Open Letter to Netsanat Publishing Agency (NPA) fromTedla Asfaw

Dear Publisher,

liveI commend you for removing the ad you posted for the coming of “YeSedetegnaw Mastawesha ” a new book of TesfayeGebrab from your Web page. Tesfaye Gebrab is forced to put his book to be read freely on Internet. I myself read the book last week. I encourage all to read it. To neutralize his “poison” we need to know it very well.
The more people read his book the more people will realize that Tesfaye Gebreab drive to “write” is his hate towards Ethiopia. He strongly believes that Ethiopia should be dismantled into  ethnic bantustas/Kilils to realize his beloved Oromia.
Ethnic bantustaization has been  enshrined in Woyane Constitution of Article 39 and forming the ” New Ethiopia” into different “Kilis” in the name of empowering nations and nationalities is now more than 22 years old. It is a model after fascist Mussolini Ethiopia.
Tesfaye has been working for the last 22 years to make sure that “Oromia” should be cleansed from Amharas. His antiAmhara hate manifesto  what he called  “historical fiction”,  “YeBurka Zimita” , was financed by Woyane/Shabia.
Tesfaye  broke  away from Woyanne after the Badme War, 1998-2000 and has lived in exile since then. To win the support of Diaspora Ethiopians he wrote  about Woyane by picking friends and bad guys. Many of us were cheated by “YederasiwMastawesha”.
This month “Yesedetegnaw Mastawesha” was published by you  as Tessfaye admitted on the following interview.
There is no doubt that you and the author agreed later not to distribute the book. You thought that the controversy will go away. The  public was left to guess what happened between the two of you. No accountability and transparency.
Ethiopians will not let this “conspiracy” go without accountability. You need to inform us what has happened. Teasfaye new book is  a sequel to “Yeburka Zimita” hate book. How dare you publish this book seeing what the public saw thanks to the leaked document of Tesfaye’s own hand writings.
How could it be possible then  to sell Tesfaye’s  other books by NPA ? If you have the interest of Ethiopia and Ethiopians you should remove all Tesfaye’s books from your Website. “YeGazetegnaw Mastawasha ” is a not anti Woyanne  as most of us believed, it is a pro Shabia anti Ethiopia poison covered in anti Woyane jacket.
NPA to get credibility  has to come out in public. There is no place to hide. Who owns NPA is a first question that demanded answer. Is it owned by anti Ethiopia groups if not then it is easy to distance itself from Tessfaye Gebrab in public who is an anti Ethiopia foreign agent.
Tedla Asfaw


  1. From GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay);
    Good job Tedla. There many subversive agents who collaborate with enemies knowingly or unknowingly. It is time to pick those who collaborate with enemies to challenge them to stop aiding enemies. Keep doing the good job Tedal. That is what we need! Have you heard that monkey called Weldemichael defending Eritrea taking Spencer as God’s word to leave Eritrea alone? We have many Woyane soft head who were easily pumped up by enemy propaganda. Let us not give this subversive agents who confused our youth who are demoralize and degrading Ethiopia’s legitimate issues. The hero/herons of NaKfa and Massawa and Dogaly can’t be degraded by this monkey mouth who is defending EPLF propaganda who hold Eritrea as hostage.Thanks.
    Getachew Reda

  2. yes he is Zerga betam yemgermaw degmo Amarn kemetlato weda ortodx emnat gabeto ye Tadkanocn taryk mabasheto betam new yazenkot. abzecy yawkoke yehnen book sanbew new. ye Ethiopa AMELAK AYTGAM

  3. የቡርቃ ዝምታ በፈጠራ ወሬ የተሞላ አይመስለኝ::
    ሌላው ኦሮሚያ ምና ምን ያልከውም ያለቀለት ጉዳይ መሆኑን ማን በነገረህ?

  4. Mr. Asfaw what are you talking about ? are you trying to stop the publisher from
    doing his job because you have a problem with the author? I just can’t believe what I am reading these days. You guys live and work in the free world and you still didn’t get the idea of freedom of speech or press. I wonder why you are advocating for the release of jailed journalists while you are doing the same thing here except that, unlike woyane, you don’t have jails.

  5. The habasha kids, days you jump on Oromo people is gone never to come back again. No body touch those who respect and live by the law. Those “Gala Geday” etc will be soon removed from the country. Oromo love peace, but once awaken, you can not able to give aneststic by diverting issues like Somalia war, Ertrea war. Oromo issue became the forefront that is going to shape Ethiopia forever. We can be either federated within Ethiopia, or if you don’t like this we will go like the Eritrean path. I am sure u know this from the bottom of your heart.
    Tesfaye book would help the amhara and others to understand the situation of most people and help in the federation building. However, what you are doing is to bring unitary system , destroying the federation by hiding the truth, but for sure that will bring us to independent republic of Ethiopia very fast. Mark this for ever action there is an opposite and equal reaction.
    Your elites did all to supress afaan oromo. Today see the difference, we don’t use the backward Geez. There are more books written in afaan Oromo than the total books written in Amharic and Tigre in the last 100 years. You will die just burning like the hell.

  6. I had sympathy for tesfaye .I like his literary skill and I thought he realized that he made some mistakes and try to correct them. What judge woldemichael wrote about him and the evidences shows that he is in the mission of disseminating anti-amhara sentiment to make his Eritrea has no a potential threat. Read his new book.Atleast in three different chapters he depicted amhara as a barbarian and he seems he shows sympathy to the oromos and the hararis.This is one of his age-long strategy to create anomysity between oromo and amhara so that Eritrea benefit from this. Please read chapters :CHALTU ENDE HELEN,JEGOL,ANd ATSEDE ADWA.In the last chapter with his Tagay Atsede he condemns Ethiopian army fighting for the sovereignty of the country and he sais shabia fight against Ethiopia was a just path. He even belittle my beloved Ethiopia. This guy should not be allowed to deceive us.

  7. Good work tedla, we should fight these anti-amhara racists including tesfaye. They are non-sense and greedy. They want to destroy the ethiopian unity by creating hostility between oromo and amhara people.

  8. I am very much surprised by some people’s thinking ability. Why are you tags being annoyed by Yeburka Zimita? It is a true reflection of the long standing conflict between Amharas and Oromos. ”Fes yalew zilay ayichilim” endemibalewu teretachu hono new inji ewinetin metsaf tilachan ayasayim. Ayizoachiu ke oromia anitergachihum tsebayachihun kasamerachu, timkitegninetachun kaltewachihu gin ayikerilachihum.
    The more people read Tesfaye’s book the more they understand the truth.

  9. ye ayet miskir dinbit ale….the freaking idiot and moron Getachew Reda is screaming hard to support another Moron Tedla Asfaw for fighiting Tesfaye….what a bunch of idiots…..currently is it tesfaye or weyane who is killing, torturing and abusing ethiopians? is it tesfaye or weyane who is removing poor farmers from thier land and sell it to india and chinia, is it tesfaye or weyane who is abusing and killing ogaden, oromo and others? is it tesfaye or weyane who is torturing and killing our muslim brothers now? is it tesfaye or weyane who is controlling the entire economy and leave ethiopians to die with starvation and unfordable cost of living? so how the hell any rational person can scream against shabia, tesfaye, kenya or what ever…while weyane is destroying our country….unless some one is weyane or unless some is a freaking idiot retarded MORON like Tedla and Getachew Reda…there is no way one can scream day in and day out about Tesfaye and shabia while weyane is all over ethiopia with full destruction and crimes…..

  10. Tedla Asfaw,
    You have become a barking dog of Neftegna remnants. The so-called “democratic” web sites should have put a gag on your scribles if they were truly concerned about the picture of the country they claim to represent. The fact of the matter they are all collaborating in the chauvinistic and nausiating presentation of the Oromo people. What they failed to understand is that Oromos and Oromia are not going to be punching bag of Neftegna politics of the past and the present. We are serious. Tedla masqurades as a human rights activist while living on an ill-gotten social security in USA .

  11. Tedal and Getachew why don’t you retire because your idea is too old. Tesfaye is a guy who should be appreciated and commend. Blaming Eritrea must stop instead learn from past mistakes and change to accept the reality. Ldomination of one group over the other in the name of union is old fashioned come to your grips and show courage to make Ethiopia the land of free and equal than poaching an individual who shade his view Tesfaye scores high you guys are losers.

  12. I have been listening to and reading the rubbish pieces of the So called retarded Judge Meshesha, Tedla Asfaw and all other rifrafs.
    I came to the conclusion that the demise of your beloved Ethiopia as you knew it is nearing and your shaky screams from all corners your refuge is the symptom preceeding that ultimate demise. Similarly your fear of Tesfaye Gebreab’s works is finally becoming beyond your control either to hide it or to stop the desired consequences of Tesfaye’s works.
    Bravo Tesfaye Gebreab! when very few Millions are trying to tarnish you the many Millions are adoring you for the very project you have embarked to unmask the injustices perpetrated agains the Oromo people for over a century in the name Territorial integrity. For Oromos their territorial integrity was completely annihilated 130 years ago: Finfinne has become Addis Ababa, Bishoftu was renames Debre Zeit, Adama has been baptised as Nazereth. The list goes on. Then, whose territotial integrity is the anti-Tesfaye gibberish about?
    We know very well and we have working towards ending the agony: an attack against Tesfaye is tantamount to an attack against the 40 million Oromo. Look at all of your comments and cries: whenever you curse Tesfaye, the next spice to it is mentioning about the Oromo whichever way you thought it was fit. Nonesense!
    I read all of Tesfaye’s works. Ye Burka Zimta is not a fiction it has been and it is a realty. Thank you Tesfaye for arousing those Idiots from their fortresses of denial. The last one, ye Sidetenyaw mastawesha” is brillinatly formulated and mixed with historical, antropological, political and personal dimensions of our realty. It was a breath-taking reading to the end. It is very unfortunate that you did not make any money out of such an excellent work because of those blood sucking parasites including the very Judge who was supposed to abide with the ethics to his profession to let free expression alone. But you have a very large readership and supporters at the same time.
    Judge meshesha is the residue of the Amahara elite. Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf still circulates and in some cases is being used as a text book in some classes of political philosophy. Still there are idiots out there who deny the Holocaust in which over six million Jews were exterminated.
    The Holocaust denial is analogus to the denial of Ye Burka Zimta even if the magnitude varies. They can deny but we do not forget. That is it.
    Note: An attack against Tesfaye Gebreab due to his writings about Oromo issue is tantamount to attacking the 40 Million Oromos. This the main consensus in the Oromo Camp. Caltu’s predicament (Caltuu inde Helen) in Ye Sidetenyaw Mastawesha resonates in all Oromo souls across the spectrum. Judge Meshesha is rather insitigating genocide, not Tesfaye Gebreab.

  13. Dear all this book shows the retealities southern people werw living under colonial power of habashstan or abyssinia.Nothing news.Everybody knows that oromo suffer a lot because they have the richest land in ethiopia,gold,agriculture…..
    Now the solution is not to ignore the past but to build better futur for our children.We have to succeed to build a federation of free people ,equal citizen.
    Mr Getachew and Tedla Minilik ethiopia is dead if you are enough clever we can
    build Walelegn ethiopia .

  14. Its a clear evidence how dangerous and backward these Habesha of the Amhara decent are. They are against feedom of expression. They don’t even tolerate the slightest idea that questions their belief. Oromos be aware of the danger coming from this group. Tedla Asfaw is one ignorant, narrow minded, bigoted and backward individidual. This will come and bite you one day.

  15. Thank you MR. Tedla Asfaw for exposing this idiot Tesfaye G. All Tesfaye wants is to make trouble or confussion between Amhara and oromo. Oromo people dont think Tesfay is supprotive for oromo struggle. The main purpose of his writing is so that amhara and orom will kill each other and then he will bring his uncle and cousin to Addis.Any one who like to see Ethiopia dismantele is a moran or worthless.Some idiot will keep dreaming but, that will never happens. I thank you again MR. TEDELA for outstanding piece of information.Maybe him and Jawr Mohmeed will be invited to OLF annual meeting

  16. Dear Tedla,why don’t you write in Amharic instead.its poor English.I advise you to write in Amharic.still Tesfaye is better than you at least he contribute a lot for Amharic literature by using Amharic language.even if he did a mistake.

  17. Can anybody blame Amahras after we seen what the so called Tigri, Eritreans and Oromos can do. Making up history doesn’t make you any better than what you are. Just because you believe fiction doesn’t make it true.
    As to Tesfaye, if he Shbiya it is well and good. After all the people in Eritrea are running out faster than ever from Shabiya, fortunately most are back to Ethiopia. As those that claim Oromia, unless you want to make the people refugees in their own country you should fight for democracy. But, since you don’t have the propensity for democracy you will soon learn the hard way.
    Tesfaye will die before he set foot in his father or mother land, and those of you who claim Oromia will die in Western countries living off the tax payers. It is good you don’t set foot on African soil let alone Ethiopia. People that live in the West and insult people in Africa don’t deserve either.
    Insulting Amharas shows you are accepting your inferiority more than anything else just like Woyanes. Proud Oromos don’t insult their people and country. May be, if you stop prostituting for the Arabs and Westerners you may feel better about yourself to love your people and country. You can cry all you want but it is the truth.
    Good for noting

  18. Tedla Asfaw is bold.His head is bald, and his english is, well, boldly poor.
    Why dont tedal try to write in his native language, whatever that is?
    And what is the deal with the bald picture of yours Tedla? I mean who want to see your bald head showing all the glory of poor boldnesd, uh?

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