No Condition is Permanent. Our dark hours will also be no more.

By Teodros Kiros

No condition is permanent as are our Ethiopian dark hours.

At this point of uncertainty, however, hard it is to think coolly and rationally, we must for the sake of our historic land, the first home of the human species, use our public reason to assess the several scenarios which produced the tragedy in our midst, the death of our heroes:  the extraordinary Ethiopian, General Seare  Mekonnen,  respected and loved by all: retired General Abera Gezae; Dr.  Gemachew Mekonnen and his adviser; the state attorney-general wounded and all those unnamed soldiers who are wounded and dead. The list is tragically long and the pain deep and scarring.

Speculations are now pervading the streets of Ethiopian cities and towns.

There are those who think that the Eritrean strong man who is dead set to eliminate the last remnants of Woyannes must have sent his spies to do the work in Addis, since he has now been given free doors to enter and leave as he wishes.  Addis is now his new home where he has the Prime Minister’s ears.

Some are more ambitious.  They think that the tragedy in Bahir Dar, under the well-orchestrated leadership of Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige, were not merely overthrowing a regional state, but were aiming at overthrowing the Abiy regime, and replace it with their own.  Bahir Dar was a stepping stone. The final destiny was the Palace itself.

There are many others. I chose these two as classical speculations.

Whatever the reasons are, which will unravel soon, we Tigrean Ethiopians must remain collected, still, and as always loving and gallant, patient and determined to defend our dignity. All those who died, are children of God, and they must be remembered as such.   We must be both strategic and ethical, ready to fight if we must, and willing to forgive and think anew about the future by engaging our moral imagination and our spirituality.

The deaths at Bahir Dar and Addis belong to us all and we must grief collectively and deeply at churches, mosques, home and work places.  These tragedies at these dark hours must give us the courage to think in new ways to save our historic nation and safeguard our Ethiopianity, and forge a New Ethiopia on the historic foundations of Ethiopianity.

When unreason saturates our existence at this time, we must use our public reason and stand on the firmament in the sky.  When anger inclines us to celebrate the deaths our enemies, we must instead feel sorry for the haters by treating  them with lovingkindness and mourn with them at this dark hour.

Let public reason prevail. This too will pass. This too, like life itself, is impermanent.  Let us all pray to God to give us the patience not to hate, but to love all those who have wronged us and displaced our people.  We must pray to God to empower us to bear our sorrow without hating. As Michele Obama, famously said, when they go low we must go high.


Teodros Kiros

Associate Professor   Liberal Arts

[email protected]


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  1. Climate change is creating a permanent damage .Blame it all on climate change. People are being internally displaced with greed seen allover where Ethiopians are, because their natural habitats are not able to sustain all of them as it used to. Within the next couple of decades half of the Ethiopian population is bound to encounter subhuman conditions as those families internally displaced in Ethiopia are encountering now. Within few years from now Ethiopia is going to suffer irreversible damage from climate change.

  2. Dear Professor,

    I share your sadness that innocent lives have been lost. But such savage acts do not surprise me. It is a charged up environment over there with sinister elements having free ride in every region. They are using the current free for-all-environment to sow their poison among the gullible and the desperately unemployed youth. Just look at some of them here among the Diaspora. It gives me nasty cringe just reading the first lines of their diatribes. They are on Facebook and everywhere on the social media. They have derogatory names for every ethnic group and use them like free candies. Just look at their comments on some of the website we all share. They go to the extent trashing the deceased family men. It makes me wonder if such heartless individuals are the products of the same people I knew. All these victims were callously murdered while they were doing the jobs their citizens hired them for. They are also family men leaving their children fatherless and their spouses grieving widows. I don’t know dear professor; I really don’t know how such brutes came out of the same country we know. Where did such monsters come from? Very, very sad indeed!!!

  3. Foreign investors are welcomed to employ our children and live in Ethiopia permanently regardless of their criminal sexual offense records or regardless of their sexual orientation, but “TOTO TOUR COMPANY” tourists are expected not to be wellcomed to visit Ethiopia for a short period of time because of their sexual orientations. That ain’t right.

    #Big In Ethiopia ????????

  4. This Tigraian nationalist by the name Teodros Kiros is an intellectual (if he is at all)devoid of integrity and honesty. Because in one of his commentaries a couple of years ago he falsely claimed that the Tigraians and Eritreans were denied University education by what he described as the former Amhara governments. His comments as a whole show how far he and his fellow TPLF intellectuals go to deny facts and spread hate and divisions. His comments are typical of the anti-Amhara sentiments and politics of the TPLF and its blind followers.

  5. To Teodros Kiros

    You are the Gimatam qunasam, turn on the light when you write or write during the day time, stop living in the dark if you continue to write with your Qomata eji, METFO AGAME TEODROS KIROS his name is Ambachew not “Gemachew” .

  6. You better accelerate the independence of tigray instead of through your feces hier and there. Fact is tigray didn’t bring out positive minded intellectuals for the well being of ethiopia and ethiopian people in the last 40 years. You all are head ache for ethiopia. You have to know in this time you anouncement of being of independent country is a great gift for the rest of ethiopian people. You fought for above 40 years for this project.

  7. yetenkuway lij nabil and Ammenuwat . Who are you are you erudites from plagiarism? what amhara doctors did contribute for ethiopians? instead superstition, metet, tinkola bloody feud everywhere even in amhara region Look at what is happening inn every amhara village !!!!!!

    you can’t put the blam eon Tigray who liberate you from carnival , man-eater derge and ring leader mengistu, 6 th grader , amhara neftagna.

    most killers are amahras

  8. shame on you betsai tedros kiros you just appeared because of the 2 woyane murderes, seare and gezaee removed from life for the reason yet shrouded in mystery. your conflicting view on abiy itself is telling. Your validation of the official woyane’s narrative regarding the so-called coup d”etat puts you on par with a narrow nationalist political cadre than a well meaning and well balanced honest intellectual.

    • You are an incompetent reader. I did not take any position at all. Instead, I chose speculations by the public and shared it with the reader, plainly and clearly, in two paragraphs. The rest is a call for mourning the Ethiopians who died.

      Stop the name calling. I know who you are, or else.


    • Gelila G Tilahun and other neftgna amhara mothpieces

      Amhara generals are killers they died for power. they died in previous coup during mengistu. they are narcissit. Amhara soldiers were killing our elederly , raping women and killing pregnant women with daggers saying the baby could be the future TPLF militants . THis story I am sharing with you that I have heared it when I was a child . It is very heart breaking when you hear and see in your naked eyes innocent mother and her foetus killed brurally by a knife. It is a traumatic event which I cannot forget it forever. Derge soldiers were saddly cold blooded.

      If you there are guys telling us derge and mengistu hailemariam are better they are really crazy or they were not born after this cruel military junta or they might be very racist.

      Some people support a certain political party just because that party goes against another party or tribe they disklike most for no reason .

      May Tigray shine forever with grace of Almighty God in whom we trust in .

      We trust in God whose Mother is a patron of Tigray , St Mary of Zion, Axum

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