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No One Has the Right to Forgive on Behalf of the Dead Souls!

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Belayneh Abate
In his brief article*, Rabbi Raphael Jaworowski, a Jewish scholar and writer argued that the Nazis will never  be forgiven for two reasons. Firstly,  no one has the mandate to forgive on behalf of the Holocaust dead souls crucified by Nazis. Secondly,  the Nazis never showed sincere remorse and repentance about Holocaust. Because no one has the mandate to forgive on the behalf of the dead souls,  the Nazis  are hunted and forced to face justice  all over the world until this date.
TPLF 1When it comes to our version of Holocaust, you hear even those who consider themselves as the opposing forces of the Ethiopian Nazis preaching about phony forgiveness on behalf of the dead souls  before even the Nazi members show remorse and repentance. I am just wondering what kind of conscience allowed these “opposing forces” to make decision on the behalf of others’ souls!
Similarly, you hear thousands of cowards talking about forgiveness on the behalf martyrs,  who were crucified by the Nazis while these cowards were either serving the Nazis or hiding in the pits like winter rats . No shame! The winter rats are now front line “forgiveness” pastors and “change” cadres.
Forgiveness is a blessed act, and a blessed act should be as clean as distilled water. To be clean, forgiveness should follow justice for all dead souls and sincere repentance from the criminals. Forgiveness without justice and sincere repentance does not exist. In the absence of sincere repentance and justice,  who has the right to forgive and reconcile on behalf of the dead souls? What organization has the right to forgive on behalf of the dead souls?  Which citizens, including their loved ones,  have taken consents from the dead souls to forgive their murderers?
Who in this world has the right to forgive on the behalf of thousands of people massacred during the Ethnic cleansings in  Wolkait, Gambella, Harar,  Gura Ferda, Metekel, and many other regions?
Who in the universe has the mandate to forgive on behalf of the likes of Assessfa Maru, who was murdered on the streets, and Samuel Awoke, who was stoned to death like Estefanos?
Who in the universe has the right to forgive on behalf of the dead souls, who were massacred while confronting the shooting devils in  Amba Giorgis, Gondar, Deberetabor, Bahir-Dar, Dangila, Bure, Woldia, Magete, Ambo, Nekemte, Denbi Dollo,  Woliso, Debrezeit, Jimma, Shashemene, Kofle, Harrar, Moyale, konso and other places?
These martyrs were not coward chickens like us. These martyrs were not greedy pigs like us. These martyrs were heroes and heroines that confronted the barbaric killers. These martyrs were saints that confronted the soldiers of devil to establish better lives for  others.  Who in the world, then, has the right to forgive on behalf of these martyrs?
Based on what moral or legal ground we offer forgiveness  to the murderers and  walk on the avenues of freedom the dead souls cleaned with their plasmas? If we do not deliver justice to the dead souls, what legal and moral authority do we have to walk on the bridges made of dead souls’  bones? Do not we feel ashamed when we feast and make trade deals with dead souls’ murderers?
If we are striving to make our future better at the expense of dead souls, how are we different from scavengers that feed on carcasses? If we ignore dead souls and feast with their killers instead of forcing them face justice, how are we morally different from their murderers?
A note to the dead souls and the future generations: I, Belayneh Abate,  wish I had the right to forgive on the behalf of the dead souls. Unfortunately, I do not and I will never have the  right to offer forgiveness on the behalf of the dead souls.  Therefore, I have been demanding and I will keep demanding justice for these dead souls.
As the Amaric adage goes, የሞተን አትርሳ የወደቀን አንሳ!!” Never forget the dead! Thank you.
*The Conversation: Academic Rigor
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June 28, 2018