OLF still maintained not Functioning Ethiopia but killing Ethiopia

By Biraanu Gammachu
Kampala,  Uganda
Dear Naomi Y, I welcome your reaction, appreciates your attention, and hereby thanks those audiences who reached me with their intriguing and constructive feedback on my recent analysis: [Ethiopia is significantly a making of Oromo].
Here’s a short hint to help you read me well and thus clear your alleged misconception and misrepresentation.
Well my piece was, yes mainly about OLF, but did explicitly reject other significant endeavors neither of recent nor all along both at home and in the Diaspora. Take my word I will join you and we revitalize it.Ethiopia
As you [Naomi] acknowledged it I had been in the Ivory-tower for quit good time and you’re right for sure that I know what I am talking. Reinventing the struggle not augmented. Key personalities in the group have been at odd for free-ride on power and command on OLF as a brand.  They opted to maintain the status quo than altering recourse for better. Intently coming to the public is therefore a last resort, preceded by significant internal reform efforts. More importantly down the road we [I think you inclusive] witnessed that we are largely on a fault line.
Hope you don’t expect me to spoon out the details and that how OLF’s version of ethnic nationalism did not enter into regional or/and global dimension. Its relevance has been under scrutiny even among radical Oromos. It is in fact unfortunately in most aspects contradicted itself; and blindfolded persistent inquiry in to the bigger picture. You are well aware that we could hardly find concrete witness better than Obbo Lencho Lata [ODF President] former olf deputy secretary regarding OLF’s paralysis and failure, who was honest to himself and the stakeholders. To mention few many Oromo graduates who joined and left it, Oromo’s public discourse are all manifest to the assertion. In my short analysis I indicated the failures intensity, but though I reserved from exhausting never ruled out the gains. Alleged equation of OLF’s failure to Oromo failure cannot qualify much as an inevitable implication can be spotted.
I understand you are well versed on important heterogeneity between OLF and Oromo. TPLF and OLF are mutually-formative though the former is a title-holder. Imprisonment of Oromo dissidents will continue; for TPLF to undermine its power contenders and for OLF to refresh its relevance. For that matter it’s up to you, your likes and us to come out and influence the discourse. If you did not confuse on the above conceptions hence nowhere in the piece mentioned can amount to denial of Oromo people’s continued struggle for freedom, democracy or justice. However, I am explicitly against unabated political enterprise of disintegrating Ethiopia and unhelpful move by hatred, vengeance and negative sentiment towards particular social group which has been uphold by OLF. I am about contributing my level best in bridging gaps among the ‘camps’ contrary to as infamously you wondered if I am footing in to the ‘other camp’. I am about rejecting premeditated unhealthy capitalization on our few differences in our social setup, questioning exclusive perspective and ill reference to wrong past to justify ones position today; thus claiming wrong future. Further, I called up on fellow youth and colleagues for self-introspection and revitalizing and adopting home-based inclusive non-violence struggle against oppressive regime.
I did not make either a blind rejection on the past but I objectively reasoned as follows and indicated way forward; “Historic Ethiopia in mind, let’s blame no particular social group as a sole liability to an injustice or oppression but our less accommodative and less tolerant institute of governance [social, political, economic and environmental interaction] induced by our collective or individual behavior and attitude. Our past is our collective history; no group is exclusively free of blame because everyone must have something to account for it. Therefore, the war should be not on social/ethnic or class manifestations but importantly on behaviors and attitudes that habitually embeds and institutes our thinking. Reactions against wrong tongues and actions are mainly emotional, unsustainable and quick fixes, then [w]e have to work to together to change our mindset”.  
But on any account the above paragraph in quote and the preceding assertion, given you read me well, cannot be justified to fit in to […denial is not an option] frame much as you tried to paint it so. Few who had subscribed to your view implicated me of switching ‘camp’. Well holding my opinion close to my heart I am trying to reach out to relevant audience. It was meant and served the purpose intended. Otherwise I could have just pegged it on to a wall in my own bedroom. Therefore, I don’t see any problem seeking an audience for something worth public domain. Folks get me right; you are simply either substituting away the sensible issues hanging around or futilely trying to jeopardizing the message employed.
I am not convinced if you [Naomi] believed that one group is justice giver on one hand and the other group is justice receiver on the other side in absolute terms. It is a variation of time and magnitude otherwise the groups were victor and vise versa.  This is not only on Oromo-Amhara plane. Many inhabitants and peoples in Ethiopia are structurally made to be in odd terms to one another. At the end of the day the beneficiaries are those few who have been standing tall on such an ill-project. But I agree with you that we need national reconciliation. This was why I made clear concluding remark; “We [People of Ethiopia] shall continue as a Whole. Tolerance, Respect, Dialogue, Compassion, Humanity, Forgiveness and Togetherness should be the order of the process.
On Ethiopia’s political discourse, my take is simple and clear. Ethiopian Nationalism is the way forward. In this move we will be all winners. You can proof me wrong. In the analysis made before I deliberately neither outlined work plan nor listed points of negotiations. So I don’t know why you’re so worried of bargaining power. I simply at least beyond wishful thinking indicated its necessity and possibility. It is the best alternative. It’s practically but should be struggled for.
While ‘insidious Anoole’ and the likes are hot at home and in the Diaspora, for some of you [olf brainchild] I know I must have tickled your patience because you fed on the worst version of it. You can hardly imagine standing with someone whom you’re told to hate or you already called an enemy to hold as your comrade. But this is what it really means and it takes to stand for human values and sacrifice for genuine change. The late Nelson Mandela shared dinner and livelihood with those who killed his fellow Africans, those who killed his comrades and those who blindly imprisoned him for 27 years. We all Ethiopians regardless of our social setup (Afar, Somali, Gumuz, Tigre, Amhara, Oromo, Hadiya, Walayita …) should join hands to quest for better Ethiopia. The center of the matter is our mindset.
You [anybody who doubts Ethiopian nationalism can work] are never given chance to imagine the other side or maybe you did not bother to do so. Of course these are some of the ugly faces of Us and Them politics where you are either a friend or a foe which is a complete mess. We must [all stakeholders] in that case first unconditionally accepts that we belong to the House then it would be easy to sit and dialogue on the rule of the House.  You can jump to probe how? Why? Who? When? I insist, look at things around you critically. Be honest to yourself and judge. We sacrificed a lot on our own, for our own side. The return was little and unpredictable. That is a chapter by itself. Now we should face another chapter at different configuration, scope and target.  Vow we [those in fresh unity] shall pay cost in unison for our common assets. The return will be big and predictable. This is just a simple highlight. It sounds incomplete and hasty to outline on how Ethiopian nationalism can be asserted short of proper engagement of the stakeholders. But there are commendable initiatives underway to this effect back home and at the Diaspora. Surely circumstances are leading us to such a forum. I am hopeful; Ethiopian Millennium generation will move on, and some time to come we will say ‘The Ethiopian odds, yes we won’.
Ethiopia is undertaking unavoidable transition; harvesting significant internal and external resources, revitalizing local capacity, and playing before powerful eyes. But she still has unwarranted corridors and black holes where political opponents still fugue to fit in. Equally important, power contenders’ unsound excuses in forging and coalescence resources against the regime which gave it safe haven and encouraged its indefinite grip on power should be overcome.
Presumably politics is a game with various players; comprehending relevant internal and external dynamics, and compromising on better tomorrow is an inextricable phenomenon. But power holders are playing on our weak differences and freely riding across our shallow strategic thinking.
Hope I shaded light on the discourse, and refreshed you.


  1. Hay Boy,
    Do you really know what you are writing? Do you realize that your immatured and incoherent rubbish altogether is a disseervice to your versin of “Ethiopian Nationalism”? Do not bother poor Biraanu, Ethiopia has well positioned and refined intellectualls whose subtelety you did not even imagine, leave alone comprehend them.

  2. Dear Birhanu Desta:
    It was good for you if you come up with true name and true identity. You came up with fake identity but clear motive and clear goal. I know and you know that there were more than enough trial time that we made to negotiate and to come up with feasible plan that help both of us. But your culture and value could not allow you that. You are born to be skeptical. You have used oromos to grab power again and again, I would say you enough is enough. Gobena fought for you and you grab the power, Kuse fought for you and you grab the power, Haile Fida fought for you and you grab the power. Now are you dreaming to make oromo your torjan horse? You tried to use Kemal Gelchu to twist mainstream intrest of oromos very recently, after losing mass support now you are urging for new dialogue. No power in this word would stop oromos from gaining their God given natural right whether you call it distegration of ethiopia or whatever. Let me ask you one thing, if you really love Ethiopia let us change its name to Oromia, make its official language afan oromo, change its flag in to oromian flag. then we will also say “ethiopia le zelalem tinur like you”. Would you agree with this terms and conditions? is so we can discuss and make true dialogue. I advice you not to wast your time with fake names like professor fidadu lemessa, berhanu gemechu etc. no one will buy your desparte and loser begging.

    • caalaa i already have troubled to wright your name i dont know what kind of name is that but this is my question to you how sure you are that changing ethiopia name to oromia would satisfied you do you know what you are saying? why you so narrow nationalist and thinks your way or the high way let me ask you a question where is oromia you cant just make oromia out of nothings i dont know how old you are but that is another subjects i never seen a province nor geographically area that called oromia just like amhara does,t exists and oromia does,t exists too. and you want to change the language but did you know the significant of language ?it is communications and we got language that well established with it is own alphabets and why you want to change that who are you any way ?you should have ashamed yourself, if is that what you want to be happen in ethiopia and how you are going to do that you know some one like you it is better not to west his precious time on stupid things because i dont think you will see that happen in ethiopia and if you keep having this me mentality you might not see ethiopia at all because you to radical fanatic you dont have a place in ethiopia

  3. Dear writer
    I do appreciate your opinion. If you are genuine oromo as you are saying and Dr. Zelalem need to work together it looks like we guys are trying to come up with long lasting solutions for the country. But have the following two reservation on your write up which made me suspect you being oromo:
    1-most oromos in my opinion share most issues raised by olf, but their difference is how to solve these problems. Solving the problems within Ethiopian context or seeking solution for oromo only (separately). ” your brainchild of olf” does not take you long. You need to change this try to be accommodating.
    2-you need to associate at the same time disassociate with separatist or unionists existing groups. I mean don’t annex yourself with both. Try to work with people who are seeking new solution and new frontier to solve the country’s past and present problems.
    Otherwise I say salute.

    • ewnet
      I concurr- but you need to be more respecting when you write. I do not like your “your brainchild of olf”-phrase. this sounds arrogance.

      • Dear dof
        It is not me who said “brianchild of olf”, it is the writer (see paragraph 11 of the article above). I was also telling him the same. Anyway thanks to you comment

  4. Dear Caalaa,
    Biranuu Gamachu is his real name. He well known to most of us and he did not hise who he is. He is just as naked as his ideas. He is a mediocre young man with a completely exagerated self perception thinking that he knew so much of what is best for everybody.
    Just leave him limping, he has nowhere to go.

  5. @Caala, It is ur right to suspect the author. But what make me surprised is the level of fear u have towards consollitary writing from that of Birehanu Gemechu. Do u think all Oromos think like u think? In the first place feel confident and strong like ur fathers-I mean if u are real oromo. Cowards are not real oromos. But it is known that there are many oromiffa speakers who have radical political position about independent oromia instead of free oromia, are actaually not oromos by blood. Are u one of them? When I see ur cowardice towards different views, I suspect u as non-oromo.

  6. Dear Birhanu, One way to be loved by Habasha is to bash OLF. This temporary honeymoon would not last long . This tactic was employed by others and it is not surprising. Most of the persons that use this method has been thrown out by others; and while most of them came back to Oromo camp others was unable due their humiliation and ashamed of them selves. Your is not different. If you believe this is the way you can support your refugee life, it makes your future life miserable. Here is where people filtered who go through hard times and who surrender for timely problems. What you have to do is just eat what thrown for you and pray for 44 Tabots to save your beloved Ethiopia. Other than this you have no means or power to save it.

  7. This is a good move to have honey moon with Oromo haters. Well come to the Eutopia world.
    By the way the imprisonment of oromo didn’t start with TPLF. TPLF intensified it with the help of neftenya (whom u wanna be associated with in the article), the best remedies is to kill the empire, centralized Ethiopia and promote union with oppressed nation , at least we sure know that the infrastructure would be damaged for once and for all. Can u imagine the hate that most habasha has for oromo? I think either you are lying to yourself or u r confused,

  8. Dear Biraanu thank you very much for your well versed and well thought ideas. Pls keep up the good work. Thank God that we have people like you who are open minded. The funny thing is the way these extremists respond to your articles. They don’t have anything to challenge your idea except saying you’re not oromo. Do you think an American can not study about German politics and suggest idea. And do you think oromos don’t have the right to think differently. Do you think every american is supporter of democrat. Come out of your hatred and try to be accomodative and tolerant. Chnaging side is not a sign of failure but a sign of maturity. We will see a united ethiopia with Oromifa as one official language and you won’t have anything reason to bark.
    God bless you Beraanu.

  9. Dear readers,
    Holding of “National Reconcilation conference” I believe helps to pave the way for forming a democratic environment within the different opposion parties. Once common understanding is reached and trust estabilished, useful measures to benefit all follows. Let us all, encourage the stock holders to convene reconcillaition conference as soon as possible. All will be winners. Let us not drag it any more. May the Almighty God help us all. Amen.

    How could you blame Oromos/OLF ?
    Even though it is the Amhara Dominated Governments since Menilike era who failed Ethiopia and made ETHIOPIA the most impoverished country in the world.

    • Dear Zizi
      You have very good point. Thank You for understanding. Birhanu has made it very clear and real. I wonder why- the few Oromos- make their noise as “Habesha Habesha” …. We need to get stronger to stand firm such minor segments of the oromos, and Indeed few arrogant groups from “Amharas”. We have so many good people with extra ordinary thoughts and understandings from all groups, but we are still lose. We need to unite to make a real solutions to our people and country. We have no choice to keep our people and country safe. Such arrogant and narrow people are evils always attempt to plan somethin undoibale and unworkable to our society. Consequently- they continue to aspire hatred, fighting and unstability to happen in our country and people. We must tell them that they have no time and place anymore. It is true we need reconcilation and this is inevitable. This comes out of gentlness and meekness. We are eager to see our people and country to be prospering and loving and full of peace and secuity. God will help us.

  11. The author is just echoing and beating the usual Neftegna drum. Nothing new. You can keep writing your anecdote but no one is going to buy it.
    “Wuha beweqtut…….ch” newu negeru. Dinqen analyst!

  12. These ABESHA guys are not in realazations of 21st century. Wake up ABESHA from the darkenss of medeval Abessinia period.

  13. We have tried Ethiopian identity for the last 150 years, the result is losing everything economically, politically and culturally.
    Lets try with all young force the other option. Oromia. The brave fight while the coward make a bed to sleep with enemy. Berhanu made a bed to get his thing.

  14. Fellow readers, if you want to know, learn, understand about OLF, you have to study the EPLF manifesto, 1968, Damuscus, Syria. Otherwise you shall never know or understand about OLF., I say that OLF has nothing to do with the Oromo people. OLF is simply the product of EPLF/Shabia. EPLF/shabia created TPLF and OLF to wage wars against Ethiopia. EPLF and TPLF could have never won war against Ethiopia without the support of the so called OLF the servants of Shabia and TPLF. Every body lies. It is a pitty that the Ethiopian intelectuals could not learn real history rather than copying from misionaries., or Ethiopian enemis.

  15. Ato Birhanu,
    I don’t know whether you’re Oromo or not. Just to extend you the benefit of the doubt, I would say you’re an Oromo by blood-meaning you are born to Oromo family. One thing we should note is that just because you’re born to Oromo family, doesn’t necessarily means you have Oromo interest at heart and/or posses Oromo values.
    There is nothing wrong to specify ones ethnic blood. If you’re not aware, there is a company in the West that tests individual’s DNA to determine ones ethnic origin with a varying/given degree of certainty. I guess most people know that the famous talk show personality, Oprah Winfrey traced her ancestors to West Africa by way of DNA test. In Atlanta, GA, I met an African-American individual whose DNA test showed with 99.6% certainty that she is Oromo descendent. upon conducting extensive research, it was confirmed that 6 six generations ago her family was brought to the U.S. as slaves. The reason I mentioned these two examples is to underscore that ethnic blood identity is not uncommon and it is a fair assessment of ones identity.
    Back to Ato Birhanu Gamachu: You have the right to not to support OLF. Also you have the right to hate Oromo.
    I don’t know how old you’re but I’m confident in my lifetime my country Oromia (as it now called) or Oromo land will be free from occupation.
    Nagaadhan jiraadhu. Sorry may be you don’t like Qubee Afaan Oromo (Latin Alphabet)
    Besalem senbet

    • You people, you are living in illusion. The land you call Oromo land is not “Oromo land”. You just massacred the people of southwestern Ethiopia and claimed it Oromo land. Do you know that Arsi was a Hadiya land, Jima was Kafa, Dawro and Yem land? Most of Borana and Guji places were Sidama, Wolayts, Kore, Burji, Kambatta land? Don’t you think these people also claim the land the Oromos took by ruthlessly killing these people. I hope you are in USA where indigenous people who were left from the extermination before 200 years are now claiming their land back from the whites. Do no be fool; the indigenous people of southwestern Ethiopia also could claim the land you call “Oromo land”. Unless you, the so-called Oromo chauvinists, retreat from your illusions and false claims, other people who have legal and historical rights over most of the so called “Oromo land” could be obliged to reclaim their indigenous land that the Oromo took by force and annihilation of the indigenous people.

    Smart Ethiopians building the HOOVER dam of Africa in Ethiopia, while we are playing little and being little, arguing and fighting about useless non sense things.

    • Dear Concerned ethiopia
      You make a real and good point that gives us a good lesson. You are right…That is how we should also focus instead of biting one another senselessely- evil people always think something little and narrow. The are illuded with destruction. When something constructive ideas come out they are many to wipe it out. Ethiopia remain the same and continue to prevail.

    • C. Ethiopian.
      Who exactly is the judge of who is telling the truth? The Amara elites who have vested interest in distorting Oromo history?Give me a break. You don’t know the truth if it smacks you in your face.

  17. I swear 99.9% of Oromos support OLF. I am telling you the truth and face the reality. Mengistu used to say few narrow nationalist, Merles Says it but finally admitted every Oromos deep in their heart support OLF. The organization is banned by law in Ethiopia but exists and loved by overwhelming majority of Oromos.
    Let’s stop cheating ourselves, stop undermining nations quest for freedom, democracy and find a way out of this dead lock issues and make a dialogue to crate a New Democratic Republic of Ethiopia where every one enjoys liberty, freedom and prosperity.

  18. @Golbo
    Please do not write NON-SENSE. What you said in your posting above is a rubbish with BIG and HUGE lies. To prolong it’s domination on the peoples of Ethiopia, TPLF spreads such fabricated lie. In addition, arms some of the tribes you mentioned above while disarming Oromos. As we’re witnessing today, the Oromos are being massacred in every direction. You may be Woyane who is directed to spread such poison or you may be a Chauvinist Amhara (Not all Amharas are Chauvnist) that his mission is to hide the brutality unleashed on Oromo over a century ago.

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