My regards Dr Fikre Tolossa!

By Yemeretal Y.
Fikire tolosa OLF and Ethiopia
I read your letter written to the intention of the new Oromo political organization, ODF, with great interest and emotion. I am not geek enough to comment on the historical facts and deeds of our ancestors you described, but I felt in it a message of great value formulated to all Ethiopians including the members of ODF. A message of optimism in a positive mindset for a restart of a future democratic and all inclusive Ethiopian society. A proposal to create with the Oromo organizations the conditions for a frank and constructive dialogue which could accelerate the fall of the current destructive regime.
We, Ethiopians are facing a great challenge of building a solid political system where all ethnic groups are participants on the same level of liberty and equality. Our hope has been crashed many times in our recent history by being confiscated by greedy individuals for power. That is why an approach based on a genuine dialogue is salutary before more troublesome period comes. I have been pleased to read your instructive and appeasing letter.
Our ancestors have made their best, even sacrificing themselves to build a nation, using the tools available at their times. All agree that, compared to other societies of the same time, Ethiopia occupied a respectful place. In your letter you tried to make people understand that Ethiopia is not the result of the intelligence and deeds of a sole dominating ethnic group of the country but the cooperation of the diverse populations composing it. That is why Ethiopia’s people are today by far mostly, if not all, composed of mixed population. I understood that the purpose of your paper is not to justify the past but to take the opportunity of ODF’s new declaration, to call for cooperation, rejecting any divisive stand based on ethnical ideology.
The recent declaration of ODF had provided relief to some Ethiopians, including myself, who were till now repelled by the OLF separatist narratives. It had triggered more desire to go forward and strive for the betterment of our collective well being and identity. Identity is not only the cultural assets one has inherited from his parents but also the results of one’s past and current common achievements as a member of a society. The Oromo people have been part of the Ethiopian society for centuries as one of the main participant in the building and safeguarding modern Ethiopia. Many of the Oromo people are proud of this contribution to their country, and as many Ethiopians, eager to enhance the current condition of the country to a level of a credible and equalitarian country. But, some of them, because of their suffering and frustrated feelings during the previous times governments have become embittered, hardliner and have let grown hatred towards their own history and erase it from their memory. They have also elaborate arguments and a system of thoughts to justify their radical stand forgetting at the same time how difficult, risky and long it is to build a nation, conducting sometimes a whole population and generations to despair and even self-destruction.

I have also read some of the responses your letter generated, including the one sent by the main recipient, full of threat, contempt and bad will to cooperate. I even found pitiful to see a whole development of a counter argumentation based on how to spell a name of Oromo origin when the invitation for a dialogue concerns the future of a country! Since this kind of disappointing response emanates from an executive of a political front, I would be tempted to say that we are here in front of an organization of a low level of democratic tradition. Is it reflecting the stand of ODF? If it is the case I hardly reconcile the recent declaration of ODF and its members’ conviction on Ethiopian affairs. The OLF coloration is still there recalling its classic resentment discourse towards Ethiopian identity. Is it a strategic posture that ODF displays to get more credibility and popularity which is cruelly lacking as of today? Has he become aware that the scarcity of its followers among the wise and great people of Oromo is its rejection of the Ethiopian identity? I think a genuine renewal in line with our time and our youth and a rejection of such a locked system of thoughts, closed to any reconciliation, peace and wealth sharing is a vital move.
I read also the claim formulated by one of the activists detailing the pre-conditions of being part of Ethiopia. But building a common heritage is not negotiating the best portion for itself, whether one represents a big or small part of the society. It is to find together a way to ensure equality and justice for all. I see therefore the need to ODF to give more clarity and truth on its behaviour, to demonstrate a will of genuine partnership with other Ethiopian democratic movements if he wants that the people he pretends to represent gives him the place he deserves as a main component of the Ethiopian nation.
The current political system in Ethiopia is creating much despair and frustration within the people and such conditions constitute a favourable ground for radicalization. Extremist organizations flourish and as a consequence the chance for the implementation of a democratic society decreases. In the name of the Oromo and as the main component of the Ethiopian population, it would have been the best time to thwart the cynical plan of the Woyane by coming together with all other democratic political forces and strive to bring a great contribution for the betterment of this glorious ancient country and gain a profound respectability in the heart of all Ethiopians. It is the very time to stop planning the destruction of its own country, under the pretext of decolonization, an offshoot concept of a light version of history, with the false hope of being free and happy alone while our common ancestors have shed their blood to try to keep it safe for centuries.
Let us settle down and consider carefully our rich and glorious common history and give credit to our genuine native historians instead of those specialists in geopolitics. May God help all of us to save ourselves and find out the path leading to a bright future Ethiopia deserves.
Yemeretal Yegezu
[email protected]


  1. Good approach, but still you failed to accept some facts. Firstly, your denigration of the ODF leader is wrong; to support Dr Fikre you don’t have to attack Dr Bayan. Secondly, your assessment of the ODF/OLF regarding the suppor they have from the Oromo community is delusional; if the ODF and the OLF don’t have that support, you wouldn’t sing like this and beg that the Oromo take responsibility to save your Imiye. Thirdly, if you want to save the Imiye, then, simply put, accept the onging move to rename the whole country as Oromia instead of Ethiopia. Only such independent Great Oromia can hinder the independence of the Little Oromia. Are you ready for this new identity of being an Oromian instead of trying to further impose on the Oromo the already spoiled identity called Ethiopian? I hope you will swallow this bitter pill of choosing between an independent Great Oromia and an independent Little Oromia on the grave of the dying Ethiopian empire! The future of the empire is either to be transformed in to the Great Oromian Union or to be disintegrated so that the Littele Oromia will be free!

  2. oromoia,
    Who is going to mark the boundary for your greater oromo. I doubt UN will be willing to do that. The motive behind your proposal to form your exclusive oromo ‘republic’ is not for the good of the oromo, but for a few power hungry ethno-centric fascists to satisfy their ego.
    We are witnessing what ethno-fascist groups like Tigre people liberation front and shabia are capable of doing.
    If you think this is the sort of experience the oromo want, you are wrong.

  3. Hello Oromia,
    What you are advocating is like a gangster is deciding the
    whole neighborhood as he fits it. Who gave the mandate to
    threaten like this? The world is in crisis by your kind of hateful
    and fudge politics. I cannot believe you tirelessly write your
    vindictive and inconsideration of humanity !!! I can feel it your
    action would be if you are given a chance to administer you will be
    a big exterminator based of people’s eye color. You are forgetting even
    where you are living; living comfortably with whites in their own country.
    moving around from state to state, country to country. Aren’t you Hippocratic!!
    Wey Gud

  4. I am challenging Fikre Tolessa and his Amhara acolades to come out and criticize Moresh, the Amhara organization that is gathering members around itself in a similar way that TPLF did with Tigreans and OLF did with Oromos. Common guys. The poltical program doesn’t matter, because they formulated what they believe will advance the cause of the Amhara people. Don’t tell the rest of the Ethiopian people that what is good for Amharas is necessarily good for them

    • amhara never advocate ethnic politics simply they the one who create moresh by pushing and shoving amhara peoples they did,t give him a chance nor they accept his patriotic natures and for you to compare amhara with those narrow minded peoples who want to take us back abraham be goten isac time well is not gone happen moresh is not like that and will never be……….

  5. The question you raised for Oromia shows how much you are ignorant. The boundary of oromia is marked in the same way is that of other countries of the world. Do you mean other boundaries are marked by a supernatural force?

  6. I think the two questions Dr. Fikre asked ODF were not the kind of things we can negotiate on. No single oromo kid want to hear those stuffs as valuable points let alone ODF/OLF leaders.
    1. using Ge’ez script for Afaan Oromoo
    the answer is crystal clear for linguistic(Phonological reasons…this is the larger part), economic reasons and political reasons(this is the smaller percent) this can’t happen. So unless we are too naive or delusional we better forget.
    2. The flag stuff is too.
    From all sort of life, elders to sons and daughters of Oromo and Oromiya this is not something we can put on the table. Whether you like or not we don’t have any political, historical and psychological connection with the flag Dr. Fikre is claiming.
    I don’t understand why people are talking to much about this letter as it has no real substance.
    I believe we need may need a paradigm shift(may be) to exert our collective effort on TPLF for the good of our people, but it is not just only to for this sake.
    We need a radical change from historical, political, social, cultural and economical point of view . We need to uproot the injustice embedded every where in that empire for the past 150 years. We have to unlearn the wrong views we have developed as right, we have to make genuine commitments to swallow the bitter facts based on what is supposed to be not what we want only.
    Historical and political justice should better shine on the nations inhabiting that territory.
    …This all is not by naive or incompetent dram beaters or selfish politicians but by individuals and society which can believe and think farsighted peace and prosperity.

  7. Hate monger oromia,where does your bigger oromia come from? do you think the boundary drawn by ambitious olf and woyane will get recognition or blessings of other tribes in ethiopia. if you decide to stick with your separation interest over living in harmony with others equally you would see what punishment your families could receive from brave people of ethiopia who proved their bravery on italian colonizers. we will never compromise on our identity ETHIOPIAWINET. you can go to hell with your oromia. don’t forget your oromo families are protected from constant invasion of somalia by ethiopian patriots. GO TO HELL WITH YOUR DIRTY ETHNIC POLITICS. we are worried for love if not we know how to handle you effortlessly even coward woyanes could disarmed 20000 olf soldiers with out firing a simile bullet. you are such kind of funny people.

    • dude! this is not about medieval period ultra-religious dogma; it is about logic and reason and more than that about the will of the people! The quest of freedom, the fight with injustice, the request to live with dignity for me and you !
      The is no room to keep intact your doctrine though!

    • @WEY GIZE
      The boundary drawn by Minilik II (Black Hitler) has not got recognition of non-Amharas. Do not boost too much about your bravery. Do U know that David defeated the heavely defeated Goliath with a pebble? We will not accept your imposition of Ethiopiawinet on us. It is upto U to respect or reject it for your self.

    • only you and your godfather think like that, drink some tea, take deep breath and discuss with people from outside of your family you may understand what the whole world know. The true aspiration of the people is out there everywhere, not under your keyboard!

  8. Please stop giving any suggestion regarding nationalist and separatist group
    the only history that has been committed by this idiot people was crime. We will get
    them back till then let them write their nonsense staff. I have got message for OLF everything was made by fascist woyane but you guys keep saying that as if you
    have made some kind of achievement qube, oromia , genia etc. do not foolish yourself in 21st century.

    • Mesfin;
      you have no clue about that Empire sociopolitical dynamics. I feel pity for you since you choose to live with your grand Mam’s lecture.

    • can you elaborate it? Are you telling us that afan oromo and the people of Oromia are invented by TPLF. They must be magical for you but as you know Oromo are the first to confornt TPLF why you were sleeping with them in north. remember TPLF lost much in to enter Ambo and Harar. You can’t even think like a mouse and sad that you have computer at your home.

  9. Amharas should reconsider their position.
    Why can’t Amhara people so open minded and say sorry for the crimes committed by their fathers? that would at least mitigate the feeling of hurt and injustice rightly felt by the Oromos and other non-Amhara nations. That could probably help build the atmosphere of trust and willingness for dialogue on the future of the Ethiopian empire. Instead, the Amharas are poisoning the whole atmosphere by being nostalgic about their old emiye Ethiopia and wanting to bring back their chauvinistic Amhara Ethiopia; surely that kind of hallucinatory obsession with the wrong and outdated version of Ethiopia will not only offends the Oromo but worst of all hastens the demise of what is left of the Ethiopian empire.

    • @Ahadu
      You have neither right nor power to grant us or take away Oromumma for us. Come with logic and evidence than tarnishing the names of others whose political attitude is different from yours.

  10. There is no reason for amharas to say sorry for fabricated allegations made by olf and tplf. rather these two parties should come forward to do that because there are overwhelming physical evidences for crimes they have been committing up on Amharas up until this time. so we should get armed to defend ourselves and give a lesson to narrow ethnic politicians.olf and tplf have been armed for 20+yrs and then when amharas decided to take measures for security these evil people got extremely Paranoid.

  11. dude Why the Amara people say sorry to you? what different treatment they had received than yours during Minlilk ? all ordinary Amara must be blamed ?what about Oromo ,tigere leaders collaborators with Minilk .sorry to say you need to check yourself to be free from inferiority or if you taking some stuff stop it we all are the victim of the bad system nothing to do with my emperor don’t have live with mind of 150 years switch to days life to see the future and stand yourself for justice . we can share with each other …. .

  12. WEY GIZE
    In ethiopia there is Oromia nation,the Tigrai Nation,the Amara Nation,the Gurague Nation,The SidamaNation,The Somali Nation,the Adere ,the Afar Nation……..
    There is of course the fake Ethiopian Nationalism …..What is the fake nationalism ? Is it not simply Amara and to certain extent Amara-Tigre. Wallelign Mekonen Nov 17. 1969.The invaded and conquered populations of the south and est want to be free from highlanders.They represent 70%of the population of the country.

  13. Wey Gize,
    Do not waste your time. whether you like it nor not, hate us or not, Oromia will be separated from the North. Eriterians have lineage with the Amhara and Tigrey but chose independence. What do you expect from Oromo?. Should we compete for power with the North?. you guys compete among yourselves, please. We have our own issues need to be addressed. Teach your kids saba letters. We teach Qube. We want Amahara and all others to be our good neighbour. Period!!

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