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Major Dawit W. Giorgis And Amhara – By Kaleab Tessema

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Dawit Giorgis
I happened to listen to the speech of Major Dawit at Ethiopian National Unity Convention in Seattle, with great interest and attention. I found myself somehow sharing some of his ideas, in particular, the Amharas being reclusive and targeted by the TPLF and its cronies for the last 26 years.
Major Dawit is absolutely right when he says that the Amhara needs to be organized to defend itself. However, some people start to squeal like pigs unfairly against the Amhara, but when the Amharas are massively killed for no reason by the TPLF, they stay silent. No ethnic group has been haunted and killed by the TPLF regime like the Amharas have been cruelly terrorized and slaughtered.
It is true, as Major Dawit has stated correctly that the Amharas are targeted by the TPLF, it is not because the Amharas are from Gondar, Gojam, Wello, and Shewa; it is merely because they are Amharas.
As it is known, the Woyanne-Tigre seized Addis Ababa, and immediately started aiding and abetting the OLF to slaughter pregnant women and children in Arbagugu and Bedeno, where the worst crimes in Ethiopian history were seen.
For that matter, Shabia did the same thing to the Amhara troops before this horrendous crime took place in Arbagugu and Bedeno. While Shabia was advancing to control Asmara, the Ethiopian armies already surrendered peacefully to the EPLF guerrillas.
The exact number of soldiers who surrendered was not known. The information disseminated from those who managed to escape the executions, and surprisingly, the Shabia selected only the higher ranking Amhara officers. This included many wounded soldiers to be brutally murdered, which is an unforgivable, unforgettable, and horrendous crime.
I am unsure if Major Dawit would agree with Shabia’s brutal murder of the Amhara soldiers in Asmara in the early 90s. If I recall correctly, Major Dawit and Isayas collaborated on an ad hoc basis to topple the Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam government. I also read an article written by Major Dawit, which stated that Isayas was in favor of a federation with Ethiopia. I heard the same rhetoric from different Ethiopians and I could not believe it.
Of course, Isayas could say anything to any Ethiopians who can fight for him with the TPLF in order to achieve his goals. Even his recent interview with the OLF folks was a gimmick and was perplexing, when he said that the ordinary Amharas are not responsible for what their leader did in the past. Funny enough, he continued by saying Ethiopia being a country for 3,000 years is a “myth.” This is not a new decry, what Isayas was trying to say, but Isayas’ interview seemed to have a lack of candor.
If Isayas had any empathy for the Amhara, he would not have such a kind heart shooting the peacefully surrendered troops. It was crystal clear, both Shabia and Woyanne had the same stance against Amhara when they were close alliances, but now it is a different story. Anyway at this point, Isayas is not as nearly as dangerous to the Amharas as TPLF and its surrogates.
I know for sure that some folks will not be happy when I try to divulge what should be revealed about the Amhara’s soldiers ordeal in Eritrea. However, it is a reality.
Leaving this aside, I was enthralled with Major Dawit’s encouraging speech about the unfairness of some people when the Amharas come together to defend itself from the extremists. However, I was perturbed by the allegation made by Major Dawit about Moresh Wegene saying that “the Oromos are not Ethiopians, they emigrated to Ethiopia from Madagascar.”
I thoroughly spent countless hours on the internet to find out the veracity of what Major has said, and I found no documents that support Major Dawit’s speech about Moresh Wegenie.
Beside my efforts, I read a rejoinder from Moresh Wegene to Major Dawit’s inaccurate speech which inquired to produce evidence. If it was an unintentional speech, it needs an apology.
I was a little bemused when Major Dawit spoke publicly about Moresh which is not on the surface, unless to pleased the TPLF and the OLF. I have been following the chairman of the Moresh Wegenie speeches, which strongly condemns the TPLF and the OLF deliberately killing the Amharas. The chairman always speaks about the Amhara’s contribution to the Ethiopian history.
To that extent, Moresh Wegene has tirelessly been vocal for the Amharas indiscriminately killing by the TPLF regime for no apparent reasons, and there is no doubt that the TPLF’s and the OLF’s diabolical action to the Amharas was not covert for Major Dawit. It is very strange why Major Dawit chooses to accuse Moresh Wegene of being against Oromos; if Major Dawit wants the Amharas and the Oromos to come together, he would have done his speech in a circumspect manner.
I also read some articles of Major Dawit, which were insightful with measured approach, but compared to his recent speech about Moresh seemed a vindictive and personalized speech that degrades his credibility.
As I mentioned above, I agree with Major Dawit’s partial speech that he touched the indispensable issue about the Amhara’s participation in any political party or organization is vital and effective. The same thing is true that, not only the Amhara, its land is geographically and politically strategic. Otherwise, it would be a daunting task for any political party who excludes the Amhara.