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Nejashi Justice Council Press Release

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nejashiCrime against Humanity in Ethiopia; Ethiopian government forces committed atrocities on  peaceful Muslims on Eid Al-fater Holiday.
August 9, 2013 | By Nejashi Justice Council
The Ethiopian government forces committed an indiscriminate gross human rights violations and a  brutal crackdown on peaceful Ethiopian Muslims during the celebration of Eid-Al-fatr Holiday in Addis Ababa and all over the country. The extent of the atrocity includes killing of five, heavy handed crack  down of thousands and the arbitrary detention of Tens of thousands people. The attack disproportionately targeted women including reports of sexual assault.

In a separate incident, eye witness account and Media sources reported, on August 3 , 2013,at least  fourteen people were confirmed to have been killed in the town of Kofele, West Arsi Zone , Oromia Regional State when the Agazi special military brigade fired live ammunition on peaceful protesters.
According to eyewitness who reported to NJC sources, among the victims include an infant, 14 years old boy and elderly people. It has been reported that the killing took place when the Agazi special  military brigade trying to arbitrarily arrest the Imam of local Mosque. In addition to those killed, more  than 35 people were severely wounded while scores of Muslims arrested.
Ethiopian Muslims have been staging peaceful protest for more than 18 months against government coercive religious conversion to its imported religious sect .The Regime opted to silence Muslim protestors by force and different repressive measures. It is remembered that On October 22, 2012 in  Gerba, South Wollo and on April 27, 2012 in Asasa, Arsi Zone the federal police committed similar  massacre against Muslims. Nejashi Justice Council believes such despicable use of force against  innocent and unarmed civilians throughout the country on the same group because of their faith is a  clear case of crime against humanity.
Nejashi Justice Council condemns, in its stricter terms of condemnation, these atrocities committed by  the Ethiopian Regime security forces against the innocent Muslims of Addis ababa, Kofele, Dessie, Wolikite and throughout the country. We call all stakeholders, including international community and human right groups at local level to deplore these atrocities on civilian people.
Nejashi Justice Council also calls on the Ethiopian government to halt the bloody response to  Ethiopian Muslims’ peaceful demand. The Ethiopian Muslims demand nothing in their peaceful protest  but their legitimate and constitutional right.
Nejashi Justice Council