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Open Letter to Netsanat Publishing Agency (NPA) fromTedla Asfaw

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Dear Publisher,

liveI commend you for removing the ad you posted for the coming of “YeSedetegnaw Mastawesha ” a new book of TesfayeGebrab from your Web page. Tesfaye Gebrab is forced to put his book to be read freely on Internet. I myself read the book last week. I encourage all to read it. To neutralize his “poison” we need to know it very well.
The more people read his book the more people will realize that Tesfaye Gebreab drive to “write” is his hate towards Ethiopia. He strongly believes that Ethiopia should be dismantled into  ethnic bantustas/Kilils to realize his beloved Oromia.
Ethnic bantustaization has been  enshrined in Woyane Constitution of Article 39 and forming the ” New Ethiopia” into different “Kilis” in the name of empowering nations and nationalities is now more than 22 years old. It is a model after fascist Mussolini Ethiopia.
Tesfaye has been working for the last 22 years to make sure that “Oromia” should be cleansed from Amharas. His antiAmhara hate manifesto  what he called  “historical fiction”,  “YeBurka Zimita” , was financed by Woyane/Shabia.
Tesfaye  broke  away from Woyanne after the Badme War, 1998-2000 and has lived in exile since then. To win the support of Diaspora Ethiopians he wrote  about Woyane by picking friends and bad guys. Many of us were cheated by “YederasiwMastawesha”.
This month “Yesedetegnaw Mastawesha” was published by you  as Tessfaye admitted on the following interview.
There is no doubt that you and the author agreed later not to distribute the book. You thought that the controversy will go away. The  public was left to guess what happened between the two of you. No accountability and transparency.
Ethiopians will not let this “conspiracy” go without accountability. You need to inform us what has happened. Teasfaye new book is  a sequel to “Yeburka Zimita” hate book. How dare you publish this book seeing what the public saw thanks to the leaked document of Tesfaye’s own hand writings.
How could it be possible then  to sell Tesfaye’s  other books by NPA ? If you have the interest of Ethiopia and Ethiopians you should remove all Tesfaye’s books from your Website. “YeGazetegnaw Mastawasha ” is a not anti Woyanne  as most of us believed, it is a pro Shabia anti Ethiopia poison covered in anti Woyane jacket.
NPA to get credibility  has to come out in public. There is no place to hide. Who owns NPA is a first question that demanded answer. Is it owned by anti Ethiopia groups if not then it is easy to distance itself from Tessfaye Gebrab in public who is an anti Ethiopia foreign agent.
Tedla Asfaw