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Your Holiness,
My name is General Lema G/Mariam
Nationality: Ethiopian
Age: 97
Religion: Protestant
As a young soldier, I was one of the victims of the atrocity of Fascism, probably the only one among a few survivors from the battle of Maichew, of 1936. This was my first experience of war. I witnessed the deadly poison gas, yperite raining from aircrafts, which was a routine of the Fascist warfare. As a result of the acidic- rain, my eyes were affected and I was nearly blinded and made unconscious.
Providentially, when I regained my consciousness, I found myself in the middle of heaps of dead bodies of humans and pack animals, scorched by the blaze of bombs and toxic gas. It was a horrible scene. A few distances from me the Red Cross tents of Russia and Sweden and the entire green area were aflame.
Your Holiness, the accusation of the Vatican for the collaboration with Fascism is hard to believe, but there are proofs that some Cardinals and clergy had rallied behind fascism, among them, the Cardinal of Milan, Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster. In addition to his anti Ethiopia campaign, the Cardinal was photographed with war generals while others were photographed next to Tanks, Machineguns, and the Army, which were on their way to invade Ethiopia.
As Your Holiness is aware, his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI had apologized to the Jewish people in the year 2000 for failing to take action in challenging the Nazi, though the Vatican had not collaborated with Hitler.
What would God say when the Vatican confessed to the Jewish, but not to the Ethiopians?
I have learned about your reputation through the mass media that you are a man of many firsts. I hope and pray that you will add more to your great achievement by apologizing to the Ethiopian people and peace loving people at large.

General Lema G/ Mariam
General Lema G/ Mariam

General Lema G/ Mariam
Enc. 1, two pictures: one when I was in the battle field in
military uniform, and the other with Medals of Honor.
2, Testimonial from President Tito of Yugoslavia.