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Make demands on Ethiopia’s leaders. By Carina Hägg

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By Ms. Carina Hägg, Swedish MP
By Ms. Carina Hägg,  Swedish MP
Make demands on Ethiopia for loans and assistance! Carina Hägg is critical to Swedish and European silence.

Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn
Oppression. The outside world must respond to the lack of democracy in Ethiopia. But when the EU should raise its voice has been silent instead governments and fragmented, writes Carina Hägg. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn (left in picture) has not lived up to hopes of reform. PHOTO: SCANPIX


Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has recently been appointed Chairman of the African Union (AU). He succeeded five months ago the deceased Meles Zelawi (EPRDF), which ruled Ethiopia with an iron fist since dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam was overthrown 1991st Mengistu was responsible for about 30 000 people were killed and now lives in exile in Zimbabwe.
Ethiopia holds fascinating sights, culture and magnificent scenery. But there is reason to monitor how the current political landscape is drawn up.
The hope of openings for reform that was born after Meles death has been dashed. To Hailemariam Desalegn not come from the military and from the south was welcome but his power is limited in practice.
Of course he lifts in all the numbers up their will to pursue Meles vision.We continue to wait for the Prime Minister’s own agenda of superpower Horn of Africa.
Growth in the last decade are welcomed in the impoverished country.According to the World Bank, GDP has grown by 10.6 percent per year.But the young seek out anyway abroad to create a better future.
Unfortunately, the problem of sexual abuse and victimization for employer discretion too common. It ought to Ethiopia seeking international cooperation.
Legal and registered opposition parties should be given more opportunities to such renting a room for a meeting or to use the printing press to support etiopiers right to organize.
Today there are over 400 known political prisoners in Addis Ababa.Another thousand are spread across the country’s prisons. Their fates we know very little about. Political future names UDJ’s deputy leader Andualem Arege, Bekele Gerba and Olbama Leisa has since Hailemariams access sentenced to long prison terms. Even the imprisonment of journalists continues, as the union and religious leaders.
The shortcomings of the Terrorism Act are documented and the so-called NGO law that hampers collaboration between nonprofits remains. Terrorist Act should be completely abolished in its current form
Ethiopia does not live up to its own constitution. Ahead of elections created new parties to give the image of a free multi-party system. About a month ago, a committee, which includes 33 lots with representatives of virtually all ethnic groups, the 18 requirements in order to fulfill a democratic election in line with the proposals of the EU EOM. The demands were rejected, with the result that the parties say they want to boycott the election.
Another election in Ethiopia with leading politicians detained should lead to activities and international support for the opposition. We remember the female party leader Birtukan Mideksa who was sentenced to life imprisonment but after our fight today live in the U.S.. Now her party friends detained the local elections and the parliamentary elections 2014th
The late Meles said, we should never make the same mistake again as 2005 years before the election, when we opened up the opposition.
The outside world must respond. But when the EU should raise its voice has been silent instead governments and fragmented. Not least the Brits go their own way, well aware that large amounts of Addis Ababa invested in London. It is often said that more money coming to London than what goes to assistance from Britain to Ethiopia.

Meles widow, Azeb Mesfin, leads a conglomerate that without transparency organizes substantial assets and control companies in most areas but also invests assets in London. Are these investments or Prime Minister Cameron’s increasingly own political track alongside Brussels giving this ruling? In any case, should the Foreign Ministers Carl Bildt to respond.
Sweden should refer back to its tradition of commitment to Ethiopia and act both regionally Horn of Africa, EU and UN. That neither the Orthodox Church and Muslim organizations are free to choose their leaders leads to bitter backlash.
Before 2005 the support from the Diaspora back to Ethiopia, as support for the opposition in the country, but now stops money as well as commitment to remain abroad. Something that breathes despair.
Let NGOs collaborate – for a healthy and growing population must be involved. ”Bussines as usual ‘has gone to the wall. Demand for loans and aid and demands for democratic reforms. Require political prisoners and journalists released!
Oppression. outside world must respond to the lack of democracy in Ethiopia. But when the EU should raise its voice has been silent instead governments and fragmented, writes Carina Hägg. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn (left in picture) has not lived up to hopes of reform.