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No More Green Terror in Saudi Arabia!! – by Tedla Asfaw

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Tuesday Dec. 10, 2013 winter has arrived early in New York City. Light snow has just stopped dropping around 2 pm. The candlelight vigil in front of Saudi Arabia Mission to United Nations for the third time in a month went without any problem thanks to the brave New Yorkers who came out no matter what not deterred by cold weather.
An Open Letter to Jacky Gosse: Keep Your Head Up!
This past November Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia faced a “Green Terror” a terror inflicted on our people who were sheltered under Saudi Arabia Green Flag. Unknown numbers of Ethiopians were murdered and women were gang raped and many were viciously beaten. The world saw also mutilation of a dead Ethiopian young man covering his head with the Ethiopian Flag. The terror was against Ethiopians in Riyadh that forced them to go to deportation shelter for their own “safety”.
Similar crime is pending to unfold in Jeddah while the Arab media made headline news of “compassion for Ethiopian woman” that was on labor on her way back home with fellow deportees. The story said the plane landed back in Saudi soil where the woman gave birth to healthy baby boy. The story continued the Ethiopian community thanked Saudi Arabia for its “compassion”. This is not out of compassion but due to the Ethiopian Diaspora countering the Green Terror for the last four weeks by exposing Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Shame for the world.
More than 8,000 of our women deported were found to be pregnant. God knows how many of them due to rape by thugs and slave owners who are known for raping Ethiopian young maids for a very long time forcing some of the victims to fight back in some cases killing the abusers family members. The Arab Medias are portraying our women as dangerous not to be trusted to be kept as house maids. Many are now locked up in their master’s houses. They are now an endangered species. We demand their freedom now!!!!
Woyane Foreign Minister is twitting us that 118,000 are back in Ethiopia expected half of that number to come soon. We also learnt that the Riyadh deportation is to continue in Jeddah where many will be deported forcibly rounded up.
News from Jeddah Ethiopians is very disturbing. Many who are now classified as “illegal” lived over there for many years and had properties which they have to leave and sign to the deportation shelter as requested by the Ethiopian slave traders. Many said will not go to shelter unless they get buyers for their properties.
The Green Terror of Riyadh is now casting its ugly shadow on Jeddah. Saudi Security and thugs will go after Ethiopians viciously and more blood will be shed. Today’s vigil is calling for justice for our people especially those left behind.
Ethiopians should not be deported raped, beaten or looted for the second time in public. We will hold the Saudi government accountable for all these crimes. We are calling all Ethiopians in the Diaspora to keep on pressing the Saudi government to avert a bloodbath.
Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia only hope is the Diaspora Voice. Unfortunately, some bought the number coming out from Teodros Adhanom as a job well done and tell us to “celebrate” “Yelemat Deportation” with them.
Some are spending valuable time on how to organize fund for those in Saudi Arabia. We were told many times by the victims in Saudi no one can reach those in shelter to give even water let alone money. Money is not the issue now. What they asked us to be their “police” and hold criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. We are calling on their behalf for dignified deportation for all who wanted to go.
Our letter that demanded “Justice for Ethiopians” killed, raped, beaten, jailed, hospitalized, abandoned and captive slaves in households was received very politely. Huge difference from the first rally almost a month ago where we were yelled by security. The Nov 18 huge rally was a warning to the Saudi Mission that we will come to their door step until our people get justice. Similar warnings are given by the Ethiopian Diaspora all over the world targeting Saudi Embassies. Proud to be an Ethiopian!!!
Yesterday candlelight vigil coincided by accident with the memorial service for Madiba in Johannesburg, South Africa. What a better way of honoring Madiba by doing the right thing, Stand for Justice in New York City. Madiba spent 27 years of his life in jail for Saying No to Injustice!! We can and should spend few hours of our life time for saying no to all who abuse our people, be it in Saudi Arabia or back home or wherever it may be. We are honored to light our candles in memory of Madiba in front of United Nations holding our flag high. Rest in Peace Madiba!!!
President Obama on the memorial ceremony yesterday was challenging all of us to follow the footstep of this African Giant and stand for Justice. Yes we Ethiopians would like to challenge President Obama too. Mr. President speak up for Ethiopians who are abused by USA ally the Saudi Arabia Kingdom. We hold you accountable to your own words, “Let us honor Madiba by following his example”. President Obama has few more years ahead where we Africans will remember him for his character not for his African skin. Yes You Can!!!!!