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Open letter to all Ethiopians around the globe, the Ethiopian Government and Sheikh Alamudi.

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Greetings to you all,

First thing is first.  These two issues below have to be  done immediately in order to save the lives of our people in Saudi Arabia.

  • We need to get UNHCR, Amnesty International, Red Cross and International Labour Organisations to visit the prisoners in Saudi immediately.   Ethiopians who work in these organisations, you can play a great role here!
  • We push for the 23,000 or so Ethiopians to be repatriated immediately.

The first one should automatically trigger the second process.  As you all know, gross Human Right violations is being committed on our people in Saudi Arabia.  As we are the poorest of the poor, no International media has paid much attention so far, even in death and tragedy, there is order and hierarchy to get a turn in the news- such is the order of this cruel world! But they will come, this cannot go unnoticed and unpunished but we have to stand together and do it ourselves!!!!

The 25,000 Ethiopians are in Jail.  Their crime is they have no legal paper.  For that the right thing to do would be sends them home ASAP!  The Saudi kingdom has no right to round them up and put them in prison!!!    This is against International Migration law!

Sheikh Al Amoudi is conspicuously quite on this despicable national tragedy.    As the connective man between Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia, sir, you have a moral responsibility to intervene in this madness.    You are also the connective man for Saudi companies and investments in Ethiopia; so you can play a role of peace maker if you wish to.  The least you could do is  charter cargo ship and get them  to Ethiopia in no time- that is not too much to ask is it Sheikh?  Here is your chance to do real humanitarian work for your people.

As for Ethiopian government, stop adding insult to our injury – PLEASE. The beating of Ethiopian demonstrators outside Saudi Embassy in Addis Ababa is an unforgivable I repeat, unforgivable insult. We are deeply, deeply hurt by your action.   It has never been heard anywhere in the history of states/ society relations where the state turn on its people when they demonstrate against a foreign country.    I know your business and investment interest from Saudi Arabia but how can you wholesale us nationally like this for money?  What is the matter with you? Do you have an ounce of national pride in you? You are also parading yet again, another toothless, graceless, inept diplomat on television being bullied to apologise by an Arab journalist.

He struggled to say what he was apologising for, when pushed, he more or less did apologise by saying “wrongs have been done by both sides” That was so painful to watch. Really it was.   Where do these individuals get their diplomatic training? Where is their humanity to their fellow citizens? Remember the other diplomat in Beirut some two years ago, when Alem Dechasa was dragged on the street of Beirut and the indifference he was shown?  Cry Ethiopia cry, your children are being slaughtered in Arabia and their bodies rotting in the mortuaries unclaimed by your government.   Cry to Ethiopia cry when is this injustice going to stop, when mama when???????

Enough is enough.  Just like the Saudi kingdom, we also demand from you to STOP, STOP STOP humiliating us both In Saudi and in Ethiopia. There is only so much abuse and insult any given society can take and no one, I mean no one on this planet has been so humiliated like we Ethiopians and hell knows no fury like an Ethiopian scorned!


Faithfully yours

Wounded Citizen