Lost opportunities for both Eritrea and Ethiopia

By Ibrahim A. Ibrahim
September 30, 2013 – Undoubtedly both Eritrea and Ethiopia have lost immeasurable opportunity of wealth and progress that they could easily have achieved to uplift the living standards of their citizens. For this loss Ethiopia is grossly to be blamed.
ethiopia_eritreaIt was the expectation of the peace loving citizens of both nations to see life coming back to its normalcy as Ethiopia and Eritrea accepted the EEBC ruling that was final and binding. Ethiopia as of yet to implement the ruling has become the main cause of the stand still. Recent news surface Ethiopia is willing to vacate the occupied Eritrean territory under the condition if Eritrea is to guarantee Ethiopia the use of ports. Eritrea to be fair has never stopped Ethiopia to utilize the ports of Massawa and Assab. To the contrary as the unwanted war ignited it was Ethiopia who abandoned the use of the ports. Eritrea in this case has to say it is on Ethiopia not on Eritrea if the latter wants to use the ports. Eritrea also have shown its good will as the aid was flowing to the drought affected part of Ethiopia to be used for humanitarian purposes, which Ethiopia responded negatively.

Ethiopia has many alternative gates to sea, as such Djibouti, Barbara, Mombasa and others. Having such multi source is a plus to Ethiopia and its citizens. If Ethiopia has better benefits on utilizing Eritrean ports price wise and service wise, understandably it is Ethiopia who have to determine to use the port that is beneficial to it.
But there exists more to the regional peace and harmony on the action of Ethiopia to abide by the rule of law. The whole region starting from Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia Eritrea and Ethiopia in addition to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and other countries will be affected and influenced with the fruition of the peace and harmony between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
Eritrea’s forward looking stand that include the issue of Nile River, as stated officially by the government the genuine pragmatic solutions to the case. Eritrea always maintained that the issue should not be politicized but can be viewed through the perspective of economic and integration of the nations and their citizens that should benefit equally to all who have interest on it. That turns to a win – win solution.
On the issue of Somalia, Eritrea’s’ stand has been and is the case now, can be outlined as “let the world help to solve the Somali issue by the Somali citizens themselves” countries can be facilitators and can help the Somalis to come to a round table. After all these years of mayhem; it is for them to bring peace and harmony among each other, what is needed for their nation and their people. Imposing this or that kind of solution will backfire rather than help. Time and again have proofed us that imposition by other countries agenda is not the solution for peace but a recipe for animosity.
Ethiopia’s distorted accusation on Eritrea being the spoiler in Somali political arena can not be substantiating with any proof. The fact that Eritrea is calling for internal solution is pure and genuine that the owners of the case can come to lasting solution. Surely, if both Eritrea and Ethiopia together with the neighboring countries of Kenya, Uganda and others take the same stand the solution can come faster and easier to the suffering of the Somali’s once and for all.
On the issue of Sudan and South Sudan Eritrea’s stand maintained not be internationalized but resolved with in bilateral discussions. The two sisterly nations are now coming to realize that the only solution can come within the said position. President Salva Kiirs visit to Khartoum have brought the once elasticated endless misunderstanding to a conserved realistic and achievable working agenda that has shown tangible progress.
Now, it is left the case of Ethiopia and Eritrea that it should have been resolved years back. Ethiopian leaders have to exercise their leadership and lead their people by taking courageous but realistic action that is the sole solution for the case to vacate from the lands occupied by Ethiopia. Once that realistic but crucial action is taken the domino factor of peace will follow faster than of any bodies expectation, as the case of animosity ceases there.
Ethiopia can use the ports as has been the case before the war, and people to people relations will take place in the whole region that will bring us closer than ever before.
From this point people can integrate quicker and soon and become beneficiaries of peace.
The author is a former Bank of Eritrea Administrator currently resides in USA.


    • Yes we need Asab but we have to free Asab from Eritrea by supporting our brothers and sister of Afars because they are Ethiopians and the land belonged to them.

  1. Dear Mr Ibrahim,
    I can say with utter confidence that my beloved Ethiopia is better off without Eritrea. We don’t want to live with people (especially the elites) who thinks they are superior than us. History has shown that you are nothing without us. As a citizen of Ethiopia and one of those who witnessed the devastating effect of war, I would say never again Ethiopia & Eritrea will be one.

  2. To the Derg era all was a mess, after the fall of Derg, Issyas became a sick dog and his people suffer much that should not be. Ethiopia did her best to smooth the area, Issayas wanted 100 plus for nothing, look where he is now, Ethiopia will never be the way Issayas wanted, we are wise and God is always in our side.

  3. Keep your Ertrea for your self.we are better of with out you and don’t try to blame any one but your dictator Isayas by starting war with Ethiopia and crushed by Ethiopian defense forces, and also you should Know by now that we didn’t fight you back for nothing but for our land specially BADME remain Ethiopia for ever so stop day dreaming.

  4. Mr, Ibrahim,
    I believe your article is biased. From the get go you blamed Ethiopia for the conditions on the ground. Have you ever heard of the saying “It takes two to Tango”? The problem lies between two idiots that are bent to hold on to their power. A Country without freedom is equal to slavery. That is what we are witnessing in both countries.
    As for living together – Why would one want to live with the country that “Colonized” it for decayed. The Amharic saying puts it well “senoru Leteke, Seleyou Menteke”. We are done with the Eritrean question. Live alone in your virtual freedom and get out of our lives!

  5. I think it is not time for both country to do business at this time. Any future government in power in Ethiopia will recognize the claim of Eritrea of Badema. So it is better to stop dreaming and do your own thing and stay out of Ethiopian affair. Do your own thing, and I wish you know how we feel about you, the bottom line, mind your own buisness nothing good will come from you.

  6. Aite Ibrahim, the ports are ours; they are not yours. When we want them we will take them. We will not pay you a single coin. They are our own property. We do not recognize you as a country. There is no border and will never be one. Do not dream; Be there for now; we do not need you 100%. Go away, baria. You claimed we are poor and you are rich? you still call Ethiopia destitute? look, what is happening to you idiots. You dragged our country 100 years backward by your colonial mind war of 30 years? did not you? what do u want now? Get the fuck of here, I do not wana even hear anything from the Italian Askaris. Zehabesha, are you posting this because G7 is now a friend of Shabia? Get the fuck off Ethiopia. We do not need Eritrean after now. it is done. Did not you say you are white, Arab? we are black people; you do not need black and poor people. you carry your Eritrea to Europe and go with it to hell. Fuck off

  7. I think the Eritrean quest for independence is complete when they hoist their flag in divorce and declare their economic independence once and for all,despite compelling facts that binds both people historically or culturally.Their politicians were so infatuated with their illusion to build a prosperous Eritrea on Ethiopia’s expenses (unfortunately with the help & encouragement of their brother in arms from the south). But GOD is always on Ethiopia;s side!!! Now the general populous knows better! Mistakes of the past should never resurface. The Bademe debacle aside, Ethiopia will be better off without Eritrea now and in the future,.for sake of peace and safety of both people. Question of. ports should never come to play at this time because it’s bad politics. Without a genuine psychological change.A little make over here and there brings only no fruition to unwanted strife and turmoil.
    Therefore, Mr. administrator ! Quit the rhetoric and work towards people to people relation beyond loop-siding to a common good. May be then we’ll achieve a lasting peace which is a precursor for prosperity. And only then we talk about lost opportunity if we ever fail again!

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