Off Political Taboos and Woos – By Teklu Abate

du_pm_haile_mar_desBy Teklu Abate
The regime in Ethiopia and the opposition in the Diaspora and at home appear to live in totally different ‘worlds’. Each is a typical alien to the other. The governing party sees the opposition as powerless, incompetent, disorganized, delusional, visionless, and remnants of the past regime. The opposition, on the other hand, tend to characterize the reign of the current regime as a complete failure. Metaphorically speaking, the gap between the opposition and the regime is, with no exaggeration, as deep and long as the Great East African rift valley which dissects Ethiopia into two. This political rift must be one of the major obstacles that stands on our way to genuine or adequate democracy.
On Political Taboos


  1. The problem is we do not have no mature inclusive political opposition that in any measure qualify to be true opposition, most of those emotionally charged hollow oppositions do not have no social policies on table except complaining and protesting with no alternative ideas. The othe problem is most of the oppostion totally dominated by single tribe (Amhara tribe/minority), and no Oromo,sidama or Tigre join them. The Amhara dominated governments already ruled Ethiopia for 75 plus years, the Amhara governments failed and destroyed the country, the only thing the Amharas done is oppress and enslave Oromos, and mass genocide Eritreans and Tigreans. This is the main reason that Ethiopias majority ( non Amhara Ethiopians) strongly oppose to Amharas backward politics.

    • You are not Gudetaa. your name is Hagos. but you use the name Gudetaa to create false impression. Do not talk about amhara. amhara dominace is already over in 1966 when dergue came to power. amharas now need democracy and justice. They do not need to rule and no one wants that. who rules whom in the 21st century? prepare your mind. read history and know that Amharas have been pillar of ethiiopian state and system from Axum to 1966. the game is over. if you are eritrean, know that it is the amharas who gave you the title bahire negash. but who do not kniw facts. fake identity created …

  2. The main probleme of the opposition is that they want to dismantle the ethnic federal systeme.They are talking of democracy , ethiopian unity,ethiopianwet.bla bla bla…I am not amhar,not oromo ,not tigre.I am one this people called peripherial who rally ethiopia since we are allowed to work and study on our language,with TV,and radio.Wha

  3. What are the oppostion proposing? If we are loosing what we have now,we prefer to support EPRDF.If your proposal take into consideration the national question we can work with anybody tigre,amara,or oromo respecting the kilil system. And ethiopia is one and united.

  4. Why are you afraid of Federalism for ? America is Federalism , America is Federalism. The true democracy is to allow the people run the business they see fit. We can not allow Power centralization, we trust the people’s business in people’s hands, to allow power to be concentrated in few individual is very dangerous, last time we allowed power to be concentrated through centralization of power, millions of non Amharas Ethiopians (oromos,tigreans and Eritreans) were systematically mass slaughtered by Amhara dominated governments ( power monopolized). Beside, who gave the right to Amharas to tell non Amhara Ethiopians how to run their affairs ( that is a form of dictatorship) . Last we allowed power centralization in the stealth of “unity’, the Amhara governments used such scam to steal oromos land . I am also calling every non. Amhara Ethiopians to conte us arming and prepare to defend you rights and your territories from amara invaders.

  5. Yes Gudetta is Goitom!!!….and .Awassaa is Andom!!!…both bankrupt shaabias!!!….toxic people!!!

  6. Can you imagine the positive possibilities had the Amhara dominated governments used all their negative energy to positive energy, instead of concentrating how to degrade and mass genocid non amhara ethiopians through the stealth nationalism and ideology, What could have Ethiopia look like today had the Amharas used this same energy to good common good of all instead of locked in such hidden tribalism if agenda ?

  7. Gudeta rightly pointed out the real problem of the so called “opposition parties” which are defnitly the ruminents of naftegna. they always pretend to advocate an ethiopian identity which in fact is Amhara’s identity. The word “back ward” alone can not sufficiently express the level of their thinking

  8. Why everybody is complaning and afraid of Amhara people?? Wether u are oromo
    or Agame you were better off when Amhara was running the country.How soon you forget, Amhara brought civilization to Ethiopia. But we have people like Gudetta ( Abrhaa) and Awassaa ( Andom) who are in deniel. Don;t be scared of Amhara they will do you good than harm.

  9. important notice to all ethiopian federal regions. you should stick with the current government eprdf (tplf) why becouse it is so simple all oppossitions are remainning of derg and if they come to power you will be ruled by amhara mafia who will never allow you to mention your name. secondly is amhara advocacy of ethiopia , they are not responsable to ethiopia, keep your region and hands off the rest of ethiopia. no one is crying to rule ethiopia except amhara. why becouse they addict to masacre the rest of ethiopia.

  10. also dont forget we now each other if amhara try to fight, i know their is lot of movement going around you will never see again a county called ethiopia. so simple rule your region and hands off all poetics. and don.t ever ever mention ethiopia and one country blablabla.

  11. What about sibhat said was right. Long time ago the palace was in Addison but know we have 9 palaces.if the some happen and protest in Addison they only can prick a car window or aglass nothing else.

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