OPEN LETTER TO: His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz

His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz

4002 Blacksmith Drive
Garland, TX 75044
November 12, 2013.
His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
Bin Abdurhman bin Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah bin Mohammad
Ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kidane Alemayehu

Re: Saudi Arabia’s Abuse of Human Rights: Is This How Your Country Pays for Its Gratitude to Ethiopia?

Your Majesty,

Please permit me, Your Majesty, to express my humble compliments and to bring the following serious predicament to your kind attention.

Your Majesty should, I feel sure, be aware of the desperate situation being encountered by thousands of migrant Ethiopians in your kingdom these days due to the atrocities and abuse of human rights inflicted on them by members of your Kingdom’s police force and associated civilian youth. It is common knowledge reported over credible international media that innocent Ethiopian migrants are imprisoned unjustly and without basic facilities; women are raped; many are beaten severely; and, worse still, a number of migrants have been killed. It is well known that the action by the Saudi authorities is not consistent with international law.

Your Majesty is aware of how Ethiopians welcomed refugees from Mecca with the highest respect and dignity when the followers of Prophet Mohammed were persecuted by the Arab authorities during the 7th century AD. Your Majesty knows full well that Prophet Mohammed had advised his followers, including his daughter Rockeya and her husband, to take refuge in Ethiopia where their rights would be respected. Over 100 such refugees lived peacefully in Ethiopia for 15 years until peace prevailed in Mecca and Medina and they returned with gifts and good wishes from the Ethiopian emperor.

2 When most of the Arab Peninsula, including Mecca, was under Ethiopian control during the 6th century AD and earlier times, Arabs were never treated in such a hideous manner.

In these modern times also, it is well known that Saudi Arabia is blessed with opportunities of investment in Ethiopia as well as ownership of a huge land area which Saudi Arabia utilizes at minimal cost for agricultural purposes. Opportunities also exist for an expanded collaboration between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia in an atmosphere of mutual respect and interest.

Taking the above consistently positive response by Ethiopia, I wonder, Your Majesty, how your government would permit such atrocious crimes against innocent migrants including pregnant women. Therefore, I herewith appeal to Your Majesty and to your government as well as to the international community:

  1. To immediately cease the abuse of human rights against Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia;
  2. To treat the migrants with the respect that is due to them in accordance with international law;
  3. To ensure that the Saudi police force and others responsible for the abuse of human rights committed against Ethiopian migrants are brought to justice without any delay; and
  4. To ensure that those Ethiopians who suffered injustices in Saudi Arabia are duly compensated.

I do trust, Your Majesty, you will accord the attention that this urgent situation demands and hope that a prompt and effective action will be taken.

With the utmost respect,

Kidane Alemayehu.

CC: Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn, Ethiopia; and Chairman of the African Union

CC: President Barack Obama, USA

CC: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, United Nations

CC: Commissioner Nils Muiznieks, Human Rights, Council of Europe


  1. Does the old goat give a rat about this letter in the first place? Poor “kidan Alemayhu” The Ethiopian regime does not even react appropriately to this massive act of human rights abuse by the Saudis. I just pray that the saudis some day be treated in the same way when their oil wells drie up.

  2. I just want to tell you that most of the illegal Ethiopian in Saudia Arabia are making fuss. They have started to smash cars and people. today one Sudaness man was killed by them. You should also ask them to stop violence.

  3. The SAUDI government knows about these crimes, maybe it was orchestrated by government it self to please and show support to Egypt in order to creat social and financial instability in Ethiopians in order to interrupt the mega hydro dam project on Nile.

  4. Smith,
    Are you surprised that the Ethiopians who have so brutalised have taken steps to defend themselves and I think you know where the blame lies and it is squarely on the shoulders of these brutal thugs.
    We need the ethio in Saudi Arabia to give the personal details of all those who have perished, brutalised and raped so that some form of legal action can be brought against the Saudi govt as they saw fit to turn a blind eye.
    It is harrowing to see our countrymen persecuted in such barbaric ways.
    I agree the situation is complex. The Saudi have told the migrant community to regularise their status and those who cannot have to leave the Kingdom. I understand that many Philipinos and Indonesians have returned. However our compatriots have been unable or unwilling to return.The Ethio embassy should have foreseen these problems. I really think the lawyers in Ethiopia should document the suffering of the returnees and a class action can be brought in international court.
    Please let’s not politicise this. For once our difference should not come between us and we should stand together. I don’t think demonstrations are enough. We need to find ways to register our protest in a way that the Saudis will take note. The international media will only listen to us if we provide them with the harrowing footage and only then would the Saudis listen. In the long term we need to find solutions to slow down this massive exodus of people out of the country. The young and able leaving in droves due to hopelessness. I don’t think it is enough to say it is poverty. There are many poorer people in India and Bangladesh but they do not leave in such a manner.
    Peof Paul Collier’s book the Exodus talks about how the existence of a diaspora encourages migration as it reduces the cost of migrating. Maybe we in the diaspora should discourage our people to leave and instead ask provide them with financial support for them to live there. The international evidence show that those who have money do not travel far, the stagger to the neighbouring countries.
    May God Bless Ethiopia

  5. Hey smith,you are saying that they have to stop protecting this idiot arabs action,you are so funny,and how do you know they kill sudanse men???you try to divert peoples attention on other side,i think you are an idiot arab,one day you will see and we ethiopian destroy this uneducated and uncivilized peoples from our land too,and we ethiopian never ever forget this terrorist peoples kill our helpless citizen in their country,we never forget mr,or mrs,smith.

  6. He will not read your letter. He will take your letter as an insult since it is from whom he sees as a sub-human. I can tell you for fact how such Saudis thinks of themselves. They regard themselves as a true Aryan race. Just look at what they tried to do at the outbreak of WWW II. Iran, Iraq, and some groups in Syria were trying to align themselves with the Nazis. The then Saudi King with all his 300 lbs lump of human flesh was mulling to disassociate himself from the allied countries. He gave refuge to a proven Nazi saboteur Fritz Grobba after he led an attack on the British oil pipeline in Iraq. These are fiendish side of humans wrapped up in the Dark Age garbs with thought process that is more than 14 centuries old. They have declared religious war in the form Wahhabism. They are financing terrorism through their Wahhabi networks throughout the world. They are resolved to turn the world into a single faith society in which one and only one religion is tolerated. Those who refused will be chopped up, that is what they are telling us all. They are perpetuating a culturally backward nation which has been an incubating ground for terrorists. 15 of the 17 hijackers were Saudis. They still chop the heads and limbs of human beings as the main method of punishment for crimes committed.

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