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Never Support Volunteer Slaves- The Snares and The Swords of The Killing EPRDF Machinery!

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Belayneh Abate

..Fools despise wisdom and instruction. The Bible: Proverb 1:7.

It is perplexing to watch people still expecting a glitter of hope  from the volunteer slaves that served Legesse Zenawi’s mafia for nearly three decades.

As the Yale Scholar Timothy Snyder asserted, anticipatory obedience is a political tragedy*. Like the fools who anticipate eggs of doves from the wombs of serpents, many people expected a glitter of hope from the spy agents and cadres of the Legesse Zenawi’s Ethiopian People Democratic Front (EPRDF). In fact, some bowed like arcs below the knees of these criminals, and others became their full time cadres and propagandists.

How difficult is it to comprehend that Legesse Zewai’s EPRDF committed mass murders and national treason using these spy agents and cadres as effective tools? How hard is it to understand that these tools lack conscience, morality, self-confidence, vision, courage and pride like any other tools?

Not understanding or forgetting that these slaves served the butchers of the country as effective tools, many people are still seduced by their sporadic and contradictory rhetoric  and pretensions behind podiums.  It appears that the people have forgotten how Legesse Zenawi’s gang recruited these  slaves in order to establish its rule at the graves of Chauvinists and Neftegnas.  Legesse Zenawi’s gang never assigned slaves that would question the atrocities and treason  the gang committed.

As the world knows, this group made the country land- locked, granted land to Sudan,  promoted endless ethnic conflicts,  massacred people, tortured and sterilized  innocents. This gang  executed these atrocities and treason  after designing and building effective weapons. These effective weapons were the slaves who now are pretending as liberators and heroes.

Cursing Legesse Zenawi but bowing to his cadres and his spies is like cursing Satan but bowing to Yihuda. In other words, trusting Legesse’s slaves is trusting Yihuda. Yihuda served Satan betraying Christos that groomed him as disciple.  Similarly, these slaves served Legesses’s gang betraying the people that cultivated them from cradle to adulthood.

Perhaps Yihuda was a better traitor than these slaves. Yihuda neither hammered  nails to Christos’s extremities nor did he tie rope around his neck to gratify Satan. But these slaves shot bullets and threw bombs to their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to please their masters. Yihuda regretted and committed suicide, but these slaves showed no remorse and placed themselves into seclusion. Instead, these slaves are regrouping themselves to stay on their benches for the coming decades.

It is imperative that we distinguish the volunteer slaves from coerced slaves. The spies and the cadres of EPRDF were not coerced slaves: These spies and cadres chose to serve the murderers and the looters, and they became volunteer slaves.

Unlike these shameful criminal slaves,  citizens who oppose and fought the  murderers and looters were martyred, tortured, displaced, evicted, harassed, imprisoned or subjected to live in an abject poverty.

The shameless volunteer slaves are talking  as free  men today at the expenses of the martyrs they tortured and murdered yesterday. After being  liberated by their victims, the volunteer slaves shamelessly declared themselves as liberators and deceived many fools.

The fools inherit neither the Earth nor the Heaven. The bible says “..Fools despise wisdom and instruction” in proverb 1:7. To refrain from despising wisdom and instructions, you shall stop being deceived by the  serpent slaves. To follow the serpent slaves is to despise wisdom and instructions. Supporting the criminal slaves is  thrusting spears on the bodies of the souls they exterminated.

Therefore, you shall stop being fools and  supporting the criminal slaves! Again, never  follow and support the criminal volunteer slaves! These criminal slaves were the snares and swords of the killing machinery! Thank you.

*Timothy Snyder, on Tyranny 2017: page 18

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April 22, 2019.