One Ethiopia Under One Game

ESFNA 30th Opening Ceremony DC/Maryland 2013By Ruth Lema,
Editor’s note: the write of this Critical Essay, Ruth Lema (picture) is an Ethiopian-born girl who came to the united states at the age of 2 and has never returned to her native country. Ruth is now 16 year old. She wrote the piece exclusively for EMF.
There have been known tensions between people of different religious as well as ethnic groups among the Ethiopian community in North America, nonetheless however one is characterized in a milky way of worlds, one thing is universal: a love for soccer.
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  1. Dear Girl,
    It is true the government has its problems. But it is not muslims or christians the problem. It is islam. Islam does not recognize u as human being. That is the crux of the matter. No matter what your muslim friends says to you, Islam is the most hated religion on our planet because it is the most primitive and barbaric religion. you do not see people hating any religion except islam? why? It is Islam itself the problem. Yea, Ethiopia has to be cleaned from islam. It is not a religion; it is an Arab political agenda. It is not true Ethiopian muslims and christians lived in peace. We made them kneel down after they burnt our 400 000 churches. Gragn burnt 400 000 churches in the entire Ethiopia. What we have today is something left over after fire. I know a church build inside cave which was used to hide Ethiopian manuscripts. Our people has to transport from Harare , Shewa, Gonder, Jojam our manuscripts and hide them in caves in Tigrai. Gragn has burnt our history to ashes. Islam must be eradicated from Ethiopia. The Ethiopians who sheltered islam did a big mistake and gave this world terrorists of islam.

  2. Ruth, you are a remarkable young woman who articulated well about what make us a true ethiopian. You, like many ethiopians represent not one but various ethnic races and cultures which enshrined in our unique identity and feelings towards ethiopia and its people. Ruth, one thing which unite us a people is because of ethiopia’s long standing history and culture which is unique in Africa and long standing independence which enable the country and its people to keep the identity of the nation for a long time. Ruth, please continue your contribution about in highlighting ethiopia’s culture, history and way of life especially for the younger generation of the diaspora. And, I hope this will be enhanced if you make an effort to visit your birth country one day in the future. Goodluck.

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