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Love conquers!

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Love conquers! (ፍቅር ያሸንፋል)
By Eduardo Byrono
A journey to deliver a message of “Love” has just begun!
In my view, Teddy Afro is not just an art man or a poet, he is also a profound example of maturity, decency, an ambassador of love, unity. And that is the one thing that distinguished him from the rest those, who are in the music industry. 
So, on the fine day of Tire 12, 2010, history will definitely be somewhere in the middle of the mighty crowd in Bahere Dar stadium to witness, a historical music concert which has not been witnessed for so long.
The message of love and unity will certainly be delivered on this very day. What else is there other than love? The one thing which Teddy constantly preaches is Love!
Above all else, I hope this journey won’t just be limited to Bahre Dar only. I pray it will continue toward Addis Abeba, Adama, Mekele, Asmera and at every corner of Ethiopia.
Because Love conquers all and there is nothing you lose by loving.