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Mr. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister, let me first say that despite the fact that you have terribly failed in certain aspects of the ongoing struggle for genuine freedom, justice and equal opportunity; you have done considerable positive and encouraging things in this process of making efforts for a common good.  Compared to we have gone through for a quarter of a century, where we are now is undoubtedly much better, and you deserve due credit for what you did.  Whether it is possible for you as the leader of a ruling circle that is seriously characterized by the mutually destructive political identity of ethnicity and language to bring about a fundamental democratic is very debatable. We have heard you declaring that the already rotten EPRDF and its Trojan horses (partners) will become one party that will be open for any Ethiopian. I wish the very mentality and practice of leaders and members of the would –be party could be willing and able to make themselves free from their delusional believe that puts their ethnic group first but Ethiopiawinet second. What matters most is what is in the very minds of ethno-centric politicians (content), not the outer appearance (form) of a body or organization. I strongly argue this will be a very tough challenge for not only EPRDF and its allies/partners in particular but also for the Ethiopian people in general.

Let me go back to the point what I specifically want to make concerning the grand development project in Addis Ababa.
I read the news that you are prepared to host fund raising dinner for a grand development project in Addis Ababa.  Both as  a matter of fact and principle, there won’t be any Ethiopian with his or her right mind who would not be happy with your idea and plan to make Addis Ababa environment friendly, clean,  beautiful and of course resourceful.
But it is quite right and legitimate for any genuinely concerned Ethiopian to question and challenge your highly distorted and delusional priorities at this extremely critical moment in the country. It is very unfortunate to see you these days using anything to make your political appearance look great whereas the very hard reality on the ground speaks volumes differently.    Let me as a genuinely concerned ordinary Ethiopian respectfully forward my comment with regard to this specific development project in Addis Ababa in the form of questions:

  • Are you going to invite those thousands of innocent citizens whose houses have been bulldozed in the middle of the night and have become not only homeless but most disturbingly without food, medical help, and most miserably without hope?  Would you let them tell the very huge difference between your highly jargonized and disingenuous political rhetoric and the reality on the ground they are dealing with?


  • Would you please invite children of those dislocated/displaced innocent citizens who are forced to be out of their schools and have become victims of untold sufferings together with their innocent parents? Would you allow them to tell their horrible stories they have to go through in their own country and villages or towns?


  • Are you willing to invite those newly born babies who are forced to wander around (just moving around with no any hope) in the arms of their beloved mothers? Could you let these babies whose small and beautiful eyes and hearts are being painfully hurt tell the very miserable life they have to face as soon as they came to this world? Particularly their world of Ethiopia?


  • Can you invite those beloved mothers who found their houses bulldozed when they came back from medical centers where they delivered their babies? Could you please let one of those mothers tell their devastating stories?


  • Would you please invite those elders or aged mothers and fathers to your dinner and let them ask the very serious question they do have and let yourself respond accordingly? Are you morally courageous enough to see those aged or senior citizens of the country with your eyes you use to see your own beloved parents?


  • Do you remember what you said during your acceptance speech about your mother, your wife and your family? Can you see those innocent mothers, wives, children and families with your eyes you use to see your own beloved family? Can you feel the gravely painful pain of those innocent parents and children?


  • Are you courageous enough to explain why you keep silent when all those inhumane and painfully immoral actions are being taken by the political party you lead and by your own political cadres who are not willing and able to see the very consequences of their own brutal behaviors and actions? Did you hear your mayors and cadres mocking at the very sufferings of innocent citizens?
  • Do you really mind to challenge your own inner soul as far as how the very dirty and deadly politics of ethnicity and parochialism you have been part and parcel of it for a quarter of a century is a very serious threat to the very survival of the country?
  • Don’t you really know this kind of political mentality and behavior is the very deep-rooted political illness of your own ethno-centric party?
  • Is it not a terrible crime against humanity for your party to allow its ruthless mayors and cadres to evict thousands of innocent families from their homes and dump them anywhere just like unwanted stuff? Should you be a mayor of those towns and villages of horror to speak out or decry? What is the very responsibility and accountability of a leader of a country who represents all citizens (the whole country) if he is not at least morally sensitive and sensible enough about the untold sufferings of innocent citizens?
  • Don’t you really feel how the very gap between what you say and what you do is extremely wide and deep? Think about your colorful and highly jargonized words of political rhetoric and the very hard reality on the ground that are falling apart?


  • Is not at least morally painful to host an event or dinner and collect money for making Addis Ababa a city of “heaven on earth” whereas millions of innocent citizens are struggling between life and death in every corner of the country including not far from your palace? Can you hear the very loud and extremely heart-breaking voices of those millions of innocent citizens?


  • Can you hear the very hopeless voices of thousands of innocent children asking their parents all kinds of questions including the question about why they were brought to this world?


  • Can you hear the very heart-breaking voices of millions of not – born yet (in the very womb of their mothers) reciting the very powerful words of Abe Gobegna “I DO NOT WANT TO BE BORN (Alwoledim)”?

So, is it your priority to make yourself busy with a magnificent project of making Addis a city of “heaven on this planet” whereas the country in general and the capital city in particular is in a very horrible general   (political, socio-economic, moral, psychological, spiritual, ethical, and cultural) crisis? Don’t you have a road map that is supposed to  guide your plan of action based on the very question of what and which come first ( priority of importance) ? Believe or not, it is this kind of arbitrary and terribly disorganized and distorted way of doing politics that could become the very threat of the ongoing struggle for the realization of genuine Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, not necessarily the outside or anti- democratic change forces.
I hope things will take the right direction and take us to a truly bright future!