No Easy Way to Democratise Ethiopia

Democracy Ethiopia
Ethiopia must not indulge in democracy until it accomplishes good governance. There still are problems of competence, diligence, character, dedication and integrity of the civil service that need to be attended. Of course, the nation is exhibiting improvements in these tenets, even if some might erroneously claim they are deteriorating.
Ethiopia’s political journey must prioritise the job of creating a healthy business atmosphere the heart of good governance and electoral democracy. The business sphere and the powerhouse of the visionless Ethiopian oppositions must be corrected before it gets beyond repair.
The political opposition, rather than working on developing its own capacity, is seen hunting opportunities that could quench its quest for power. This is happening whilst it is still visibly incompetent.
The nation was reticent with a view to assist the private sector to flourish. But the businessmen were doing every wrong in order to collect as much wealth as they could, using every means possible. Regrettably, instead of investing their returns on the manufacturing sector and expanding the local production of goods, they expatriated it.

On the other hand, the opposition and its supporters have penetrated every public and private institution in order to gather information about the day to day activities of the ruling party, rather than developing their own capacity. They also welcome every force as long as it lends support to them, irrespective its nature.
I still wonder why they have not yet declared their unequivocal support for the construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). In contrast, they are seen making silly issues out of the national effort.
Given all these misbehaviors on their part, I always ask when they would live up to the national interest and show the people that they are responsible. It is hard to say there is an opposition in the Ethiopian politics as the existing ones are more of political speculators.
Though the majority of the opposition political figures are intellectuals, they do not even learn from their own wrongs. They remain to stick to the old fashion politics that they practiced for the past two decades, which led them to consistently fail. They should have easily learned to adopt a new operational approach.
Given the pragmatic nature of the Revolutionary Democrats, sooner or later, they would take the right measures to alleviate the unregulated business sphere. Though the majority of the business community wishes the demise of the incumbent urgently, I believe the Revolutionary Democrats ought to remain on power as they need to get enough time to fully realise their vision.
This has already started to manifest itself in actual terms as the national interest demands it. At least, the undergoing development projects must not be interrupted due to unnecessary and fruitless change of government.
If this government is elected out at this very moment in time, power will certainly fall, directly or indirectly, in the hands of the greedy business tycoons who care little for the national interest, except their own personal interests. Then, they will rule the nation, whose significant population is living under severe poverty.
That is why I am afraid of the rush to democracy. It could end in turning the nation to a place of chaos and a battle ground of various conflicting interests.
One of the few moments the Ethiopian opposition politicians exhibited honesty is the admission of some of them that they were not ready to overtake power from the incumbent after their unexpected electoral resurgence of 2005, especially in Addis Abeba. Else, the only two interests they managed to represent are businessmen who love to lead the market place through oligopoly and the very limited urbanites that are opposed to the self-governance rights of every Ethiopian ethnic group.
Both of these forces, certainly, stand against the democratic forces. Currently, these forces seem to have joined their hands in support of the political opposition.
Despite these facts about the opposition, their only leverage remains to be consistently tagging the Revolutionary Democrats as a political force that is obsessed with ethnicity. But when the ideologies and policies of the two sides of the political aisle in Ethiopia are evaluated from this point of view, obviously the result is much far away from the pictures of the political choices presented on the national political scene.
The irony of Ethiopian politics is the opposition, whose hidden and dominant sentiment is retaining the past dominance of a single ethnic group, tags the EPRDF as ethnically biased, even if it is known for having a political program that advocates the equality of all the existing nationalities.
How come the one that has the political view for equality and freedom for all Ethiopian ethnic groups is tagged as biased, whilst the other that contends a single ethnic group must retain its past dominance is viewed otherwise?
This is the simplest issue we need to sort out before judging the political choices that avail themselves on the national political scene.
Tagel Getahun Is a Lawyer. He Can Be Contacted At [email protected]


  1. tagel getahun,
    1. EPRDF is a fake cover up for the fascist Tigre people liberation front, who is the real bully calling all the shots, you know this very well as much as everybody else.
    2. how can you justify your aasertion the Tigre liberation front has brought equality when 99% of the military officers who are placed to be heading the so called ,’ethiopian defence force’ are former ‘tegadalay’ of Tigre people liberation front. 101 out of the 104 officers are tegadalay of tigre liberation front.
    3. How can you justify this as democracy when tigre liberation front and their surrogate win 99.6% of the election every time.
    4. what sort of democracy is it in a country where there is no free and independent media, news papers, jounrnalists and civic and independent institutions,
    5. the relief society of tigraie, now called EFFORT controlled by the politbureau of tigre people liberation front controls the economy of the country after confiscating ethiopian state owned industries and interprises, barring every other person from competing with Tigre people liberation front.
    6. you know in your guts that it is wrong to throw a person into jail simply for using their constitutional rights to express their views freely, under the guise of terrorism. every one who do not agree with tigre people liberation front is a terrorist. Is this justice , is this democracy.
    7. etc etc

  2. Well,another woyane cadre coming down on the opposition.Why should we support GERD? if the ruling party realy want to develop the country,why not use EFFORT’s capital?why does Tplf want our money but not respect our rights?why does it expand tigray region by taking land from Amhara region,desplacing Amharas,Oromos,people from Gambela,aresting journalist,human right activities?the unold crime commited by woyane in Gondar where north gondar is a grave yard of amhara farmers that fed them when they were fighting DERG?the writer is a paid cadre

  3. What a nonesense article.If this is the kind of argument he makes in the court room ,I pray for his clients.I wonder where he got his law degree.

  4. So you are a lawyer? Where did you get your certificate from, if you have any? Is it from the stone quarry in Kotebe a.k.a. Civil Service (stone service) College? No way! Tell me that you are a pig, and I will believe you. Otherwise you are just one piece of a stone from that quarry.
    Degmo Tagel bilo sim! kedingay yataglih; dingay nehna.

  5. I did not understand his intent or his expressive wording . I recommend the writer to improve his writing skill.. no other comment.

  6. Here we again! The same old tired ‘Ethiopia is not ready for democracy’ argument. You may claim yourself to be a lawyer by profession, but it is crystal clear to me that you are nowhere near the caliber of Al Mariam who might be shaking his head reading such nonsense written by a wanna be lawyer.
    Your argument Ethiopia is not ready for democracy crap is not only shallow, but below standard for a law school graduate, and plain stupid. I believe your piece have slipped through the crack to be posted on ZeHabesha website, when your rightful place ought to be the pages of Aiga forum or Ethiopia first( Ben).
    Please don’t waste our time with light weight article which has no substance whatsoever. We have better things to do than reading low rated article written by a hired gun. I am just wondering though, have you by any chance graduated from DEDEBIT SCHOOL OF LAW? just a parting shot!

  7. Democracy means empowering the people any one who stands against democratising our system government are only the ones benefitting out of the tyranny that is in place to day. Ethiopians no one should be allowed deceive us any more, open your eyes and watch out.

  8. Tagel Getahun:
    what a sad person to hear such statments from a gentle man like you, when do you think the right time, if not now??, the government who are the group of thieves gathered, criminals, who hate the nation so bad, who hates the name called “ETHIOPIA” who does not give care about anything but themselves. don’t you think it would be fantastic to get rid-off these bastards and replace them with the young, decent, energetic, honest who cares about the unity of the people of Ethiopia, who strive for democarcy, who would lead the nation to freedom, civilistaion and development?
    what is your interest behind your written statment that we are not ready for democracy and advice we should let those criminals to lead us for disaster?
    thank you for sharing your intellectual advice, it is good to know how human mind works in the same situation, you may meant well, I will finish by asking you the following points.
    how many more brothers and sisters has to die to gain freedom?
    what more ill treatment should go through before the people of Ethiopians gained their freedom? what is the benefit keeping those, thieves who grabs the country wealth, divided the nation, inhumane, ignorants, cruel dictators?
    thank you

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