer can not instigate any war between ethnic group.
    Chaltu story is very common, she might lose all the economic and social benefit that she came from Oromo background, however death is very extereme. I think Tesfaye made this to show how it can hurt her. But he mentioned it is true story told to him by Mr. Tufa (a renown academics).
    Why this book is helping amaha and guraghe more than it helps Oromo.
    1. You can understand that there has never been true Ethiopia.
    2. Ethiopia is a mask that subjugated the majority. (do u wonder if the country is the poorest, even poor than Somalia?, If all the government infrastructure is used to supress the majority, socially (language, culture), economically (keep them poor, uneducated, keep educated elites in prison), there is no magic you can expect growth for Ethiopia.
    3. Most oromo can not read the Geez, probably only city boys read it.
    4. Oromo are not violent people by nature as they give more chance for peace. This is true, although non want to believe this because they hate oromo people, in Oromia still today many new immigrants within the country prefer to go and live, work there more than any region. No body cares, but they want us to speak their language which is no no after 1991.
    5. No body take fiction seriously, ex. Ye Burka Zemeta is also a true story,but nothing happenend because of this book.
    6. Thereofre, calm down and try to understand why these TPLF elites like the judge used to do on 45,000 oromo political prisoners

  23. come on people come out of darkness,help yourself with this book and appreciate the writer. it’s not time for ignorance.

  24. እኔ በብሔር አማራ ነኝ። ያደኩት ከኦሮሞዎች ጋር ነው። አብረን ተምረናል። ረጅም ዘመን ኖሬአለሁ። እንደብሔር ኦሮሞ ደግ ሕዝብ፤ ጥሩ ሕዝብ ነው። ኦሮሞዎች አማርኛ 2ኛ ቋንቋቸው እንደመሆኑ መጠን በተሰባበረ አማርኛቸው መሳቅ ወይም ማሾም መኖሩ እርግጥ ነው። የተስፋዬ ግብረ እባብ ትረካዋ «ጫልቱ» የሆነችውን የሆነ ሰው አልነበረም ማለት አይቻልም። እዚህ ላይ መጥቀስ የማልፈልጋቸው ነገሮች መኖራቸውን መካድ የኅሊና ሸፍጥ ነው። አሁን ማንሳት የፈለኩት ነጥብ ሁለት ነው።
    1/ አማራው፤ ኦሮሞው፤ ሌላውም ብሔር ቢሆን ከገዢ መደቡ በስተቀር ደሃ፤ የመጨረሻ ደሃ ሕዝብ ነበር። እንዲያውም ከኦሮሞው ድህነት የአማራው ድህነት ይከፋል። የአማራው ድህነት መክፋቱ ቀዬውን ለቆ ይሰደዳል። ኦሮሞው ግን በለምለሙ ቀዬው አርሶና አርብቶ መኖር የሚችልበት አቅም ነበረው። በአማራ ስም ስልጣን ላይ የነበሩ የፊውዳል ገዢ መደቦች አማራውንም ረግጠውና መብቱን ጨፍልቀው፤ ኦሮሞውንም በማንነቱ ንቀው ሲገዙ መኖራቸው በዚህ ዘመን በእነሱ እዳ የሚጠየቅ ትውልድ እንደሌለ መታወቅ አለበት። ስለዚህ አሁን መደረግ የሚገባው ያንን ቁስል እያነሱ መቆራቆስ ሳይሆን ችግሮች ቢኖሩ የስርዓቱ መገለጫ እንጂ የተለየ ብሄር ተጠያቂነት ስላይደለ ወደፊት ሁሉም በአንድነት፤ በእኩልነት፤ መብትና ማንነቱ ተከብሮ የምንኖርበትን የጋራ ሀገር አዲስ ስርዓት ከመፍጠር ውጪ ቁስል በመጎርጎር ፈውስ አይገኝም።
    2/ ተስፋዬ ግብረ እባብ ኤርትራዊ መሆኑን አልካደም። ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ደግሞ የማንነት፤ የመብት ጥያቄና የነጻነት ጥያቄ መኖሩ የስርዓቱ ብልሹነት ያመጣው ጣጣ በመሆኑ ጉዳዩ የኢትዮጵያውያን ብሄር ብሄረሰቦች ጥያቄ እንጂ የኤርትራውያን አይደለም። ስለዚህ ኤርትራዊው የማንን ኢትዮጵያዊ መብት ለማስከበር ነው ደፋ ቀና የሚለው? ኦሮሞዎች ስለመብታቸው ነጋሪ ያስፈልጋቸዋል? ኦሮሞዎች ስለጭቆናቸው ታሪክ የመጻፍ የአቅም እጥረት አለባቸው? እውነታው አይደለም። ነገር ግን ተስፋዬ ግብረ እባብ በኦሮሞዎች የጭቆና ቀንበር ስር ተሸሽጎ የራሱን የአባት ሀገር ጥቅምና ኅልውና ለማስከበር የሚሰራ ቅጥረኛ ነው። የትግራይን ክልልና የአማራን ክልል አልፎ የተስፋዬ ግብረ እባብ አባት ሀገር በድንበር፤ በባህል፤ በቋንቋ፤ በትውልድ፤ በመከራውና በችግሩ ከኦሮሞው ጋር ተካፋይነትም ይሁን ተጋሪነት የለውም። ኦሮሞው ከመሰል ተጨቋኝ ብሄር ብሄረሰቦች ጋር ያለውን ግንኙነት ለጋራ ግብ ማዋል ሳይችል ቀርቶ ከተስፋዬ ግብረ እባብ አባት ሀገር ጋር በመዋዋል የሚያመጣው ፋይዳ አይታየኝም። እንደብሄር ክፉ ብሔር የለም። እንደስርዓት ግን በብሄር ስም የቆመ ስርዓት ሊኖር ይችላል። ስለዚህ አማራውን ጠልቶ ኦሮሞውን ነጻ አወጣለሁ ማለት ሁለቱንም ብሄር የሚጎዳ ውጤት ማምጣቱ አይቀርም። ተስፋዬ ግብረ እባብ ደግሞ ይህንን ይፈልጋል። አባቱ ሀገሩን የሚያሰጋ ሕዝብ በአንድነት አይኖርማ!

    • ato kam tesfaye ‘gibre ebab’ ketebale ante gibre zendo siyansih new. esu sirahin gelete (betinishu) geletse enji min aderege. ewnetin lemenager degmo hilina enji zeginet ayasfeligim.

  25. Kam put it very perfectly ,please avoid emotion and think reasonably non of us elected to be the tribe or nation what we are today .It is also contrary to the law of God or science that one nation or nationality be oppressor & the other oppressed it is individuals who do good or bad and the entire nation can’t be responsible .
    Guys we are in the 21st century ,it is very premitive & unwise to find an 18th century solution for a problem of today
    Lastly ,Tesfaye should not be our subject any more , but we might read his book if we have leisure time critically but should never be a point of discussion or dont to use as a reference because thanks to Judge W/michael we know him who he is .

  26. My fellow Ethiopians,
    Last thing I remember thinking about Tesfaye Gebreab is that he deserves a second chance. That was my conclusion after reading his first book and listening to the interviews he gave to opposition supporters.
    I am one of these supporters and was able to identify myself with his thoughts. He also managed to win the sympathy of many (he is indeed humorous and master of expression) and left us with an impression that he has embarked a new chapter in his life that was contrary to his recent past as a weyane stooge and servant at the same time.
    I began reading “Yesedetegnaw Mastawesha” and someone brought the Chaltu story to my attention. This segment of the book is outrageous, obscene and light years away from reality.
    What is driving this man to fish in such dangerous waters?
    What is his true intention?
    He owes us a clear answer!
    I am from Addis and like almost everybody know of the blatant comments and ugly jokes that are told now and then if someone’s origin is from this and that ethnic group or if a person has a strong accent and of course comes from the countryside. Such things are not different to what is happening in the rest of the world and they are never meant to promote hatred. The Ethiopian Diaspora can tell countless stories of being stigmatised wherever it is located (for being Ethiopian or Black). It is not easy to forbid stupidity in any society.
    Tesfaye entertains ideas that trigger negative sentiments in order to facilitate or promote a conflict agenda between Amaras and Oromos. I say with certainty that he has abandoned his Ethiopian identity that he boasted nobody can take away from him. it turned out to be a masquerade.
    Tesfaye Gebreab never desreved a second chance!!!

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