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NPR Poisonous and Divisive Report on Ethiopian Athletics

2 mins read

by Tedla Asfaw
I followed NPR divisive and racist reporting quoting an exile Oromo athlete who claims he was discriminated for being Oromo. This might be a good case for Asylum but not a good case to inform listeners about discrimination in athletics in Ethiopia. Where are the facts ???
The November 2015 protest by farmers and students is about land grab not about Rio Olympics. The NPR reporter tried his best to connect the famous Ethiopian hero Kenenisa Bekele with the Oromo protests that is journalism of the worst kind.
He should make similar story of connecting the black athletes in America with the ” Black Lives Matter ” movement. He will not survive a day making such foolish story.
By injecting ethnicity in Ethiopian athletics the NPR reporter is damaging the spirit of Olympics. NPR should be ashamed of bringing such anti Ethiopia rant in the name of sport coverage. I can tell you that there are many great journalists in NPR who went to dangerous places and lost their lives like the tragic incident in Afghanistan today. We are proud of them !!!!
We are cheering for Ethiopian athletes irrespective of their ethnicity in Rio Olympics this summer. Ethiopians in the Diaspora or back home are united behind their athletes as always. Go and check how Ethiopians treat their heroes for Olympics. If the NPR reporter had done his homework he would have been refrained from injecting poison in Ethiopian athletics. Ethiopians love their athletes beyond anything.
While we are honoring the late Muhammad Ali who say no to discrimination and paid a high price we are bringing exile representing our Great Athletes to push unsubstantiated claim and divide Ethiopian athletics by ethnicity. This is anti Ethiopia and anti Africa rant in the name of sport reporting.
Shame on NPR !!!
Tedla Asfaw