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Money flow and its impacts in Ethiopian Politics—a Causal Loop Diagram analysis – By Yishrun Kassa

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Money flMoney is a crucial factor for a serious political assessment of any given political environment and political struggle. Ethiopia is not different. Understanding how money flows and which factors it impacts is vital for the political confrontation against the TPLF regime. However, doing that piece by piece in an isolated fashion where different factors get analyzed separately may not be a good approach. Rather, It would be beneficial to see the ‘forest first’ and then the ‘individual trees’ next. Depicting the whole system with the various interrelated agents and factors in our political arena would help us understand the various feedback and cause-effect structures pertaining to the impacts of money. A huge socio-political system as Ethiopia is rather big to depict in one model. But a thematic causal model of the flow of money and its impacts could help us focus on a particular system without being trapped into details. Understanding the cause and effect relations between various variables and the inherent feedback structures within a system are very important in order to analyze the complex political system in which we operate. Also contrary to our intuition, various factors in our social and political systems seldom are related in a linear way and also their cause and effect relations are not instantaneous but usually have a time delay attached to them. The time delays could be months, years and even decades. The existence of such time delays between cause and effects, the feedback structures and the various non-linear relations makes our political system highly complex. –-Read More —–